Ascension Energies & The Infusion of Light on Earth

It's becoming harder for me to stay or function in linear time as I perceive more dimensions, timelines and all there is.
I always thought I had a bad memory but I've found that sometimes my awareness is just not present, that it is somewhere else.

I went out last weekend and this is the only reason why I know when it happened.
I prefer to be stuck in my home sanctuary of high vibrational energy. I started to become a hermit after my near death experience at 26, and also, continuous traumatizing events were asking me to isolate myself. When we don’t listen, things start to get worse until a life crisis or disaster happens, so before I reached that point I stopped socializing too much.
When I gave myself time alone my aura started to heal, layers of trauma and fear started to bubble up to the surface and release.

I only go out if I really need to. I love being by myself - although I have my rescued Animal Children around - and sometimes the non-stop chatter, consumerism, the unawareness and low vibrations out there are just too much for me.

As I got excited to go out days before, I knew some lesson or something magical was going to happen so I already went out very aware of everything, especially the sky, as I don't look forward leaving the house.

I always found signs in the heavens, be that a shooting star in reply to something I asked, Ufos and other things.

As my husband drove, I was amazed by the sky being bluer than normal, the clouds seemed to shimmer and there was just a magical frequency in the air.

When he went to our very frequented natural Vegan store, he and I decided he would go alone because I slow him down. I’m ok with that, he accepts me unconditionally (and helped me uncover it) to live in my slow as a turtle real pace.
As soon as he closed the car door there was this intense silence that I’m never aware at the moment but recognize it later. It’s impossible to explain energy things well but there is a deafening silence before something ‘paranormal’ or spiritually magic occurs for me. I don’t know or think this consciously, but I immediately try to be very aware of everything around me.
I don't know if anyone went through this, but for me, it's like I've been put in a bubble out of space and time. I'd love to know if others been through this, it also happened in my near-death experiences.

I looked at the mountains in the distance and saw an incoming light from the Sun that was feeding the mountain’s aura. Then the aura grew a little, shimmered and pulsed. There was a green, blue and white light on the mountain. How does one even begin to explain how beautiful that color was? I didn't see 3 colors, but those three rays together created this beautiful ONE color.

I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing, well, I trust my intuition a 100% and seen too much 'paranormal' (normal) by now to even doubt. I mean it was breathtaking.

I wasn’t seeing this with my 3rd eye as I used to maybe before 2013 or 2014, but with my physical eyes. That we are turning into Humanity 2.0. That We, Animals and Mother Earth are being infused with light (and now I’m perceiving even more as I write, a week later or so, as my awareness went back in time, that we are being transformed into something beyond what the Mayans achieved, beyond the Lemurians, way ‘better’ than that.
By better, I'm talking about the infinite possibilities and that planets don't go through a repetition of experiences, that planets don’t go through the same thing.
Where I come from in Arcturus G, Ascension was very different. The goal is to experience the new. That's why the dark* keeps hammering the past on us so most are brainwashed into looking back to create the new to perpetuate trauma and low vibration.
Many Starseeds and these types of volunteers come in and not able to memorize history or they just know it doesn't matter and rebel against it.
We are supposed to evolve spiritually, compassionately and in wisdom with EACH generation. That's not what happens on this planet, their excuse to continue to eat Animals is because it's tradition just to mention an example.

Physical ascension might have never been done before, meaning infusing light while we are alive, or at least loving people as they are the only ones with hearts big enough to hold these infusions. Others as many of you know, are going crazy, descending in their hatred, harming more and are diving head first into descension.
Money, fame, and all crazy inverted matrix system's values are decreasing very fast as love is rising. Unethical business are crumbling as Humanity wakes up and are seeing right through people, organizations, cults, teachings and the media. It's time that we clean up because truths are coming to the surface. Soon all Humanity will become empaths and then the game is really over, cause no one can lie to a sensitive.

Maybe the Mayans, Lemurians and the Native's ancestors descended very low and then went through an ascension cycle as well, but no race went as low as we did. When we descend into harming innocent souls such as children and animals it doesn't get any worse than this. We were supposed to protect, nurture and guide these souls, not use them. This is the only planet that allows and do this that I remember. The only one with money as well.

We are becoming a hybrid (not talking about et abduction) between flesh and light and miracles are happening here in the physical and they are increasing.

That reminds me of the shower of light but I decided to put each one of these experiences into separate posts.

Have hope, let’s focus on infusing the energy and the love IN us, not that we’ll be saved, that Ascension is an overnight event, or that we need to follow anyone. It's time for us to BE love first, BEing is how this light is manifested here.

Much love to you, Marta!

*Dark: Meaning in the menu column

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