Lightworker Empaths Having to Cut Loved Ones out of their Lives

Lightworker Empaths Having to Cut Loved Ones out of their Lives - Lonely girl on the beach - Toxic People, Ascension, Frequency Split

Many Lightworker Empaths have been waking up to the fact that it's no longer possible to carry toxic and low vibration people on their backs anymore because of the frequency split. We are all moving more and more into the timeline and frequency we belong to and to stay near or even just continue to 'know' those who sometimes feel like they almost belong to a different species is becoming painful for everyone involved. 

Harvesting and conservation of the energy of courage

Courage is an energy as well as a state of being that needs to be practiced until we become it, like all High Spiritual Virtues.
It is the mother of confidence, resilience, resistance, endurance, persistence, authenticity and needs to be accompanied by love and compassion. 

Spiritual and Energetic Root Causes of Depression Part 1

I am thankful for the spiritual support I always had throughout my life. When I was too unconscious and my soul in danger my Higher Self would scream at me and I never been dissociated enough to not listen.

Starseed Awakening and Finding Your Star Origin

I talked about the benefits of finding our star origins by ourselves because of the strengthening of intuition and spiritual confidence it brings. This is one of the points of the spiritual path on Earth, to express our unique selves, bringing what no one else in the universe could. That takes incredible courage and strength of character and should be taught when we were little.

Achieving your dreams by just doing and being more of what you want

Before my Dark Night of the Soul, I realized wasn't listening to my heart. I wanted to make the world better and everyone around me happy, so I would listen to everyone's crap around me and tried to please them, especially my narcissistic ex-mom. 

Holistic Healing Trauma Dissociation using the victim mentality

Some people had it so bad that their self-compassion and natural abilities to self-heal got blocked. Self-healing is done through the inner child. Remember when we were little and as emotions came we felt it all?  Smiling all the time is not natural, but that's how we are indoctrinated to be as we grow. As there are not just one emotion in the universe there is also no way that
we can be happy all the time. Blocking the less pleasant emotions is the root cause of depression. There is so much unfinished grief the person can only feel a void for a long time. 

Signs of Higher Beings and real Guides

discerning high vibration beings and real angels and guides

Our Guides are Souls and Spirits who are a few steps ahead of us, in frequency and understanding. In some cases like with some Starseeds, they are actually on the same level. They are equals. Some volunteers are here to help Ascension, while others might have a variety of reasons for incarnating here at this time. Those helping Ascension are actually Masters from whatever world or realms they came from. These are already ascended and that's why they're helping other evolving planets.

Lightworkers and being attacked for being good/shining the light

My narcissistic ex-mother has just been used to attack me in the most hurtful way even though I already cut her out of my life. Maybe now I have the opportunity to overcome it, to transcend this pain and fear that has been following me for so long and is another shadow that I forgot about and have the chance to look at.

This only happened yesterday, and in the past, this would take me down into a spiral of depression, the implants would kick in, the mind control, the energy blocks, and these entities that have been following my bloodline would have taken advantage to drain and hurt me as much as possible.

Not this time.

Benefits of Finding your Starseed Origins by Yourself

Even though we are moving out of the parasitical system of needing a constant supply fed from outside of ourselves in this Ascension times, many have yet to come into their power to find the answers they've known all along from within.
The same fear-based systems imposed by religious cults came into the New Age where people don't feel like they are the gurus of their own lives. Many now consult psychics or services that they'll only need again once they find one answer. This path leads to insecurity and causes people to get lost in the world because they are going about it backward.