I am moving

I have been shifting my service since I started 'speaking up' in 2013 in some communities and another blog I had.
A huge block was removed in November 2018 after intense days in meditation, transforming me into a higher version of Me.
I suddenly realized I shouldn't use my totem Animal as my 'name', even though I adore Wolves and all that they represent. I wanted to pick my name but realized the Earth one has it's own power and was chosen for a reason.
Things will be different as we all keep evolving but if you want to join me on my new journey, you can find me here.
I can't pay for a domain in that service but felt wordpress is a better place for me to be in this Now. That's where I'll probably remain as the greatest shift is very close now and there's no time for much changing or even editing texts a million times like I used to do on this blog.
As we heal the shadows within we just keep coming out of all closets as our courage grows.
That's Ascension. The important thing is to heal ourselves, be in Service and occupy our Hearts in Compassion, Kindness and a Clean Living.
This is not a good-bye, I had never stopped since and only will when my time here is done. Until then, I'll keep sharing and creating the original. The time for copy & paste is over.
Source showed me a vision that the rubber band is about to snap at any time now.

Light and Blessings,