Sending light to the dark and turning the other cheek new age/religious myths

I’ve been forgiving and doing good or wishing my ‘enemies’ healing without their knowing. I also do this to cut them out of my life. I call it galactic magic meaning that when we don’t travel the same frequency as the ‘enemy’ but take a higher road, they can’t touch or do as harm. And it works in all realms and other planets of this universe. It works everytime. I can talk about this magic in future posts, it’s nothing fancy, but in 3d we need names for things. I don’t wish people who hurt me ill, I just want them to get the f out of my life. There are some spiritually sick and non-evolved people and astral entities that there’s just no negotiating with them.

First of all, when I say enemies, I mean people or entities who started things. I never start drama, bully or provoke and been very self-aware and mindful of my ethics and moral to be sure this is true, which didn’t happen for like 28 years. Before that I always blamed myself or would doubt myself when the one who started blamed me – a normal tactic of narcissists, to blame the victim. As a Lightworker, and besides that, having the earlier Energy Transmuter mission always landed me in toxic environments and been forced to battle the dark head on.
The first wave of Lightworkers had it worse and I’m so thankful to them. I would be the second wave and it was still ugly and traumatizing. I tried to be invisible but the dark is always the first to spot the light. They envy, hate and try to turn your light off. These ‘enemies’ (I don’t consider I have them but I’ve known people or entities who really wanted to hurt me or wish me ill, that’s what I mean by an enemy) had certain ‘qualities’. They always had an inferiority complex, were arrogant, envious, cowards, bullies, abusive and so on. After decades I realized all these people had the same attributes – not all at once – and were quite similar in vibration. That’s how I realized it wasn’t my fault and it had nothing to do with the misleading way many talk about the law of attraction.

Yes, we attract but on an ideal world, not on Earth. Not on a controlled and low vibration and barbaric planet like this one.
In here greedy, selfish and wealthy people thrived while compassionate, emotional, empathic and spiritual people have been broke and depressed most of Earth’s history. Blaming these good people is cruel and ignorant. Besides the attraction factor, there are tons of other things that are responsible for the crap people go through in life and some of them are thoughts, energy, generational trauma, cellular memory, subconscious thoughts, buried emotions, karma,
dharma and MUCH, much more. So we can see that we’ve been interfered with on a level most would think it’s conspiracy theory. Our intuition and looking within has been shut down through forced religion cults, the idea that are outside of us. When we live on a planet where children are abused and people murder animals to eat and without even needing to, know that it doesn’t get lower than this. That’s why those who done their homework are ascending now, we reached the lowest a descending world can go. To say a good and giving person attracted all the crap they went through is typical of law of attraction, self-help and new age corrupted gurus. This is false spirituality. We need to be mindful that the dark can’t create as long as they don’t put the key ingredient which is Love, so they take higher knowledge and distort or invert so Humanity never gets the full truth. To avoid it learn and think through the heart that is infinitely more intelligent than the brain, which is a limited computer.

Even though I knew forgiving was right, giving them my other cheek and sending them my own precious light never felt right. For many years I felt selfish and like I’m not good enough of a person for not being able to do what was a common spiritual practice, but I just refused to GIVE them things. The thought angered me and didn’t seem fair. I’m not going to do something that feels wrong in my heart, no matter how popular it is or how many people say it’s right.

It took a lifetime to decode the matrix and I’m sure I’ll always continue to do so as everyday is a lesson, but now I know why I intuitively never gave the dark (selfish, coward, jealous, unfair, dishonourable) people (or negative entities) my energy or crawled to their feet so they could kick me a second time. Not only those who do that are giving them a terrible example (the evolved and the better one could be a catalyst and should be an example), they become bolder in their abuse of the good and giving people. And the LAST thing they need is more energy. Look what they already do with the energy they stole from others, they use for abuse, competition, putting others down, maintain their image/lie, gossiping, hurting others and more… They ARE energy vampires and that’s the whole point why they target those who seem ‘easy’. I lost count how many kind people told me they were abused, bullied and used even as adults.

No one owes anyone else anything. If someone is empathic and good it doesn’t mean they are a doormat. It doesn’t mean that because they have more love than a less evolved soul they are supposed to give. When compassionate people give their arms the energy vampires will then want their legs. Each soul came here independently for themselves, others are not enablers or should be brainwashed into turning the other cheek because the abuser doesn’t have enough love/light. The more we enable the abusers, narcissists and psychopaths the longer it will take for them to learn.

I tried to not get into fights but when these type of people crossed the line I battled them head-on. I always saw everyone around being shocked and I couldn’t understand why they think that someone who looks kind but is defending herself and usually others too is weird, but the everyday abuse of a certain jerk or their group is normal? For many years I thought they found abuse normal but when someone has the guts to speak up or defend others now they are offensive, or a drama king* somehow. Nowadays I know better than that: people usually don’t go after the villain. Cowards prefer to blame the victim or stay quiet themselves because the bullied or abused is usually alone. Many people prefer to attack an individual than deal with a group. That’s actually why the
COWARD – abuser, psychopath, bully – came after the person in the first place. But remember that the courageous doesn’t need a group. If there’s more than one, I don’t care how loud they are barking, know that they are afraid. I’ve never seen a bully, abuser, or drama king be able to hold my stare for long once I had enough and decided that ‘Fine, if that’s how my work environment it’s gonna be then let’s finish this now. Let’s see how far this barking can go’. I just couldn’t stand weeks or months of certain bosses, toxic people or whoever was disturbing everyone while all the sheep endured it quietly. For me seeing other people or animals being hurt or humiliated hurts more than if it happened to me.

The last thing the dark needs is love and light. They are rotten and sick and they need to get their shit together. They need to be left alone to dry and wake up that if they don’t GENERATE some light for themselves they are going to melt. Love is tough. Enabling a jerk to continue to hurt others or cause discomfort has NOTHING to do with spirituality. An enabler is not a good person, it’s allowing behavior that shouldn’t continue. Like a mother who let her boyfriend to beat her kids so she doesn’t lose a man. It’s because of the enablers that evil thrived in this world for thousands of years. It’s because of the normal (not good) people’s lack of courage. We are finally seeing more and more people standing up, thanks to the Lightworkers forerunners: the hippies of the 60s and recently with the arrival of the Indigo and Crystal children.

I hope that you find the comfort and validation you needed if you were wondering about leaving the abuser behind or at least get some distance from that critical or rude ‘best-friend.’ I had many doubts throughout many relationships of many kinds, but they served me and I now know when I’m not being honored or respected. My bar is high now when I pick who will stay in my life. I was too kind and always got lost in doing or being too much for others, forgiving hurtful things that were repeated over and over, without realizing the unbalance. My relationships kept getting better throughout the years but until my 20s I had many energy vampires, ‘friends’ that mocked, criticized and judged me. Not to mention were never there when I needed. I know my boundaries now because I don’t think I was a good person, but more like a doormat. I had a messiah complex and wanted to save the world. I felt compassion for the void I felt inside of these people. A person who is brave, love themselves, have ethics and integrity never suck the energy out of others. They are giving and nurturing, making all the difference in the world wherever they are.

If you are having any doubt if your relationships are balanced or not, or if you are wrong in feeling bad as it seems the person only wants what’s best for you, let’s have a session. I’m usually able to pick up manipulation and dark energy in unbalanced relationships.
Basically, they will be abusive, criticize, judge or be rude to you but then they’ll say it’s for your own good or will try to show in a very superficial way what a great family member, spouse, boyfriend or friends they are. When a relationship keeps leaving you with a bad taste, there’s an unbalance there for sure. Also pay attention to those people you meet that leaves you drained, unsure of yourself or negative after a meeting, call, messages and even e-mails. Energy travels distances through cords people have attached to each other, they don’t need to be near you although when these dark beings are it’s much worse for sure. I was becoming so sensitive in my 28s and at the end of my Dark night of the soul that I literally wanted to puke when near the mdarkest envious, hateful

You can also ask me any spiritual, emotional, self-love/esteem or courage-related questions freely and I’ll answer as a blog if I intuitively feel others need to
read it, while always respecting your privacy. If not I have no problem to replying to your e-mail directly. I don’t agree with gurus mentioning their guided or
coached client’s problem and things like that. I always cringe and wonder how awfully judged the client must be feeling when they see this. It’s just so
unethical, disrespectful and unfair to do that to someone who was vulnerable and reaching out for the ‘spiritual’ person’s help.

*I say drama king to not give energy to the false idea that emotional outbursts coming from females, as drama QUEEN is the term usually used. Everything to
humiliate and put females down. I don’t agree or give my consent that my energy/attention is used to feed that. I also never used words like s*** or b**** and
can’t believe other women sometimes call their fellow females names that show men can do certain things while we can’t. Women are not more emotional or
unreasonable than men, it is men who were generally shut down emotionally through society and they suffer for it. It is known that men are considered to live
less and that’s because they can’t express themselves fully. All emotions we feel are normal. And thankfully with the energies coming from Source men are
changing into what they naturally should be, not the rational gender but as emotional and sensitive as they want. Remembering that we are all different and it
doesn’t mean that being emotional is good either, but if one is then they have the right to be and express it, be them a Queen or a King 🙂

I’m sending you all the love in the world and much healing. Blessings! Thank you for visiting.

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