Earth Citizen Healing Declaration

Calling in the Light 

Starseeds and Beings who volunteered to help Mother Earth can bring in the light and make declarations because they are Her citizens.

That’s one reason why Starseeds entered ‘enemy’ territory. To support consciousness shifts Old Souls incarnate on evolving planets to make energetic changes. The whole plan is not openly known as the dark shouldn't be notified about all that we'll be doing here as well as plans can change. 

By living from your heart, feeling your emotions, evolving spiritually and being compassionate you will be aligned enough to always know the next step to take. There is fear and changes as we move on with our missions so knowing the next thing to do is all we really need as an evolving Hueman Being has a lot to overcome. It's not easy to live in this world and it's even harder at this End Time of separating the wheat from the chaff. Trust Source, that Love and Good will prevail always. Intuition is very subtle so we need to cleanse ourselves holistically, remaining as centered and aware as possible to be able to 'listen'. We need to occupy our hearts by starting a house cleaning of our temple if we've been in our heads or in fear most of our lives because that's the stargate of communication with our soul, Source and Spiritual Help. 

Some people will wait for saviors that will never come. Help is already here but in the form of support and Universal Truths that each of us can choose to learn and take responsibility for our evolution or not. Divine help is not here as a master/guru - follower or any savior-type of way that takes the burden from us. Enlightened Beings see All as equals. There are those who are more evolved or older souls, but no true hierarchy like we see in this barbaric and artificial system of royalty, peasants and classes.  

Each person is ascending by themselves, there is no one event that changes everything from the outside. As we change from within so will how we see and shape the world. It is a good thing: we are free. Not the misinformed 'free-will' spread by cults where we are free but can somehow burn in hell forever or be punished. No, we are TRULY free. Recognizing and living like this will open the doors for one to find proofs of this freedom, even if it comes in very unconventional ways, for example, abundance coming in different ways than what we usually expect and support not always being there in the form of a significant other. Removing the ego and doing our spiritual work let us live in a way that we still inhabit the planet but we are no longer of this world, the possibilities are infinite when we are one step into the New Earth.

Those with a loving heart and good intentions can hold the Light and affect everything around them. Subconsciously we've been bombarded with mind-control and social engineering that goodness and ethics are weaknesses but it's quite the contrary. Most of us will feel some level of anxiety or doomed when we decide to take the right path or feel at a disadvantage because we don't get immediate gratification because of this. It's important to remember that any uncomfortable feeling has a root cause. They are warnings and a language in itself. Feelings should not be repressed or ignored.

Earth is the ultimate spiritual test for eternal souls and unfortunately, most don't pass, especially with the level of attacks Earthlings have been through. To remain on our unique righteous path we cannot be thinking, doing what others do, to use other people or animals as a parasite or be a follower. Each person is supposed to carve their own path but this planet has been interfered with and is not as free as other worlds. When this level of control is all a population knows then Starseeds come in with a 'knowing' of what's wrong, they don't give their consciousness energy to continue creating this reality as well as bring future possibilities. They remember on a soul level how a utopic world feels like.

As a Being of love and Earth CITIZEN, you can call in whatever you feel it's in Mother Earth, Humanity and Animals' highest good. It’s important that  All Life is taken into consideration or we shouldn't pursue it as the consequences of harming or disturbing other Living Beings are truly awful. We can be stuck with the results for an Era. Every single soul involved needs to benefit from it. Everything we intend needs to be filtered through the heart.

That's why the law of attraction has been hijacked and marketed the way it has. When one keeps focused on their own material gains and distracted by their ego, removing compassion when they see others suffering, saying they 'attracted' or deserve everything they got that person falls prey for the descending entities that will take these souls with them through their black wholes of existence, as well as are open to possession. 

There is a bifurcation of worlds going on right now. Ascension is about doing our inner work and becoming 'lighter' so we float. No one can do it for us, no savior, no healer or anything external. It's time to meditate and if we can't, we can start with walking meditation and having quiet time alone. Change is difficult so try substituting things instead of changing overnight if you haven't harvested enough inner light yet and your willpower is weakened. It's completely understandable why most of us lack on energy as the world is the way it is. We are coming out of that darkness. 
I also been plagued with no energy or will all my life. In my case, it was because I sacrificed too much for free.

We have 7 billion votes for different Earth future timelines. It doesn’t matter if you can see the amazing planetary changes moving us towards World Peace or not, know that your voice counts. Old Souls are like older sisters who have a lot of influence on the whole, even though their number is small. That's why genuinely good and courageous people who make a difference in an anti-life system are attacked. They are not doing anything wrong, attracting or deserving it, they are a threat to a pyramid parasitic system where most see evil and do nothing.

Suggested declaration

'Goddess/God/Source/Great Spirit... I call upon my Guides, Angels, Energy Transmuters, Star Family, Healers, Sages, Guardians, Higher Self and all Beings serving the Law of One and Earth Liberation. 

I welcome Beings of the purest Light and Intention, Love and Vibration, who have Humanity, Animals and the Environment's interest at heart' (or would be Humanitarians, Vegans and Environmentalists if they incarnated here/ or Beings with the highest compassion and spiritual values only.  

You can declare what type of Beings you are requesting help from and then name the group by one name such as 'Source', 'Guardians', 'My Spiritual Support' and so on.
It is suggested we don't impose karma or any burden upon any being so it is best we don't call upon Yeshua Christ or Archangel Michael for example, leaving it open for Law of One Defenders that CHOSE to help to come. Call upon the Christ Consciousness and Archangelic Beings or Forces. It is not fair to be imposing our will on anyone particularly or our ancestors. When Souls leave their bodies they might choose some mission or incarnation that is not related to the planet at this time).

'I declare sacred space...

Visualize and FEEL a powerful golden fire-like energy emerge from your heart until you are completely glowing, then extend it to your room and house. You are the Light. Permeate a pyramid all around your land and see it seal it to the ground.

'Only Love can enter. Declare or intend what this space is meant for, it's rules because this is your creation or just allow love.

Please bring in the Full Light to Earth. Help the planet to Ascend. Bring All the Light and Love, Healing Humans, Animals and the Environment. Liberate all Souls who suffer and wants to be free.

I Declare World Peace now. Cleanse, transmute and heal all fear, trauma, ego, low vibration and transform it all. Remove all that is not Hueman, of the Christ Consciousness and parasitic out of here, back to Source to be transformed or healed according to the Highest Good of All. I create a *Transit Gate Vortex doorway for all shadow, debris, inorganic devices and entities to be removed. Be notified that any attack or ill intentions towards me gives me the right to defend myself and I'll send these frequencies and entities through this doorway, back to Source, to be absorbed or rehabilitated.

 If a person directs any ill towards me, that energy and the entities behind this person will be sent too.

As a citizen of Earth, I call upon my birthright to guide this ship into its full potential, that we become one race in love, supportive of each other and eventually FREE of the money and all parasitic systems. We have the right for an open-source society like all Evolved and Free Planets have, as well as a piece of land or community to live in, water, food, the civilization's complete history and knowledge just by incarnating into a world. 

I command Universal Laws to function properly in this and all Earth realities.

Free the good people now. The others can go wherever they resonate with but free the compassionate people, animals and Mother Earth Now... 

Bring in the Christ and Galactic consciousness as I commit to do my part, to remove my ego, to heal myself, to live from the heart, embody Compassion, Ethics, Courage and all Spirits of the Christ Consciousness to achieve the highest Spiritual Values, to help Huemans and Animals in need every day as well as Entities who have been enslaved or are tired of the darkness and wants to evolve. 

Let the full potential of a loving, abundant and safe planet reach this reality. I declare the time for darkness is over, Now.

I Declare World Peace, a United and Free Humanity, a Vegan world, that we live in harmony with Mother Earth and Animals are finally allowed to live as Source intended, left alone in their communities and their evolution, with the right to keep their families, to love and to evolve freely, protected and undisturbed of our selfishness, greed and evil as they do in all other Higher

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is done.

Please continue to support and heal me, protect and enlighten my mission from this moment forward.

Help me see when I leave my path. May I open my heart to love more and more and have the wisdom and humility to always follow Divine Will, not my wishes. To work for the Highest Good of All, not for personal gain, and know that Abundance is a natural state of one who is fearless and live their Divine and Spiritual Purpose. 

May I be humble and neutral so criticism or accolades have no power over me, and that I always know and shine All that I AM.
Give me the strength and persistence to be diligent with my spiritual work and have the courage to evolve always.

May I embody the Highest version of me with grace and self-compassion. To have the courage to dare to be different, be Divine Will incarnated and always remember that a lot of knowledge has been given to me and for that, I have a greater responsibility for being awakened.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am grateful for all the blessings, the food that feeds this body, for my perfect physical vessel, for the water that moves energy in me, for the roof over my head, for the struggles that made me strong and invincible, for the tears that cleansed me, for the many chances I have to love, serve and learn.

And so it is.'

Be open to upgrades, giving yourself time to rest, practicing self-care and having self-compassion when your ego says you 'should' be doing more. Earth is going through the Dark Night and the ego is going away for those ascending. The worst is behind us.

Continue declaring, casting the dark out for Earth and All as most people have been brainwashed and don't know about their rights and power. They also don't know about real prayer where we meet the Universe half-way.

Many miracles are already here on an energetic level. Live in high spiritual values, doing your part to see it. You will live in the highest FREE timeline as well as be completely supported and protected when your reality bubble crash with someone else's. When we incarnate here the dark seemed very intimidating, always in big numbers with their loud herd but deep inside people and entities like that are terrified. It's just noise. Courageous Souls do not bark. Those with a truly loving and giving heart have nothing to fear.

Let’s bring back our childhood wonder. That was the real us, not the skeptical and hopeless 'adult' we were programmed to become. When we were little we were wise and still remembered what the planet was going to become, or what the plan was even if we consciously forgot or it has been encrypted in our cells and DNA. The dark kicked us down and by our 20s or 30s, many of us became doubtful. 

As a Lightworker you have to keep the dream alive. Focus on that. Revive the Inner Child, she wasn't meant to die. We are supposed to live creatively, crying when we have to, saying what we mean, walking our talk without going out there judging and criticising, sharing our struggles with others, relating genuinely without masks, always learning and having a zest for life, being caring and kind. 
After 2012 the energies, time changed and we are now in a different world.  
We have to be courageous to feel all our emotions as Ascension is about navigating through the heart, not our brains. Most cannot live in their core temple because it is wounded. To be emotional and true takes a great courage. Pushing emotional pain down will only materialize it, spreading to all areas of our lives while it can be used to control us. Opening up for processing our feelings will not release this uncontrollable illusionary monster that won't ever be quiet. Repressing, on the other hand, is feeding that monster and making it grow. 

When you need to purge, cry, make noises, relief stress or express yourself you are not having a breakdown. It is frowned upon or laughed at in society as people police each other and shame those who are emotional because the dark wants us repressed and in time, dissociated and with split personalities. Human Beings are actually Emotional and Sentient, we shouldn't live against our nature. These aliens, entities and people who are rational and lost their emotional/creational bodies cannot ascend or move on because they stopped being a full Being. They are jealous of our opportunity. The cruel demonic entities behind religious cults who said Humanity is already born in sin hates us. No balanced human being would say that to their child, let along our Creator. 
Imagine if these entities and ghosts we hear about, who are lost or stuck because of the lives they led created a cult... Now we can have a great idea why most religions seem to be made by some bipolar or crazy entities. 

Forget everything you learned to be shameful or wrong, be and do what feels right for you. 

Where my soul comes from we had a population of a few thousand of Beings with different types of 'work', ways of being and paths. Creativity and imagination were welcomed and we were all very different but completed each other. On Earth, we have people who literally talk, dress and act like one another and that's why so many are depressed and frustrated because the Soul wants to express Herself. 

Be and know yourself. 
You can be mindful for a lifetime and still will not learn everything about yourself. 
We don't have time to follow others or look for the answers out there because everyone is different from us anyway. 

Source is talking to you and showing the way.

Much love and healing to you!


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