Signs of Higher Beings and real Guides

discerning high vibration beings and real angels and guides

Our Guides are Souls and Spirits who are a few steps ahead of us, in frequency and understanding. In some cases like with some Starseeds, they are actually on the same level. They are equals. Some volunteers are here to help Ascension, while others might have a variety of reasons for incarnating here at this time. Those helping Ascension are actually Masters from whatever world or realms they came from. These are already ascended and that's why they're helping other evolving planets.

Guides and Angels are not some superior Beings who are to be worshiped. Those who want some exchange like offerings, worship itself (meaning energy), loyalty, oaths, obedience and so on are not self-sufficient Beings. They are low in vibration and need your help and energy for them to feed. These types are not yet in a place to guide anyone. They are called demonic entities, energy vampires or are the ones behind many religions/cults (same thing). They always show themselves as 'nice' or drop some truths but you have to observe invisible Beings for a long time. You have to watch everything they do, what they say, how they say it, how you FEEL is #1 and in the beginning, it might take years to figure this stuff out. If there is any level of control over you, then you are dealing with non-evolved entities, teachings or religious cults. We are born FREE and sovereign from Source and were never meant to be controlled. We are all equals, there is no one above you. Hierarchy is an ego-based ILLUSION. If you find it in any teachings then it was dictated by a source who vibrates on the level of fear.

Real guides won't talk down on you, they won't tell you what to do neither will they live your life for you. If you already Ascended before, they know you can do this, they know you can handle life on Earth and that you are wise. They won't spoon feed you. They are not there on your beck and call or follow you around all the time. Higher beings have some difficulties coming down here in a low vibration world. They will however always encourage you towards love, sovereignty and self-empowerment in a way that you almost don't need them. Because you don't. You came here to experience and live this life for yourself. Insecurities, uncertainty and patience are part of Earth life as the planet is right now.

If they are there all the time, if they need material things (they ask for alcohol, for smoke and so on), if you have a master and slave relationship then I'm sorry to tell you and I don't know how long this entity has been coming around but they are not your guides, neither are they evolved or loving.
I know this will hurt some people and their relationships with their guides but I cannot take this with me to the grave.

This comes from my own experiences with low vibration (below the Love band frequency) beings, deceitful entities and my own spiritual trap I fell into when I was 17 because Ascension was about to ignite for me the next year. They also knew I was going to become sovereign and could potentially figure out the parasitic pyramid matrix system that this world is built upon where the majority of the everyday people sustain a parasitic and selfish elite on top through Humanity's consent, attention and energy.

I couldn't see these things looking forward, I just thought I was cursed but now at 38 and looking back, I can see the reasons for everything they did. If you are doing something good in the world you will sound their alarm and the dark comes after you. What better way to keep an eye on us than disguise themselves as angels, as our guides and then dictate everything we do and how high are Consciousness will go like a tyrant or abusive husband.

If any of their teachings, even if it's just 1% of them lead you into codependency, addiction to them or something else like crystals, cards, anything outside of you then you have your answer. Empowerment comes from within. There is no material stuff, people, guru or savior that can heal yourself for you. When someone says they are a Healer and they have a good intention, it means they hold space because they empathize, that's all. Look at the fruits, at the results never the tree.

I don't mean it's your fault in a sense that there is any judgment, but you need to put your foot down, declare your sovereignty, your sacred space and cast them out like they are demons. You can also shout or use anger as a powerful energy to blast any low-frequency out of you and your home. You don't need to be pissed to do this, you can also use self-confidence. It's just that my life was so messed up that I couldn't reach full self-realization and therefore, self-confidence and sovereignty. I was attacked a lot and as such, gaslighted. I had to do a lot of self-soul retrievals to do, meaning I didn't pay thousands for shamans but did it myself, and I wasn't sure about what was going on this planet. I was just pissed when I found the next guides were not what I felt evolved beings should be. Because I AM one of them. I am a Higher Being. This is not ego, but Truth. I try to live as compassionate, helpful, giving (but I don't sacrifice and have healthy boundaries) and with integrity as much as I can and I am always evolving into what I truly AM before all the blocks, pain and trauma almost took over my life. When you do that for yourself then you can 'smell' low vibration, people and entities' intention. That's why 'Know thyself' is the first thing we need to do and it should be taught in school. I am lucky I've been doing this since I was little because when you know yourself you know everyone else. You just know where spiritual teachings are coming from, who is behind each religion, when you shouldn't give your attention and energy to something that is trending, that you shouldn't give your consent to the news and their stories, you can spot scams easily, false gurus and avoid narcissists and psychopaths.

There are no differences between people in the flesh and these invisible beings. When it feels wrong then it's not for you. When you feel good and not infatuated, dazzled, stunned (because there is dark magic and energy used behind this type of feelings, same with some people with lots of charisma (most psychopaths and sociopaths have a legion of demonic entities behind them) but just a feeling of harmony, peace and like you know everything is alright then that's your guidance, that's what you trust. Not your rationality/ego, not past experiences/fear but your Heart IN THE NOW. When you occupy your heart, you need no Guides or Angels anymore... Almost. This world is harsh alone. Sometimes they leave us alone so we find empowerment. Some of us are not coming back to Earth neither will ever deal with suffering, duality and low vibration again, so we're left alone to fully experience these final stages of Ascension.

Those of us Ascending are already at a point or reaching a place where we don't need Guides anymore because we're becoming the new Earth Angels and stewards. My Guides left and although I always knew there was a reason for it I couldn't understand it for a very long time. I needed to figure things out and put the puzzle pieces together. That's one of the many reasons why they leave. We needed guides and angels in the past because this is was a controlled and an enslaved planet, so there is a lot of fear, pain and parasitic behavior so we needed guidance.
All normal and free planets have people living by themselves, coming from a place of fullness without taking anything from other people or animals and there's also no money.

I realized some people are confused and being deceived by this so there are a certain group of people that are reaching the point where they figure this game out and are about to dump their narcissistic and energy vampiric entities disguising themselves as angels and guides. I'm here to answer any questions if I can answer.

I hope this helps, I love you very much and you are never ever alone.


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