A Spiritual Trap for Women: Love Obsession and Parasitical Men

A Spiritual Trap for Women: Love Obsession and Parasitical Men

Today I’d like to talk about something I experienced as soon as I had a great awakening/activation at 16. It immediately started to dissolve the mind-control and I started to work on my self-love, confidence and worth. It doesn’t heal overnight though. I realized I didn’t love myself at 14 and only by 26 my inner work bore fruit and my self-value was solidified. It didn’t mean I didn’t dissociate, mistreat, sacrificed myself or didn’t allow jerks in my life anymore, but people and situations kept improving over the years. It's in the trial and miss that we finally evolve to a better version of ourselves. It can take years.
When I decided to improve myself it was like the whole universe conspired against me.
As I put myself out there and started to like myself more, I became a little popular and people were drawn to me as I had just turned on my light and the dark came running.
I was very idealistic and naive and most of them were not real friends or good people.

My narcissistic mother and psychopathic brother’s attack became more vicious, I was the target of much envy, gossip, drama and generally a lot of negative energy.
The immense pressure, attacks, stabbings behind my back and downright conspiracy I went through and it was too much for me at that age, there is a spiritual trap laid out for me. Almost all girls or women go through this.

As a retired Energy Transmuter, I always battled the dark. It was always bad but after my 16’s kundalini experience I really feared the world went crazy.

I had my theories for many years and never heard anyone talk about it like Denise LeFay* did. We had so many similar experiences. One of them is about people holding the light (compassionate, Lightworker and Starseed type of people) have this built-in alarm and the dark try to kick us back down so we don’t awake, go on with our mission or raise our vibration.
When we try to improve ourselves there is a field of resistance that we all go through in a dense world, don’t get me wrong, that's normal. But with loving people here in mission and holding a lot of love for All (Humans, Animals and the environment) the dark intervene badly.

After about 6 months of intense awakening, my heart bursting open (and continue to do so) I was truly happy inside while outside I felt like a lamb among wolves, as I described earlier. But no experience was more traumatic at that time than the love obsession trap I fell into.

It started at 16 with this ‘nice’ guy who worshiped me. The timing is telling. In the aftermath it drained me of all my energy, I doubted my self-worth and could have messed my life if I allowed.
After that, I’ve seen girls or women going through it over and over again and immediately recognize when a fellow female fell victim to the obsession.

I tried to advise, subtly open their eyes, downright rescue women out of these type of men and more. In the end of my self-sacrificing life at 26 I realized most people don’t want to change, that I had a messiah and savior complex and being compassionate doesn’t mean we are here to rescue anyone (I do rescue animals now :).

Knowing that people who don’t help themselves, don’t try or take responsibility are not to be helped is the reason why I try to post these things. Those who went through things and are working on their healing but all alone can hopefully find a little light and healing in this place/blog. That’s my greatest wish. I want to be there like I wish someone - anyone - was there for me. These are the only people who will understand the things I talk about and find healing or validation, especially those who think the whole world is against them or that they are doing something wrong. The law of attraction has been spread with a lot of distortions and the victims are blamed. It’s not black and white as many gurus are claiming. A spiritual teacher needs to be compassionate, if something in them feels wrong, leave. Every time you deny your intuition you lose yourself and your self-love takes another hit.

There are many signs to catch an energy vampire, energy predator or parasitical types. These type of people were entities once and they all act in the similar ways (demonic entities) but let’s focus on the incarnated people. I talk about women because I embody the new Woman Template. Even though I came from an oppressive Japanese bloodline that is sexist as heels, I never truly fell for it. I never bowed to this control and helped other females out of it too. This doesn't mean I'm a feminist or think we are above men, it's just part of my mission. There are others out there who came here specifically to help men spiritually or emotionally. I think we are equals. I don't agree with the lashing out, saying all men are the same or putting them down.

When you find a male energy vampire, he will lure you in in ways that you love. For example, for me, being abused throughout my childhood and teenage years made me fall for worship. I thought the opposite of being treated like crap was worship, that that's what love was.

These males are open doorways for entities and they are manipulative themselves, so they know how to get to you. They can pretend feelings and emotions just by observing people, but that doesn’t mean they really feel it.
There are many ways to see if someone is a good person and just to mention them quickly, see how your body reacts, your gut instinct. If you feel there is something wrong with the person, places or even teachings there is. It doesn't matter that it's not downright evil, sometimes it's just not the right love interest/friend/place/religious cult for you. How they treat children, the elderly, animals or those who they can’t gain anything from. If they are Vegan, care for causes, volunteer and other signs. Don't be fooled by how someone talks, it doesn't matter if they talk 'nice', that's not a sign of a good person. I read a lot of people with rotten hearts that others like, are well accepted in society all because they are charismatic.

Energy vampires are attracted to empaths. Empaths are good people who are connected to all of creation. In their compassion, they generate light from within instead of what most people do which is to get admiration, validation, fear, respect, dependency, money and more from others and in turn steal their energy. That’s why celebrities go a little crazy. There is such thing as receiving too much energy/attention/money (if they helped others and fulfilled their mission there would be an energy flow). Spiritual madness can also be stuck energy.

In about a month to probably less than a year this guy will start to show his true colors. He won’t until you are hooked, and then he will withdraw. Leave you wanting, confused, like you missed something or done something wrong.

There is a strange spiritual thing that happens when you are in a relationship with parasitical men. Entities behind these unions attach hooks and cords to you and when you are not together you think of him a lot and feel very empty. It’s an obsession. And believe me, I’m not clingy or allow myself to get too attached. When I felt I was involving myself too much but it wasn’t returned, if I was giving too much or had too much feeling but the guy didn’t seem to I would immediately jump ship to care for myself because I don’t believe in the crap that we can change a man or that we should! Are they babies? I obviously learned these self-care safeguards because of this first love obsession at 16.
There is no shame in falling into a trap once, the problem is to be asleep to the point of entering the same type of relationship over and over again. One of the best things I found to stop this is to give yourself A LOT of time after a draining or downright abusive relationship - even friendships. Be single and proud of it, date yourself :)

You might also feel drained after a day with them, or even after an intense phone call.
If they are not manipulative enough, there will be others behind them who creates drama. Like his family and such.

These guys are also ‘normal’, accepted by society and have a good support behind them.
This ex-boyfriend had an unhealthy, glued by the hip type of relationship with his sister and all other brothers. There were so much drama and passive aggressive trauma that only years later I realized how sick that family is.
I shudder when I realized that he was telling her all about us while she was putting a lot of crap in his inexperienced 16-year-old head, making him suspicious of me. She was the most responsible for driving us apart, giving that not only she controls and is jealous of him, but that she was older and experienced.
I heard his next girlfriend was much older (his sister age) and was her friend, like she knew the next girlfriend really well and gave her approval. The next girlfriend was very submissive and insecure as well, like he didn't like my attitude and found someone more easy to control. That was definitely the most chilling and unhealthy family I ever met, it took me a long time to realize their other significant others also felt left out and uncomfortable like I did. I am not sure if it was by accident, or if the brothers wanted to show the world how united they were and anyone else that comes along will always be second in their eyes.
Years later I found validation and healing as another strong-willed woman went through the same thing as me - worse actually. I felt my intuition was true when I picked up the sister was the one who drove us apart and how I wasn't accepted by the family because I wasn't a submissive, insecure girl.

Low vibrational people or unevolved souls seems to need a herd. They are not strong or confident by themselves and they need validation from a larger group. If you are a sensitive empath, don't feel bad that you haven't found your 'tribe'. Indigo, Crystal children and more advanced souls are coming in but compassionate people are not the majority. We might mistake this as if we are ‘attracting’ or doing something wrong as most people seem to find their herd and we don’t. It’s just that Lightworkers are spread out in strategic places, you are not doing anything wrong. Sometimes the best that we can find are like hearted (not minded) people online.

These are just a few signs of love obsession but the goal of these men and the demonic or entity attachment behind them is to traumatize (making implants, energy hooks, soul loss and cords attach easily to the victim) or damage a woman’s self-worth. I’ve seen women who were hurt when they were girls and never recovered confidence and self-worth. In fact, the number of women who go through this with their first boyfriend or significant relationship is scary. That sets a pattern. The girl then grows up to be a woman with a damaged self-esteem. And the more they think it’s their fault the more they yield to make a man happy.

Thinking that you need to be sexy, need to show parts of your body, be skinny, fit or whatever shape that it’s not healthy or that you are ‘losing your looks’ as you reach 40 or whatever BULLCRAP society implies are all signs of mind-control. None of this s... is true!
You didn’t come here to have kids if you never dreamed of it since you were little, you can be single, have a career or not, you don’t need to cake your face in makeup, you don’t need to be ‘beautiful’ by society standards. It is so crazy how ‘beauty’ change with time, why to listen to them? The more you disentangle from these crazy patterns that unfortunately seem to destroy so many women, the more you’ll find yourself. And finding that girl and woman is already difficult with so many layers of illusion and expectations that is pushed down our throats.
On a quick note to break mind-control, belief systems, paradigms and heal your thought forms just keep questioning, contemplating, revolt against it (a good exercise is to talk to a wall, express yourself fully in anger or whatever 'dark' emotion you need to purge), write a diary, do affirmations (as a habit, some thoughts take 2 years or more to stick) and etc. Just don't leave it to rotten into deeper layers of your mental body.

These guys can damage a woman, and with our own parents sometimes helping society to repress, devalue women and perpetuate this it's no wonder most are so insecure. After almost 2 decades pondering on this trap, I feel it’s mostly about damaging our self-worth so we never rise up to our full potential.
I also noticed how many girls have the worst FIRST boyfriends ever. It’s heartbreaking and I encountered it over and over again.
It doesn’t matter the abuse, drama, criticism, emotional or physical attack they went through: most women will live their lives unconscious of it and worse, project that fear onto OTHER WOMEN instead of having compassion for each other, sharing and helping other fellow women to heal. No wonder jealousy and competition among women is rampant.

One thing I never used, not even when I was a very pissed off and a traumatized teenager were words that put women down. I don’t care how much I was hating a girl at the time and with all the reason for being provoked, I never called them a b... or s.... Or whatever name. Not even in thought. I was always conscious of fighting for the feminine and a feeling that I was here to do my part for women. All women are, but very few do.

When women turn against each other they are just perpetuating this vicious cycle and it will only make future girls suffer from it. We all need to look inside and around us and see how we can make the next generation better. As woman’s right is still an issue, we need to see how each of us can BE a better woman and improve. In one generation only, by embodying that template we completely change the life for the next generation of girls. Even small things like if you are going to call your little girl to wash the dishes, then don’t let your boy sit lazily and play games on the sofa, teach both how to help in the house. Why so many mothers teach their boys how to be selfish? It doesn’t matter what our mothers and grandmothers acted like, we don’t look at the past to live, we need to create the new. We can end rape, abuse and sexism in one generation, but we need to live it in ourselves first, show the example to little girls if we can and SPEAK UP or build the courage to do so.

We all have a life purpose.

That’s what ascension is about as well, we are evolving out of this mess.

When we see pedophilia and animal black magic sacrifice (meat, animal testing, dairy, skin) - the torture - it doesn’t get any worse than this. When a world is harming and taking advantage of innocent Souls, they had just hit rock bottom. The only way is up now. There will be no global war in the healing New Earth.

The Goddess energy was smashed so the natural nurturing, intuitive, wise, introverted and creative abilities couldn’t manifest on Earth until recently while women fought, blamed and judged each other while men ruled over (most of) them.

That was a vicious pattern, only for things to happen in reverse and women who suffered would then reincarnated as men and vent their anger in revenge sometimes. #TimesUp for sure and women are going up the scale very fast, probably in this generation and we'll soon be equal to men. As it was meant to be. Only a hateful entity would declare half of a species would be superior to the other through organized cults (or religions, same thing). It won’t even take a decade, most likely as the energies and volunteers reincarnating here hold more and more light, as ascension is not a single event. It won’t even take years, let’s be positive. But as women, we need to live it in full.

That’s probably why most Starseeds reincarnate as women. We saw what the heels was happening here and were appalled by it. Beings of Light, Love and Wisdom reincarnated holding the new woman to tip the scale.

All male Starseeds I met are also in contact with their intuition, nurturing, they are sensitive, empathic or in short, just embodying the new Men, a template that is also changing. They are what men were supposed to be all along. I saw this happening in 2001 onward. There were more sensitive men or that’s when I noticed. After my love obsession I mostly dated compassionate guys, I knew what to look for but if I made a mistake I would jump ship. Honoring and taking care of me was always a priority and I’ve been through some criticism at 27 for example, when I was asked why I was single or was looked down because I was.

When I found my husband (actually I visualized him) I still lived with him for 5 years to make sure we matched. I only got married in paper at 33. As you can see I don’t care what society says, I never felt it was late or that I was left behind. I follow my heart and I’m glad I did it. Only by taking these leaps we become confident in our gut instinct. Believe it, your intuition knows.

Don’t let how a guy treated you as a teenager or young adult to dictate your worth. It is you who will find your value by peeling layer upon layer of hurt and healing it until you find your highest version. No man or even a million people are right about you.
Find empowerment in knowing yourself, that’s the only person who needs to. When you know your limits, your shadow, validate your pain, become your best-friend and guardian, know your qualities and accept all that you are (slowly), shame dissolves.
All women have been shamed, it’s like we can’t do a fricking thing in the world without being judged.
In the intimacy of your heart and thoughts, forgive, understand and support yourself.
Go to the mirror every day and look at your eyes telling how in love you are with yourself. That you accept and express your all. Call upon Goddess/Source/Great Spirit to pass through you healing all fear, low vibration, shame, guilt and everything you need. We all have about 2 huge blocks we need to overcome in life.

Wishing you all the healing in the world!

Love, Marta.

*Read more about ascension, the dark and more from this honest spiritual teacher who gives so much for free and has only a donation button.
The genuine spiritual people are being noticed, more and more, (while some are expensive or withhold information for a fee. We need a buck, yes, as of today for food and a roof, but we Starseeds are also here to create a FREE money system.)

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