Starseed Awakening and Finding Your Star Origin

I talked about the benefits of finding our star origins by ourselves because of the strengthening of intuition and spiritual confidence it brings. This is one of the points of the spiritual path on Earth, to express our unique selves, bringing what no one else in the universe could. That takes incredible courage and strength of character and should be taught when we were little.

As this is a controlled planet our initiations are extremely painful and rushed so we can have a chance to reach our potential in this lifetime after Spiritual Awakening and later on for Extraterrestrial Souls: Starseed Awakening. We unlearn false beliefs and melt all harmful debris and get back to what our Soul truly is.

The Spiritual people are not born in caves or with ideal families to nurture spirituality because they need to understand this world, so schools, 'friends', relationships of all kinds, attacks, toxic environments and living in the world is important for us to understand what is going on here and our greatest struggles are part of our mission.

You might have gone through years of trying to fit in or having a normal busy life and then, out of nowhere nothing material and of this world interests you anymore. Careers, your image, success (from a 3d view), money, dramatic love, parasitic and abusive relationships or whatever trap you fell into became repulsive. We get attached, gain false beliefs and are bombarded with mind-control so these two awakenings will make sure that all unnecessary baggage is dropped. When we don't do it on our own then our Higher Self will make us swallow some very bitter pills. Most of us don't go willingly so these illusions are taken from us. We feel like we are losing people, false friends we settled for), our anchor to the third dimension like money, comfort zones and the very foundation of who we thought we were until the very ground we step upon is gone.

With the Dark Night we are stripped of all false personalities until we are awakened, and then the thick of the pain is gone and we continue advancing on our own and willingly. It will only hurt as long as we are resisting this rehabilitation into returning to a Light Being form. The Starseed Awakening, on the other hand, will turn our world upside down and completely dismantle our understanding of reality. No one could possibly understand what you are going through unless they been through it. Instead of having distractions and consuming outside information, it's very beneficial to have lots of time alone and go within. As I did that, this second awakening was calm and blissful.

Each one of us is an extremely important piece of the puzzle, that's why our self-esteem and confidence is attacked on a daily basis, so we don't rise up to our mission.

We might not get our whole galactic and soul story as our bodies cannot contain all memories as of right now, but those Ascending are being able to house more and more Light. We will get all the important information that will help Ascension and our mission though.

Discovering our origins is not the end of the road. After that, we will continue learning because we are always evolving.

When we approach these things in a disempowering way such as having someone else doing a reading for us, out of curiosity, fun or not for spiritual growth, we can only reach a certain level and the entities on that frequency band because it's not done with diligence and ethics. The intention is everything. The 'guides' we would encounter on that road wouldn't be interested or know about spiritual development and healing. When we approach spirituality as sacred then divine timing will bring us all the answers and they will leave no doubt.

There are people who are so lost that they have someone else tell them about their origins, then they go on paying for more readings to get confirmations about the ones before. It's a rabbit hole and when we go down the path of insecurity of trusting outside sources we will learn that the answers are not out there and the Universe sometimes helps us out by bringing a scammer so we might choose differently. Another reason why there is so much dishonesty on the spiritual path it is so we get disappointed and then give up as we are conditioned to think in all or nothing/black and white type of mentality. Many people get scared with false spiritual teachings, especially when they are about to have a breakthrough - when entity attacks are common - and give up on their growth and healing or jump into some religious cult and groups. This is done on purpose by the dark, to have us endlessly falling prey to a new distraction. We were not born to be a follower or fit in anywhere. We were supposed to be free although this primary right has been disrespected on Earth.

I've been disappointed many times with no will to continue until I figured this out. It is ok to stop, care for ourselves and find perspective. Dropping everything for a while doesn't mean to give up forever. Having the time to heal from Earth's many traps and regroup prepare us to get back on track with even more persistence and discernment.

Once we turn on our Light we are pursued and attacked in many ways so we don't Ascend freely out of here because the dark wants us feeding their parasitic matrix. When we look for outer authorities and gurus we are bound to follow the wrong path because each Soul carves their own way. We do get help and find People and Spiritual Guides who are living on a higher vibrational level for some inspiration or answers here and there of course, but then they move on. They won't dictate each step of the way because we are not helpless. When we have a period of loneliness it could mean we have the answer deep inside so it's beneficial to at least give ourselves some time to figure out on our own. Source also speaks to us in infinite ways. The thought you had before you saw a beautiful bird crossing your field of vision, a feeling, an image stirring something in you or a dream are all answers. The preferred language of Higher Intelligence is actually through symbols, feelings and it's subtle. And the common dream dictionaries don't even work for me because things have a different meaning to each person. Try interpreting by yourself first. If you keep writing down your dreams they'll become more vivid because you need to bring that back into your body, training the dense computer brain to retain these memories.

When we have someone else that we don't even know we can trust tell us something so important as what our DNA is made of then we lost the chance to become empowered.
By choosing patience you will be embodying more of your Higher Self, with all its wisdom and will raise your vibration to the point where you can understand what your Goddess/God Self knows. The brain can't comprehend Higher Knowledge.
Our physical tools cannot understand the spiritual and etheric, they are meant for the material world, that's why it's so difficult to explain these concepts and why so many speak in different ways, seemingly contradicting each other at a surface level. As our body is upgraded to house higher energies, so does the Spirit comes down into our body in this time of Ascension. This never happened before that's why new Spiritual Truths are here and we can no longer look into past teachings and techniques to deal with the new energies. If we pay attention, new ones are being grounded as we speak. We don't live in the same world and Era as we did until 2012. There is no waiting for an outside event, it's about metamorphosis. This is a hoax that changed form since the 80s to keep people waiting for something outside of them to change while they retire their inner work and empowerment.

To find your Starseed origin you need to go through an initiation. We don't hear stories of these transformations being taken by groups. The initiates are always alone. Many times, the guide or teacher don't answer their apprentice's questions. That's sort of what it is like.

It's common for starseeds to not have anyone to talk about these things, but that's because it is time to go within. Fighting divine timing and natural flow causes anxiety or frustration.
You are shredding layers of mind-control, conditioning and illusion as we are bombarded with then while incarnated on Earth.

There is harmful and misleading information online as well as in 'support' groups, social networks and forums that have some individuals or the owner themselves disempowering or intervening with Starseed Awakening.
The only information you can truly trust is the one that comes from within and FEELS right, that's why we need to strengthen ourselves and our confidence on the spiritual path. If we did this more often we wouldn't be so traumatized by an awakening, which is common because this parasitic pyramid matrix is rigged to stop consciousness shifts. We are all fooled into living in a more or less materialistic, selfish, parasitic or fear-based way and those who refuse to do this are the 'weirdos'. A compassionate heart cannot be part of these practices for long, it's just not possible.

One of the most common spiritual trap that impacts those who are awakening is disinformation. Many people are deceived into thinking that being spiritual means to be smiling, peaceful and loving all the time while discovering the secrets behind the veil are all rainbows and light. The truth is that the planet is controlled not to mention positive and negative polarities.

We need to be aware and always question things because even our thoughts sometimes are not our own. Our own feelings are often manipulated or from outside sources as well as many of our subconscious beliefs are manufactured by something called social engineering.
For example, women are not born to breed, to be passive, to stay at home or have careers if they don't want to. Women are actually
free to live how the heck they want without all the judgment cast upon them all the time.

That's how they live in highly evolved and free worlds or if there was no interference on Earth. On many other planets, females are equal to males. In some planets, there is even a third or no gender (I am not talking about transgenderism, body mutilation, plastic surgery or gender trauma conflicts we are being bombarded with messages right now to harm the youth).
We are coming out of this darkness and Ascension is happening but it can only go as fast as each one of us is ready to take the responsibility for our Consciousness into our own hands.

That's why women speaking up so much more, the energies are helping Love to come back to the planet. Until 2012, parasitic behavior was rewarded and normal.

Truths were suppressed and their messengers were attacked in starseed communities. That in itself showed me how dangerous it is to trust others just because they are saying they are starseeds because many of them are not. To attack those on a lonely path towards high spiritual values is a very common dark tactic.
I've seen a parasitic behavior in many spiritual communities in people who didn't do the inner self-healing work first but went on preaching, no matter if they called themselves starseeds, lightworkers, angels and etc.
When one raises their vibration a lot of flies are attracted to them because of their ignited light and energy. People and entities are starving for Light and don't know how to self-generate it through compassionate and ethic living and only know how to get from other people and animals. It happened to me and others who are inner sustained over and over so I have no doubt, and this was very common in some Lightworker corners online.

Every type of group has been infiltrated if the intention hasn't been set and its creator doesn't have integrity. As most people settle when they gain some black magic monopoly money or popularity it's easy for the dark to overtake or interfere with these type of groups.
If you ever came upon this frustrating experience that makes a Starseed who is looking to find their tribe to feel even lonelier, don't be discouraged. You didn't attract any of this crap and you are not doing anything wrong, it's just a trap of the dark to emotionally attacking those who can't be corrupted. Most people will betray moral ethics if they just get their hands on a little money or fame. When that doesn't work all the dark can do is to keep attacking a person who is courageous enough to carry light in a world of darkness and barbarism.

Once you realize these things you will see that one of the requirements to incarnate here was to know that you could be lonely for this mission. If you volunteered for this and you truly are a Starseed then you have the strength to do it. It's not easy at all but you'll leave here as a Master.

Removing anti-Christ, anti-life and parasitic behavior

The first step is to evolve into vegan and live in a peaceful way as Christed, Sacred and Angelic Humans were meant to live. Feeding off of fear, suffering and heavy dark energy from body parts or fluids is repellent to Higher Beings. We need to do our homework and meet our true Star family halfway. They will come down a bit from their vibrational level and we need to go a little higher than the third dimension ourselves. They are our guides but we are not below them or need rescuing, we are their EQUALS.

Much of the depression and anxiety people are feeling besides the frequencies sent our way on purpose, the media circus and the collective fear are coming from the Animals they consumed. We should never have anyone else's body parts, fluids or blood in us, this is very harmful spiritually and energetically. It open portals to those Being's timelines. Not even vegetarianism brought me close to the peace I feel today because it's not only about eating their carcass/bodies, how heavy my conscience felt but also the suffering that other 'products' made them go through with all the marks of black magic.
Black magic is the unnatural and demonic practice of acquiring pleasure, material gain or satisfaction through the suffering of Souls. What those participating in sacrifice and suffering of any Sentient Living Being don't know is that they are bound to the People or Creatures they harmed. We don't want to be imprisoned at this time of Ascension. Our rights end where another Soul's begin. If someone else is going to go through discomfort, suffering or pain for what we want then by Universal Law we cannot do it.

As Starseeds and Beings who came from the outside, we don't want to harm any Soul here or create any karma that would weight us down getting us stuck on this planet, let along cause any type of soul - Hueman, Animal and the disembodied- any more burden than a life on Earth already carries. We also came here to show a more loving and evolved way to live like we did in the worlds and realms we came from, not to add violence.

Veganism will start to cleanse our subconscious mind, will stop hindering courage and therefore confidence. Self-love will rise, our consciousness will expand exponentially and all of our bodies and minds will clear and energy will start to flow. Benevolent Beings will sympathize with us and Vegans have a lot of invisible protection and help. I've been contacted by one who was moved by the rescuing work I have going on in my house because she was part of the team who help deceased Animals in my area and came to see why we had so many here. She said that Elementals are not only Environment lovers as many in the spiritual community says, they love Animals as much as they do Nature. Eating death and acting in parasitic ways is the path to descension into hell realms and dimensions.

You will notice Vegans who eat healthily are very confident. We all have some level of anxiety sometimes for being bombarded with low frequency or have some wounds to purge and heal but in general, they are very fearless.

I've seen New Earth Pioneers or Indigo and Crystal Children as young as 14 speaking up for Animals and Mother Nature instead of worrying about being cool or accepted by their peers at school. That's amazing, Evolved Beings are really here. Each generation is bringing higher energies as older Lightworkers broke through the darkness and more Higher Beings are coming in.
I've also seen a Crystal child being denied the right to not harm Animals and at the young age of 9 is cooking by themselves separately. Their parents cook for the whole family but refuse to make one cruelty-free dish for this child if they don't follow the rules. As a sovereign Soul, they took their values into their own hands and didn't settle. They know that the only way to change the world is to BE that shift. There are also children who actually inspired their whole family to evolve into a cruelty-free living.
These special children are definitely the game changer and they are already born as peaceful activists of many causes. They are not troublesome or arrogant as some Indigo and New Children misinformation in the new age says, they are fearless but humble and extremely empathic. Aggression and being loud has nothing to do with confidence and courage.

Meditation and Relaxation

My favorite meditations are:
I do the 12D shield everyday, twice a day if possible
I support Ascension once a week or more with the Unity Meditation

I would be mindful of any 'healings' and youtube videos calling upon beings and imposing karma upon them like Archangel Michael, Yeshua and such. It's more ethical to leave it open to those who freely chose to help us to come such as Source, Law of One Guardians, Healers, Guides, Angels...

Some people feel like they can't stop to meditate but could be because they're thinking about doing it for half an hour or so. That's really hard for someone who never done this before. Always have little bites or no change can take place and stick. Substitute things or start small for a permanent shift.

If a person can't meditate but they like movement then walking meditation could be beneficial. Doing tasks while trying to be mindful of our bodies and minds is also soothing. The goal is to RELAX. Meditation can be done by us staring at a ceiling, listening to music with our eyes closed or just by laying down, everyone is different and can get creative.
I had an undeniable vision of me looking down to Earth from a ship while I was cooking dinner in a relaxed and joyful state.
I also discovered that staring at the forest through my window is hypnotic and they send something back. I don't know if this exercise is known and it can be done by looking at birds or butterflies as well, even if you can't go out. Just follow them with your eyes and your thoughts will soon vanish, like when we were children and could enjoy the moment. Nature speaks to us and there is a healing exchange that happens, not to mention we can enter an alternate state when in communion with them.
There is no need to spend a lot of money on this. There are tons of 'Healing Music' on youtube. A few minutes of that kind of vibration can raise you into a higher state of being.
Pick your practice and try that for about 100 days. The 21-day change never worked for me, maybe it does for you.

It takes a while to get our bad habits in place so we need time to change them too. Have infinite self-compassion and patience with yourself. Don't ever try to get it perfect or that you will be or do something for now on.
People who only use sheer willpower will always run out of it. It's more important to try every day or as often as possible. For example, I always change things by adding them to my day for only 2 minutes. No matter how hard something looks if you are going to practice for just 2 minutes then it's impossible to not do it.
When I committed to meditating for 2 minutes
I always ended up practicing way more than that. You will show your ego, the subconscious mind and brain that it's not that hard.

Meditating for 2 minutes a day is way better than having 24 hours of rushing thoughts that could mean that other forces are controlling you. You want to get it going, the hard part is always starting.
Once you get in the flow then it's easy.
That's how we change our energy, we add something better and as we focus and persist it will grow stronger and stronger. It doesn't matter how chatty or reptilian one mind is, it can change and we can always evolve.

Scheduling meditation in the morning, afternoon or evening is even more beneficial because you are creating new neural pathways in your brain. Experiment with what time is more enjoyable.

I've heard about the benefits of meditating first thing in the morning but that doesn't work for me at all. I just can't wake up and focus even after trying for half a year, I need to move first. Now I love doing it in the afternoons or at night. Sometimes I meditate, then go to sleep in the middle and wake up completely renewed. None of my meditations are the same, I go with what feels right that day. Sometimes I do it in the afternoon because I intuitively feel the need to be under the Sun Stargate's ray. Remember to ask for protection before going to sleep as you are about to astral travel, receive a healing or visits. And declare a sacred space around your house and land.

Setting the same time everyday will make the new habit stick more easily because the brain is a computer. It wants to use the least energy as possible, that's why creating new habits is so difficult. It will challenge you asking if it's really worth the effort. It also takes a lot of energy for the brain to learn so only persistence will show it is important and procrastination will go away once it is convinced. Our subconscious beliefs, current paradigm and energy will also fight the changes and to succeed we have to go through a metamorphosis.
Resistance comes when your neural pathways don't exist, the 'path' is bushy, you haven't started to walk that way yet so it feels very difficult. If you keep crossing that path the weed cannot grow anymore and you can see a clear road.

Heal the most neglected body

I've always been spiritual and emotional, these are second nature to me so I've been healing the root causes of my problems and pain or even of other people's because when we know ourselves, we know the universe.
As I always missed home, was usually alone and so different I would dissociate and sometimes spend too much time in the imagination, spiritual or inner worlds. So my spiritual and emotional bodies have been more or less healthy because I nurtured them.

My mind is secondary, I'm always learning and I've done a lot of subconscious work since I was 14 so it's never been totally neglected but it's never been that important and I allowed harmful weeds to grow there many times.

Now my poor physical body... As I said I was dissociative - leaving the moment into spiritual realms - and had suicidal wishes since I was 8, even before I knew how to kill myself. I had no respect for my body, I thought to pay any attention to it would make me vain and shallow. I felt I was born perfect and a lot of people and animals suffer much worse so to mind anything material would be selfish of me.
That's not true because we don't make anyone feel better or heal them by mistreating or neglecting ourselves. This was clearly an implanted mind-control of guilt and sacrifice that most giving people are plagued with so we give away our energy and consent. All the dark need is a little allowing and consent here and there on our part to covertly steal our energy.

When we keep asking quality questions we get into the root of why we think the way we do and in time find that these spiritual diseases don't even come from us. When you find these weeds don't be ashamed or judge yourself, even if they came from you. This world is a consciousness battlefield, we do get wounds. Lower thought forms are like a spiritual virus.

Because of my lack of body awareness, nurturing and living most of my life in extreme trauma, I ended up addicted to cigarettes, I drunk alcohol for a few years and ate horribly without ever realizing what Animal trauma, DNA memory, low energies and lack of nutrition were doing to me. I only had access to very lower guides through that phase. They were all Earthbound Souls who I would grow out of quickly and always realize they were not my real family or that there was something wrong with them.

On planet Earth there are infinite Souls who would love to take over or at least have some control over us, saying they are our guides, masters, archangels and 'lords'. These descending entities are afraid of where they are going to and they want to take a ride with us. They cannot Ascend.
Some will say they need to hybridize with us to Ascend but that's not true.
Unfortunately, this is a very popular concept, it's been marketed as something cool and those spreading this future timeline are being well $upported for shepherding many into feeding this consciousness trap to make it real. If these entities regretted their ways and decided to do better and live according to the Law of Compassion they could be rehabilitated. Each Soul Ascends for themselves, to hop on someone else to get a body or timeline is a parasitic behavior.

If you feel you neglected the physical, emotional, the mental or the spiritual body then pick one and start to nurture it. That's the body that is the most vulnerable to dark attack and also the blind spot that is stopping you from ascending, expanding and your knowing from returning.

Knowing from what star system you originated from, what your past lives were, what your Soul and true name is are all natural if we remove the blocks. These things have been blocked here by their low frequencies and inorganic negative alien devices. By clearing everything we believe is normal behavior but it's against Universal Laws will have our Wisdom, Love and Energy flow freely as it should.

As you take care of yourself you will have spontaneous Soul and Energy Retrieval. Everything that you are naturally comes back to you when you love and nurture yourself without the need to pay thousands to a shaman. You can also call all your parts back to you because it's Your Right.

When we have self-compassion, are careful with what kind of energy we consume such as eating real foods: plants (sentient Beings are Souls like us and not made for eating), what we read like high vibrational stories or teachings, listening to real music, not their destructive popular music mantras, giving the time for the consciousness to give the body a break so it can self-heal in meditation every day, drinking good water and taking care of ourselves it is easy for the universe to meet us halfway.
We do our part and Source does the rest.
If we keep clean and calm then all we need can reach us. Prayer and visualization also help.
Living in integrity to our unique Truth and with high Spiritual Values guarantee we keep our energy and sanity.

When we hate, gossip, intent ill or harm others our energy leaves because we sent it away towards the target. People who don't occupy their hearts get more fearful, weaker, unbalanced, insane and cruel as the decades go by because they are 'less' than what they were. A Human is a Christ Being and as she or he acts in an anti-life way they become more confined, with less access to cause harm to others as this is against Universal Laws and unnatural. Compassionate living is life giving while the contrary is the most energy draining. In this lifetime or the next, it may lead to depression, feelings of emptiness, madness and soul fragmentation.
People complain that there is no justice and those who harmed others and didn't go to jail for it are thriving but that's not true. They compromised having a few years of pleasure or gain when the consequences of their acts could last centuries, life doesn't end in one incarnation.

Sometimes when you have a feeling you haven't felt since you were a child, a smell you missed comes back, when you are hit with nostalgia or a memory you totally forgot comes up a part of you might have just returned. 'Bad' things such as those that give us uncomfortable feelings are also parts of us who ran away because of past trauma are also Soul and Energy Retrieval so just know it's not always a 'walking in the clouds' experience. The painful memories returned because you matured and can deal with it.

Feeling your emotions and house cleaning

We talk to Source and our Higher Self through the heart.
Most things on Earth are designed to block this doorway to our answers. Some level of abuse or dysfunction is somehow normal in most if not all families. Schools are not truly meant to empower and prepare us but are designed in a way that shuts down creativity, self-confidence, self-reliance and questioning. Asking questions is the doorway to true intelligence. Being forced into accepting a paradigm as a child created an army of zombies on Earth who are controlled by their egos/fear.

True intelligence doesn't come from the brain, it comes from between the heart and gut area. It is a mix of intuition, imagination, feeling, 'thinking' for ourselves and much more. Everything Truthful in the physical is sourced from the heart. IQ can only score what type of computer someone was born with, True Intelligence can evolve and grow. We've seen very few people who broke their limits/through the matrix/collective consciousness even if they were physically challenged. We also have examples of people with high IQs and certificates spreading the most abominable spiritual lies.

By starting to feel your emotions and allowing it to flow you will remove the heart blocks.
doesn't come by one having the standard beauty, being good at something or having material wealth as it's advertised so we always buy the controllers' latest miracle products, methods, new clothes every season when those less fortunate don't even have water, all the insane consumerism, must haves and dos and unattainable standards because they know a person can only have a few priorities. By having so many demands the ego will NEVER be happy because we cannot achieve all that they say makes someone normal.

To be truly confident we need faith, the trust that all will be well, a good amount of gratitude, a strong, unshakable connection to Creator, silence and by knowing ourselves. When we love and accept ALL that we are no criticism, character assassination or accolades can shake us from our path.
What others think of us have nothing to do with us. People see others through the lens of what they are. The most jealous people are cheaters, the most suspicious are not trustworthy and those that criticize don't have the guts to make this world better.

There is nothing wrong with crying. It has the same value as laughing or being peaceful. It's just a state. Maybe it will take a while until we can share ourselves with others because of the many masks we built, but we need to at least be true to ourselves. Low energy gets stuck and in time it accumulates into blockages and even trauma.

When we pursue happiness and suppress the painful feelings we stop evolving spiritually and the energy from flowing. It will come out no matter what. It explodes out of control in a person who drinks and then becomes violent, cowards who return home and vent on their kids because they had no guts to speak up out there and some project their pain onto other people or online.

Even if you cannot talk to the person you are having a problem with, pretending a wall is a surrogate or speaking out loud to vent, expressing your emotions completely when you are alone and safe (then doing an energetic house cleaning), recording yourself in video and then watching it back in compassion like a best friend or a mother, so that pain is witnessed by 'someone else' (and then erasing it, not from a device with internet access of course), writing down everything and then shredding the paper - which physically and energetically opens up space within- or expressing emotions artistically are all beneficial. There are many healthy ways to express our day's turmoil without hurting anyone.

It was hard in the beginning for me but after years of this, nowadays, I mostly only have to deal with daily feelings.

What most unconscious people who lack self-awareness do is to push it down with dangerous substances and distractions. Dealing with each one of them is actually not that difficult because our subconscious and mind are wise and know at what time to unleash the flood.

When I learned this and let the pain come after years of repression I was alone on a Sunday. My body made strange jerks and sounds, I cried like a baby and it hurt a lot. I started to notice this pattern happening with pain coming up to the surface when I was alone and had time to process and after many years I can assure you that there is an intelligence to our physical and invisible bodies and minds that are watching out for us. We don't get more pain than we can handle if we periodically attend to the signs we need to purge, life shifts in mood or when we feel drained.

Most of us suppress our emotions by seeing everyone else doing it and lose balance in life. We are shamed when we express ourselves. Being cold and rational it's propagated as cool and normal, but an evolved and wise Human Being has the courage to be vulnerable and has a rich array of emotions.

It takes a long time for us to be comfortable with our feelings, as well as great courage to feel. It is easy to not look at difficult things, but if we don't recognize them and let them rot these etheric energies densify and it spreads to all life areas.

Cleanse your spiritual house, your temple and heart. Your confidence, faith, compassion and relationship with Source Who is also within every living Being and so Is in you is what will make you whole again.
When we want to 'get answers or information' we obviously want it to come as pure as possible, meaning, directly from the Source. No one needs a priest or a middleman.

It is time Spiritual People disconnect from the sexual and violent movies creating more destruction and creations of a lower nature through our subconscious projections, boycotting any cruel industries, not to participate in any of the dark insanity because our Consciousness has much more reach. We are like older sisters with a lot of influence on the whole family.

You might have noticed how much people watch you or felt too self-conscious at times, wishing you could be invisible, how you entered a toxic environment and it became more peaceful after a while, how people have been copying you throughout your life or how much jealousy, hatred and attacks you attracted (not because of the misinformation in the law of attraction but because of your Light. Enlightened people are not doing anything wrong).
There's no reason to be proud or feel superior for this, it means someone like that has more responsibility in how they live because they are Wayshowers and people are usually paying attention. Plus it's not fun or easy, at all.

These New Earth Pioneers are emBODYing a new way of living. It's not healthy to make a difference by preaching or trying to force anyone into better ways, it is better to inspire by example and speaking up but not at anyone in particular. Writing, blogging or making videos with our unique truths will be there for those who need and resonate with it. Everyone is at a different spiritual development level. Every Lightworker is helping a certain vibrational level and tribe and is just a few steps ahead of the others. And true Leaders serve, they are not supposed to control or have special treatments. Real Higher Beings incarnated here as Starseeds and Lightworkers will help you to become sovereign, you won't be dependent on that spiritual teacher.

For the intuitive, a teacher or preacher who doesn't walk their talk or serving the dark feels 'wrong' and empty. Their lessons have no depth, their truths are plagiarized and their students or followers will be only those who are wounded or fragmented, that's why in unbalanced support groups, on or offline, the emotionally healthy are attacked for speaking truths and usually banned. There are predators and energy vampires in spiritual communities and people trying to recover from narcissistic abuse because they know where empathic or energy generating people are.
We usually let our guards down in spiritual groups - at least in the beginning - thinking we found others 'like us'. After all types of experiences and meeting all sorts of people, I've discovered that our safe haven is within. We ourselves are our best friend, our own guardian, the mom and dad we never had and if the whole world turned their back at us we will still have ourselves.
First, our relationship with Source and secondly to ourselves are the most important ones. When we are so aligned that we are ONE with Source, nothing can take us down.

To Ascend is to be Divine Will on Earth, to Love as much as we can (without self-sacrificing) and then evolve even more. To take All Souls into consideration with anything that we intend, think, eat, do, buy, wish, imagine, visualize... To know that what affects every single Being on the planet and universe affects us in turn.

With patience, spiritual diligence and quiet time you will find synchronicities, proofs of your Starseed origins that are undeniable and worth the waiting. It won't matter how it will come to you: through dreams, second vision, telepathy, a strong knowing, visitation or contact and more, it will be enough and no one will convince you these experiences were not real. Or like how it happened to me, they literally came on top of my house and when I saw their drop Lightship leaving my knees almost buckled because my Human brain could barely grasp seeing a Ufo (rather identified object ^_^) up close. It was so worth the wait.

I am not saying Lightships or any physical proof is important, it probably was something I asked for before volunteering like them kicking me awake if I was too deep into the illusion. If all you have is just a feeling, seeing the same Star name over and over or whatever sign it's because your Guides and True Family knows it's the most beneficial to you.

We might be excited to see them but deep inside we would freak the hell out if a paper white, big-headed, almond-shaped eyed Being with three fingers walked into our room through a wall you know.
To have the pure experience without expectation or no one dictating how my reality should be like was better than any dream or movie I could have imagined. I also waited for my contact abstaining of any information because I honored and loved them even before I knew my Family.

I hope you make no comparison, as well as don't create any expectations. That's why I isolated myself even more during my Starseed Awakening and didn't read about Star People because I wanted my experience to be uniquely mine.

I had gone through another kundalini experience that year, evolved into Vegan four years before that and had purged a lot of trauma already. I was diligent with my meditation for at least 30 minutes a day for about 11 months when the contact happened.
If I wasn't that calm and accepting of anything I might not have seen a ship cause it would hinder instead of encouraging my spiritual path. Our real Guides and Guardians are only interested in our spiritual evolution, they don't intervene in our material dramas at all unless our life is threatened before our

time or something.
Remember how Alex Collier's Andromedans didn't warn him about future 3D problems and he got mad at them. Not only they trusted he would rise above it all, but he probably had lessons to learn on his own. I admire his guts to be vulnerable and having shared his Truth. He is an inspiration to all Starseeds.

I never had many real friends, support or someone to help so a year after contact and energy healing, they taught me (actually reminded me by walking me through a session*) on how to heal trauma. Four of them were around my bed, there was no abduction or anything disrespectful like that. They helped me lift 20 years of a burden I got so used to carrying I didn't know it was there. They only intervened because I was hopeless and was just calmly waiting for my departure (without rushing or doing anything suicidal as it lowers our vibration and we end up in lower realms as any kind of murder is against Universal Law). I didn't know I had a mission, I thought the people and animals I helped my whole life were my purpose when it was just a preparation.
As I had much positive karma/dharma and opened myself they finally could come in. I had many such interventions during near-death experiences as well.

There is nothing to fear. Raise your vibration by substituting all low frequency or less than loving practices, go within in silence and you'll find all the answers you need.
I hope this helps. I'd love to hear your stories. Send any questions if you'd like.

Much love to you,

*I am preparing this Trauma Healing method into book form.

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