Lightworkers and being attacked for being good/shining the light

My narcissistic ex-mother has just been used to attack me in the most hurtful way even though I already cut her out of my life. Maybe now I have the opportunity to overcome it, to transcend this pain and fear that has been following me for so long and is another shadow that I forgot about and have the chance to look at.

This only happened yesterday, and in the past, this would take me down into a spiral of depression, the implants would kick in, the mind control, the energy blocks, and these entities that have been following my bloodline would have taken advantage to drain and hurt me as much as possible.

Not this time.

I realized what was happening and purged it. I cried and felt the ancient pain deeply, and by doing so it only gets easier to heal emotional turmoils and go back to balance and harmony with all because I am not accumulating blocks.

It's easy to freak out when we have an emotion that is uncomfortable but it's even worse when it's painful. That doesn't mean something's bad, it usually means we are releasing something that happened a long time ago.
Be like when you were a child, meaning, feel emotions as they come by being in the moment.

That's why children heal fast. They stop healing when they are told to stop crying or that it's bad. A full human being is emotional, that is not a weakness. A human who has yet to reach a depth of emotions and empathy is not yet a full human being. They are between the animal form and the achievement of ego which will help the soul to realize themselves so they can evolve to a Hueman form. A full human is an empath that can love the self and all Beings equally, they cannot hurt another.

I think it was Lisa Renée who said this, but when we are attacked by the dark, it doesn't matter if it's an etheric entity, a relative, a co-worker or strangers, we need to look at what we were doing when we were attacked and then realize that this happened so we didn't accomplish that particular mission or task that would help the vibration of the planet. Remember that we are in a dying system. It's happening all the time as the new is being born and the only reason it's still in place it's because of the mind control.
People still act,  think, and expect things in a parasitic way. That's why people are still trying to get their energy from others and animals. They do that by getting admiration, getting money from others through little or largely deceitful ways (like these fees they keep adding as I buy less and less), bullying, abusing, creating drama, or by getting attention. That's why people have so much trouble being single, it's almost like a shameful thing, which is insane. They steal energy from Animals by eating them, by supporting the cruelty that is rampant nowadays to add to the global suffering. As human hangings, beheadings or sacrifice is not largely acceptable anymore, the dark increased animal suffering and killing.
We are all connected and we can feel what everyone else is feeling. Soon there will be no more sacrifice for this global black magic and the low-frequency generation will end. That's why vegans are multiplying and we are grounding this energy here. We can all do our part by boycotting everything that is wrong on the planet.

Being a lightworker is a lonely, courageous, and usually debilitating journey. There are no Awards, recognition and much support because we are also here to show how to live in a self-sufficient way. A lightworker creates light within themselves. Any form of vampirism is repulsive to us and we change our lifestyle over the years so we take our energy and support away from this pyramid matrix system where the common folk supports an elite on top. It's just natural for us because the realms and worlds we came from were not parasitical. It's like we're older sisters or teachers bringing new ways of living. Beings who are a little older always comes into worlds that are developing and are a few steps ahead, although no one is better or superior. Please pass through what I write through the heart, I evolved beyond the all or nothing, black or white and good or bad mentality.

Being different on a molecular and energetic level attracts a lot of attention. People here intuitively know there's something different about you and as it's normal for a frequency band below love, they react in fear, they bully, they gossip, they gaslight, and people who don't occupy their hearts are easily possessed and that's why you are being attacked since day 1.

I know it's overwhelming I've been there. But there comes a time where you need to decide to be your best friend, to be your guardian, to be your biggest cheerleader, to be your advocate and to know that you are right for being different in a world of low vibration where it is okay to be cruel and that hurting others is funny. Look at the movies and the media and how disgusting it all is. I can't stand watching any of it since 2002. That's when I took my energy away. I was horrified by how things are and I'm not participating. That's what I did yet again when I went vegan overnight because I found the horror. And we have a lot of light and our participation is very powerful and we have a lot of influence over a big number of other people. Lightworkers need to be very careful to guard where their attention goes to as that's where the energy and consent will flow. If you are a Lightworker I bet you noticed people observe or are aware of you a lot, even when you are behind them.
One funny thing I've noticed and Denise Le Fay talks about is how she came with a short stature so she wouldn't not be threatening while trying to not be noticed. I thought this was common with Arcturian Starseeds like me. All other volunteers with this origin I met are short. It made me wonder if ALL Lightworkers are trying to go under the radar. I always felt I am so short to not scare others as I have a lot of fire in me and thought all my life that if I was bigger, that would have been threatening.

We feel different, we feel like we can't participate in many things as if we are shunned away. When I tried to 'live a little' (which most take as being as unconscious and irresponsible as possible) I realized things went really wrong for me, because my Higher Self was always stopping me because Lightworkers came for very specific reasons and have a certain path to take. It's about being ethical, compassionate, conscious, responsible and day by day, choice by choice we change the world around us. We didn't come here to enjoy money, a career, being famous, being admired, being accepted or whatever. We can enjoy everything in moderation and need to live in joy of course, but what I'm saying is that we have a higher purpose and it encompasses Humanity, animals and Mother Earth. When we walk out of that path, that's when our lives go downhill. I went through many life crisis, loss and absolute heartache when I got out of the path. When we let one sign pass and don't heed the warning, another harsher one will come until we wake up. If you heard about near-death experiences, you will see they weren't listening to their hearts/intuition.

Lightworkers, Starseeds and Incarnated Angels usually seem broken hearted but the truth is that they do feel, know and care a lot more so there is a burden in that and that's part of being a full human being and an Old Soul. Being unaware is actually not fun or pain-free at all.

Denise Le Fay talked about attacks increasing when we are about to break the glass ceiling and step higher. When the Ascension energies are about to go up, or there is a huge upgrade coming we are suddenly attacked.
There is no blaming, it's not your fault, you didn't attract it in the sense of how the Law of Attraction is being used as an excuse to shame, blame and burden conscious people (Another trap, everything to put spiritual people down. This is a misinformation and people spreading this are pretty wealthy gurus for doing so because the dying parasitic matrix rewards the unfair and unwise).

If anything you're being targeted because you have a lot of light and you're trying to change a slavery system because you're doing the right thing as opposite to most people.

It's so difficult. You have generational trauma, , beliefs, energy blocks, implants, expectations that people put upon you, society's very narrow-minded and barbaric values, intentions people wished upon you and a lot of things that you need to be overcome to become your true essence.

I am not sure about finding happiness, I found through a lifetime in the pursuit of happiness that being centered is what makes me feel great long-term. With Earth's polarity I always got into depression and despair everytime I tried to reach happiness and excitement. I found harmony is much preferred because this universe doesn't work in extremes. I think we've been conditioned to think in right or wrong, black and white and all or nothing mentality. There are many shades of black until white.

Spiritual people and those bringing the new are targeted with blaming and shaming. Don't accept any doctrine, belief or anything coming from outside of you. Pass any idea through your heart.
Wisdom doesn't come from the brain. No guru has possession or trademark over it. It is out there flying the ethers ready for anyone to pick up, no matter if they are poor, if they went to school or whatever.
There is no authority out there, it's all an illusion. We are sovereign and free. Remember that.

Listen to your heart and you will see that you were always right and never alone, you just didn't stand still enough to realize this... It looks very ugly sometimes and lightworkers think about giving up, which is normal, it's not a weakness because it is too much and we are the minority. Many of us are all alone and I mourn every time I see a good person on Hermit mode so they can at least live well here in a low vibration world. But even if I myself felt yesterday that I didn't have much strength to go on, that when I'm attacked like this it's so personal I  think I can't go on another day, after crying and facing what happened it goes away.
Today, not even 24 hours later, I can guarantee you that tomorrow will come and the sun will always rise and you will find the strength, the optimism, the inspiration and the strength within you to go on. That the pain of the attacks, the criticism and judgment, the betrayals, the many people who took advantage of you will pass. I promise you that.

You are not alone and I love you. Angels, Guides, your Guardian and like-hearted (I don't care about like-minded) Spirits are watching over you. You are Source and Christ Consciousness incarnate!

I AM doing my part to cast all these demonic entities and anything below the love band frequency out of here and back to Source to be transmuted into the greatest good of All. No sending love and light to them, the last thing they need is more energy. I hope many of you stand in self-confidence and in All that you Are and do it too.

As long as you are breathing you are already doing much because we need you here. Only by the fact that you still stand you are much appreciated already. I know exactly what you're going through and you are not alone.

If you were attacked by family, strangers, co-workers and it just feels it's everywhere you go,  know that you are not alone. I know exactly what you're going through because that was my life until I was 26.
I am 38 now and I cut my narcissistic mom out of my life, all unaware and toxic people, the entities cannot get near me since I went vegan and my consciousness had an expansion explostion - as did my trauma as I wasn't feeding on more of it on top of what I already carried - and it's because of these higher vibrations and evolved choices I made, the slow trying this and that, by being compassionate towards myself when I couldn't move forward is that I reached this place of peace, of doing only what I want to most days and cutting almost all access to attacks.
What just happened with my ex-mother is new, and I was surprised by their ingenuity. The attack was far away from me. As the emotional baggage is done with, it just showed me that I shouldn't check her online. Now I just learned another vulnerability and I'll just cut that out of my life as well.

Ascension is not an overnight shift or an event. We are breaking the glass ceiling all the time and those starving for light that is generated through compassion and from within, are desperate lashing out for us like they are drowning, desperate and angry. To hold their hands and carry them on your back is to be an enabler, that's not a compassionate thing to do. We were not born to be or feed parasites, we were supposed to be empowered, self-sufficient and relate to each other from a place of wholeness and compassion. Anything below the uttermost kindness and respect is not a relationship, it's abuse. I don't care how common it is, what's happening here on Earth it's wrong and cruel. I don't care if they are your boss, your blood family or whoever you think you owe some loyalty to; if they're not being supportive they're not doing their part to be in a relationship with you. It's a two-way street. It took me 37 years to learn this but I assure you, cutting these people out will completely change your energy field, your reality and your well-being. You'll only realize how much they are sucking out of you once you cut the source.

Ascension is like the Titanic and there are a lot of people who took spiritual responsibility, lived a compassionate life and done their work. There are others who were laughing, getting unconscious in drugs, alcohol and substances (not judging, I used to drink in my 21, not knowing how to cope with the unbearable pain), distracting themselves while being followers and now when the time is up - since the world ended in 2012 - they are desperate and want to hang on to our hands. Lightworkers already carry a lot of burdens, do a lot of energetic stuff that seems like nothing to others, we already have a lot of past traumas to deal with, so, many relationships need to go when we go through the Dark Night of the Soul.
That's why lightworkers need to be careful not to lower their vibration and be vulnerable to attack. Even when we are in a higher reality and frequency, however, we still might get some screaming, shouting and crap hitting the fan from the dying system. I don't mean that you attracted or brought it upon you because are not evolved or your vibration is not high enough. I talked about my example for you to see that they didn't get into my 5D house, a zombified or easily possessed human being did get near me but that my ex-mom did something online and when I saw it I was hurt and very, very disappointed.

I share my experiences because we won't heal if we all hide our stories in shame. We can't keep going all alone, thinking our freaky experiences are the result of a curse or that we fricking deserve it because we attracted it, so we are also guilty somehow on top of all the crap Lightworkers already face.
Remember that everytime you see someone or a teaching judging you so they can wash their hands instead of helping you, that it's arrogance, and that, my fellow Volunteer is a DARK trait.
Arrogant people are taken over by their ego and are dead inside. Don't take to heart what gurus, 'spiritual' people or family members like that say to you.

Have a time for your self, regroup with all parts of you and find your center after attacks. Don't record their insane deeds and words in your subconscious. These people and demonic entities are like dirt and you need to dust them off of you.

Please don't blame yourself anymore, heal shame, cut all toxicity out (what you eat, read, $upport, watch and etc) and have lots of self-compassion.

And following Lisa's wisdom: what was I doing previous to the attack? I had this post on draft so when these things happen I get into LightWarrior mode, get pissed, get fed up and do exactly what they don't want us to do. That's why I'm here for. So this post is going online yesterday. Ok, today :)  I wasn't in a hurry and now I think it's important somehow.

There was always some Ascension body aches, I've been very sleepy, always something holding me back and I wasn't in a hurry to post this. Everything the dark do backfires now that they are struggling to find energy/consciousness (that's us) to feed their system.

And I warn all these demonic entities and people, everything that is being thrown at me goes right back at you and you know this already as it happened before. You know my shield.

Lightworkers have way more protection than anyone else because of all the crap we have to go through.
You can't and won't stop my mission. I figured you out, what you are doing and how this parasitic pyramid matrix works. I AM calling you out and I AM speaking up!

Everything that is below Love goes right back to Source to be transmuted into the Highest Good of All. All energy, soul or people that have any ill intentions towards me are warned that if they try my Spiritual Team will also escort them away from Earth and Solar System, back to Source to be transformed or healed there, according to the wisdom of Goddess/God/Creator/Great Spirit. So don't get near me or send your consciousness towards me.
I declare Freedom to Mother Earth, the whole Solar System, Realities, Dimensions, Timelines and Creation. That Universal Law and Love prevails from this moment forward and forever. That Healing continues to All those who occupy their Heart.
Please bring relief and release all those who suffer, Human or Animal.

Sending all the rest and sane people much healing and hope in this post. Light is encoded in al I write.

Love, Marta.

Remember to do Lisa Renée's 12 D shield
Let's participate in the Sunday Unity Meditation Lightworkers!

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