Dark Entities, Toxic People and the Era of the Empaths

On this blog when I say *Dark*, I mean the negative or demonic entities, low vibrational people, patriarchal, critical, judgmental, narcissistic, psychopathic, abusive incarnated people. On a not so dense level, I also mean people under religious cult mind-control, gossipers and all souls - incarnated or not - that is not in the minimal love frequency band. People who feed off others energies - human and animal.

These type of entities and people are parasitical, they can’t generate light for themselves yet - out of ignorance or ill intentions - so they get from others. The most telling sign of an old and evolved soul is that they don’t feed off others, even when they seem tired. They’re  empaths, meaning that they feel people’s and animals’ pain like it was their own so they could never hurt another.

Entities will feed off of it by demanding an energy exchange of worship, sacrifice, oaths or loyalty. That’s how religions were created, by these entities.
A High Vibrational and Compassionate Being wants to help you.
Low vibrational or demonic entities feed off of that worship. When soul A hovers above soul B in any way, by being superior, by pretending to know more, my overpowering, abusing, bullying, deceiving and more, A then sucks the life force out of B. That won’t go on forever though.

Low vibrational people are these type of entities but they are incarnated. Many came in mass in this end times to have one last chance to rethink their ways and change, to take advantage and surf these very intense energies that went off the root since 2012. That’s why the world seems so crazy right now. Not for balanced, spiritual and loving people though.
For those not on the minimally required love frequency band, things are getting worse. They can’t stand so much light. Some are acting out, others will not remain in their bodies for long. This indeed looks like the end times prophecized by many (not only religions)
That’s also why there are more people on the planet like never before.

Many wanted the chance to try and take advantage of Ascension and go to the next levels. Many obviously are not going to make it, as it was expected and in these high energies they break down. While love is increasing in the world many on the other hand are being narcissistic, materialistic and egocentric like never before. Never egos been so high. And the dark promotes this full force because when we only focus on ourselves, our pleasures and needs and hurt other Beings for the sake of it, it’s like we are separated from the All for a while. Those separated are the ones who are not Ascending. Loving Beings automatically fly high. Those not generating their own light and need to feed off of others’ energy through admiration, validation, fear, imposed respect, money and etc are kinda ‘heavy’.

For the first time in thousands of years, the world is slowly turning in favor of the good people. Low vibration is coming out of the closet everywhere to be healed. There’s no escaping.

Throughout thousands of years, loving people suffered murders, torture, character assassination, humiliation, isolation (nowadays a lot of ridicule, abuse and bullying) and they tried to bury the truths these brave Lightworkers dared to express. Psychopaths, charismatic people with a good image or sweet tongue but rotten hearts, ambitious, rich and many other types were rewarded as the systems and grids on Earth were reversed. That was unnatural and done from the shadows.

Finally, we enter the Era of the Empaths. The Physical Era was done long ago, then recently the Mental Era is coming to an end where skepticism, closed hearts and the worshiping of the brain and facts are no longer enough.
Now comes the time for us to deal with our emotions, and as our hearts burst open we purge, suffer, are forced to deal with our shadows and in that many think this called anxiety and depression, or that the emotional person is having a breakdown. Feelings are normal and it’s been promoted as a weakness until very recently.
A bunch of empaths incarnating in mass will change that soon because now that we are everywhere there’s always acceptance in number.
What it was considered normal not long ago and people would tell you to just get over with it, now it’s finally seen as abuse.
Old souls went through much and it’s natural that from all this experience that a soul comes out shining in love and wisdom, and as a result they will be emotional, sensitive and compassionate.

Now comes the era of the Indigo Children, Crystal and increasingly higher rays. One generation clears the path for the next. It’s the time of the Vegans and Animal love, respect and redemption. The time to cleanse, heal and live in harmony with Mother Earth, of knowing that nothing on this planet is ours or for our use. The time of the activists, of the courageous, of the gentle, volunteers and those who share. This will eventually lead us to a free of the money system. When another’s happiness is our own there will be no more souls who are willing to take from others or to feed off other souls.
When Humanity heals our ‘payment’ will come in the joy of giving, and it will be ok because we will just know we will receive as well when we need it.

If you were one of those empaths that gave a lot and got used and abused for it, you know the dark as you’ve been attacked by them. Cut them out. You probably have a little bit of a messiah or savior complex as you love too much, and you are beautiful, but know that this was a program so you could be the food source for low vibrational entities and people. So you wouldn’t fight. You don’t owe anyone here anything, be good to yourself, nurture, love, heal and be confident first. Help when you are full but always put yourself first. People like you are pounced upon like food by those who have no light, and many of these people are accepted and seen as normal on the surface, making you think the problem is with you.

You don’t need to feed, carry, save or endure bad behavior and abuse from anyone. That’s not the point of your coming here. Keep your light and love for those who take responsibility and are on the verge to rise themselves, don’t waste your time with ungrateful or hateful people. If you stay with these long enough you’ll doubt your self-worth, that’s what they want as they cannot stand people who carry light and happiness.

It’s time for Lightworkers, Starseeds, Empaths, Incarnated Angels to heal and stand. They’ve been almost eaten alive here, usually coming from a terrible family and relatives they tried to help, were bullied and more. If someone doesn’t want to heal and fix themselves there’s nothing you can do. You didn’t come here for one person but for Humanity. Don’t be like me and wait until you hit rock bottom in hell to decide to climb back up, don’t dissociate. I’m doing what I do cause I don’t want anyone else to sacrifice their spiritual gifts, time, energy, loyalty, forgiveness, persistence and patience for free and go through what I went through. One person was enough and it’s in that hope that I share my trip to hell.

This wasn’t meant with anger or hatred towards the dark/low vibrationals. I know why I met most of these people and entities and I do wish them well, although I don’t send them anything because the last thing psychopaths need is more energy so they can go on hurting others. No, they need to dry, they need tough love. But I’ll always speak in this manner to break through some good people’s mind-control as I once was under as well.

Much love to you.

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