Benefits of Finding your Starseed Origins by Yourself

Even though we are moving out of the parasitical system of needing a constant supply fed from outside of ourselves in this Ascension times, many have yet to come into their power to find the answers they've known all along from within.
The same fear-based systems imposed by religious cults came into the New Age where people don't feel like they are the gurus of their own lives. Many now consult psychics or services that they'll only need again once they find one answer. This path leads to insecurity and causes people to get lost in the world because they are going about it backward.
You want to be aligned and for that, you need to dive into your soul and heart, you can't do that from the outside. Not even retreats or dozens of people supporting you can help, but going within even if just a little everyday will. A true spiritual guide will want you to take responsibility and be aware of yourself on your own. Obviously, someone who is one step ahead or already went through the experience can help, but they need to empower and leave you strong afterward, not dependent.

This is not a post about how to find your Star Origins - I will write about exactly how I did it for free – but about the benefits of doing these things by yourself like finding where your soul has been, doing soul retrieval, talking to your Higher Self BY yourself, your Guides, past and future lives or in this case, your origins. I can write about the others in the future but let's focus on being an Et soul on Earth and all the pain, isolation and the unwanted recognition it brings (less than loving people and entities usually realize there's something weird about us and sometimes attack, plus the majority of Starseeds have awful families and been through trauma).

When you discover things by yourself you wouldn't need a second psychic to confirm this to you because when you get the information at the right time, when you are ready, you know how true the memory or 'knowing' is. It's so real you relieve it. When people look for outside gurus they close off this potential and the natural opening that was to come for them to receive information freely from that moment on and increasingly.
It's like a muscle, if you don't use your intuition by yourself, you won't develop it.

The journey to find your origins and any other spiritual information IS the initiation, not the answer. I've seen others paying or getting readings for free and then they paid a second then a third psychic to confirm their star system or home planet, only to then be mad at these intuitives when they got it wrong.

I probably suffered more than most when going through the Dark night of the soul because I had no idea I wasn't just failing in life and losing people, but at the same time I found I am a WayShower and that's the reason why I navigated through hell and back blindly with no guidance or friends. Because of that experience where I relied completely on my intuition (I had no one else, didn't even find any information online cause I didn't know there was) I ended up having a very different experience as I 'listened' and followed my Higher Self completely. I never knew I was doing the right things at the right order. We are not taught that we are safe, that the suffering will pass, the confusion will cease and that we were being guided all along when we look forward, only when we look back we see the help clearly. A lot of people who achieved their dreams talk about how it all makes sense now, but during the struggle all they could keep doing to find their life purpose was to put one foot in front of the other.

Looking back things happened very slowly, but I wasn't in a hurry. I knew if I've found where did I came from, what am I or my mission from anyone else I would regret it forever. The whole journey brought me self-confidence, not about my gifts and abilities but in who I really am even before I came to Earth.
By letting things come slowly (or at the right timing) I had a lot of invisible help. Knowing that I was on the path of self-discovery on purpose, my Arcturian Star Family were already bringing all the signs and proofs (even PHYSICAL proofs which is awesome right?) so I would be expanding my mind, energy, subconscious, fear, consciousness and so much more. Every proof I got was mind-boggling and I am sad for how many won't experience how amazing the waiting is in all dimensional levels. Every new step is a huge leap in consciousness. I actually found that for me, finding out a Starseed origin is actually something that it must be done from within, in silence and contemplation.

On the path of discovering my Star Origins, I learned how to discern information, to recognize Higher Beings or information coming from others, as well as misinformation that is rampant to stop Humanity from expanding. Many of the entities people think they are talking to are not who they say they are. The more we feel into our hearts it becomes impossible to not spot fakery and low vibration. When you become aligned in your heart, subconscious mind, energetic, physical, emotional bodies and more, you will even see it clearly through lies or what intention the person has. The more trust you have in you the more fear dissipates.

A great benefit of patience and divine timing is that on the spiritual path we just have to have faith and learn patience as there's much waiting involved. In the spiritual realms things just flows and are created easily, in 3d pre-Ascension Earth they take a long time anyway so the earlier we develop patience, the better.
When we navigate the spiritual life the same way it's been done until now: buying a lot of stuff like cards and crystals, getting many readings and always needing someone else, we are just distracting ourselves from the most painful thing that any true spiritual being needs to go through: going within. These distractions are just avoidance to take a peek into our souls and hearts because unfortunately, we ALL been hurt. This world is extremely harsh, we are not guided and guarded enough as children or teens and for sensitive empathic people, it's even worse. That is a huge blow to our self-worth and confidence and in that, we start to look out there for some log to hold on to so we don't drown. After all is said and done and we learn about this world, decode the matrix and see that all these distractions are there on purpose so many don't ascend, then those awake decide to go within but the work is so hard that their ego find a new shining toy out there just to keep it from dying. Waking up can't help but hurt the ego until it's completely healed and it becomes a faithful servant.

It might look like that the answers are out there. We grew up looking at the stars and it's just so painful like freedom is up there and we are in a prison down here. There's a little truth in that actually, but how amazing it is that in fact that huge universe out there exists also inside of us?
If we are all one, all connected, if time doesn't exist, if all versions of ourselves are in different spirals but experiencing at the same time and if all that matters is the NOW moment then you are your own oracle. And the power is within.

It doesn't matter how disempowered you've been even to this very day, you can give half a step into the next thing. You don't need to take a full step. If you find it just horrible to sit there with your spine straight and meditate, you can change positions, lay down with some music on your earphones and close your eyes or even keep them open and stare at the ceiling just feeling all that's going on within your heart. Silence is really all that it's needed and if you don't like that, that's where the music comes in. With some high vibrational 'noise' (look for healing music, 432, 538 Hz, meditation music and such keywords or frequencies on Youtube). You could begin to 'see' images or lights, have feelings or 'knowings' (information coming through), just don't cast anything aside anything like it's your imagination. It's usually not. It could be fragmented though, in the beginning, and you will understand or get more puzzle pieces in a while.
When my Star Family hovered above my house in an 'UFO' (or identified now ^_^) when I was 11 I only started realizing they talked to me when I was 16 or so, that's how long it took for the message to get through and I develop enough to even begin to understand any contact happened at all. In fact, I was 27 when new ships started showing themselves only to me and disappearing when someone else looked up at my request for me to realize they were really there just for me. So, a message I got at 11 only came full circle in my 30s. That's how dense we are down here. Not less evolved, not bellow anyone, just harder. You can see there's a lot of introspection if we want to get any memory back or messages.

There is always something that you can do. Like I said, if sitting is too much then lay down, if you are the go, go, go, do, do, do type then you can walk in nature, I'm sure. And if you fall off the wagon that's perfectly fine, just get back to it and not in a hurry. It's ok to fall off your good habits, just pick it up next week or month. It took me about 4 years to really do yoga. My ego would make me forget, I would get body aches when I would think of doing it and so many traps. I never knew this is called resistance. Just expect that when you are doing something new and good for yourself, your thought forms, subconscious mind, emotions, physical, mental and energetic bodies, neural pathways, brain, cells, ego and so much more are completely used to you being in a certain way. Even your vibration is basically the same if you never take the time to improve so having self-love, self-compassion, care and patience with yourself is essential.
Long story short: it's SO fricking hard to change! It's a tragedy that many of us don't know this and give up on eating more healthily, losing weight, continuing our side business until we can leave that awful corporate job, marry that 3rd guy because we don't believe someone who would really value us could come along or we think we are too 'old' and so many examples.

I've found there is no right way to do things, there's only YOUR own way. When you find good advice but don't find joy in doing exactly like the person said than tweak it to fit your own unique and wonderful personality. And don't give up, keep at it if it makes you feel any good, especially in the spiritual arena where the difference and benefits never show overnight.
There are things like when I call upon a healing I only see the benefits and it's unfolding many months later. When I do my own soul retrieval, parts of my energy sometimes comes back weeks later.

Going within is not only beneficial but actually the way of the spiritual path. You don't need tools or gurus. They can obviously help but the focus needs to be in you as for where your attention goes, energy flows. It's not the crystal that will make communication, remote viewing or getting information easy. The power is in you already and if you think a tool is more powerful than you then you are imprinting that false belief in your subconscious, your cells and energy and in time you'll feel unsure of yourself. People on Earth are just usually doing things backwards because we lived in an inverted matrix system, or why in the universe would amazingly compassionate people be so devalued while non-evolved or neutral souls thrive? Source or Great Spirit is not a revengeful god (neither is a man) nor is punishing anyone for the sins of the first woman and man to be born on Earth. Mother Earth was just hijacked and we have a lot of control from alien forces, negative Earth entities and incarnated people. This is all ending as we ascend although there is also a separation of worlds too. Those lacking in love want to experience other things outside of themselves and they are not wrong, but just living the phase they are meant to be learning. New Earth would be awful to them, meaning, they are not being punished as they descend into another cycle. The compassionate people who've done their work are more like the Mayans who just disappeared out of this frequency. I've always felt this and went to great lengths to cleanse karma so my soul was not stuck in Earth's cycle. This is the last reincarnation for me and I've been told by many other Starseeds who also feel they are not coming back, like the shift we were supposed to help here already happened in the astrals or something and it is manifesting in the physical, as slowly or fast according to divine timing.

Self-love and empowerment are essential in the spiritual path and we can only know ourselves by going within. Outside confirmations from 'authorities' or 'experts' will always leave you unsure of yourself and insecure. Many self-help gurus say confidence comes from being good at things, that's not true at all. If one is self-confident because of their ability to run miles and they won medals and approval but then lose their legs, then they could lose their sense of self-worth.
Confidence begins not only from within, having nothing to do with how others see us or our role in society as it would go up and down accordingly to how people are feeling about us at the time, if we are in an ascending or descending personal cycle (we have those, look at your life and you will see them), if we are making money or not and so many meaningless values that we've brainwashed with.
Confidence actually comes from the ground up. Face and accept the darkest and ugliest of you and then you'll never fear what others think or have space to fester one of the biggest plagues haunting Humanity right now: shame.
Confidence comes from slowly accepting and looking at all that you are, not just the pretty stuff we can show to others. We actually don't need to show our shadow or 'come out of the closet' with everything that we are if we don't want to. We came here to speak our truths but full expression should come out slowly and it's a choice. Even though this is the time for Lightworkers, Starseeds and any courageous souls to share their pain and story so we can all heal through compassionate witnessing, the backlash we face when we are a 100% authentic can be daunting if we are not healed and empowered enough.
I came out like that at 16 and really regretted. I was attacked, harassed, ended up the victim or target of gossip, received a lot of envy and projections. It shows people that it can be done and if they are in fear, darkness and insecurity they attack fruitful trees so they can get a bite from the apples that fall as they feel like they cannot bloom themselves. These people are the so-called energy vampires.

That doesn't mean we need to hide, just that we need to be mindful to keep coming out with things that really matter or we want to express. I just want to warn you that unfortunately in this world we need to pick the battles we fight. At the same time be mindful that you are surrounded by accepting people who value you for who you are, and when they are not around I usually chose to be a loner than having rude, mocking or unsupportive 'friends'. What's the point to keep people in our lives for the sake of having them? They influence us and what's worse is that it's on a subconscious level so having someone looking down at you, showing contempt and things like that in time will fool you into thinking you are worthless. That's why people like me who had a narcissistic and abusive mother or a difficult childhood, grow up insecure because all they knew about themselves came from their emotionally wounded parents or traumatizing experiences. And abuse creates shame, so not only we have a bad image of ourselves in the abuse aftermath but we also can't tell anyone cause it's so awful and forbidden. Abuse literally leaves us emotionally and spiritually handicapped. It can totally be overcome though, with time, patience and self-compassion.

Sending you much love!

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