Harvesting and conservation of the energy of courage

Courage is an energy as well as a state of being that needs to be practiced until we become it, like all High Spiritual Virtues.
It is the mother of confidence, resilience, resistance, endurance, persistence, authenticity and needs to be accompanied by love and compassion. 

Without love, courage has been mistaken for aggression, ruthlessness, pride, ego when one is not able to turn their back to an insult as it is common to call a person a coward when they don't descend into the aggressor's level, something that couldn't be further from the truth. It takes courage to do what we want and feel it's right. Cowardice is to be reactive or always act according to public opinion.
True courage is there when we need it. Courage never acts cowardly, it doesn't show off and it doesn't impose on others.
The truly courageous is kind, can endure a lot if they have to, are fair, are vulnerable, have an open heart, and don't feel the need to prove anything to others as an aggressive or egocentric person might.
The most courageous act one can achieve in life is to live with an open heart and mind. That's why most of us close ourselves off in hopes that no pain can enter.
Being courageous is so difficult that this is a rare Spiritual Virtue on Earth. It has been distorted into many lower forms.
It cannot be housed in a body and Spirit that lives from the ego. True courage is born in the heart, our compass, meaning it can't possibly be created from fear but love.

Harvesting courage

We can gather energy physically by the way we think and act in the world. High spiritual values can only be achieved if we are self-aware.
Before we act courageously we need to think and feel like it. The famous fake it until you make it quote is misleading and backward.
When we fake it we are losing energy by putting on a mask and it only serves to fool others for a while, while giving our own selves some amount of anxiety as it always happens when we house lies within our hearts, no matter how small they are. Since we should build our lives in truth in transparency, the last thing we want is to put up an image of what we are not.
We build the foundation of self-esteem upon slowly working to accept and then love All that we are. We cannot become something else or improve to love ourselves and build self-esteem, we begin from where we are in the Now moment with all of our shadows and flaws. When we only focus on our qualities we build a shaky 'self-love' and confidence that will crumble as soon as someone finds out who we really are, when we are criticized, don't receive outside validation or when we find proof that we are not what we thought we were.
Most will build self-esteem upon the ego, caring about how they look, about their bodies, careers, how others see them, constantly maintaining infinite demands to keep an acceptable image - which we know it changes like fashion throughout time.
The ego personality is very insecure, shaky and will fight and fear throughout its short life because any change in paradigm or life crisis can break it. A person possessed by their ego will fight other people who threaten their paradigm in any way they can, descending into character assassination, personal attacks or triangulation if they have to. That's why we have breakdowns when we divorce or lose a job. If we have personalities invested and built upon external things or falsities, they will crumble in time and the releasing can be a devastating experience. It feels like parts of us is dying. Everything built upon the ego is a lie as it is a false identity we need to overcome.
When we put up an image or try to pretend we are something that we are not, we are constantly telling our subconscious that what others think is more important than Our Truth, because the hidden mind gives more value to underlying meaning rather than affirmations, it prefers the language of feelings, emotions, subtlety and images, that's why our memory deceives us sometimes. The subconscious mind is like an innocent little girl that take things quite literally.
If we obey the system, losing who we truly are, little seeds of insecurity will grow, taking over the subconscious mind and multiplying into lower forms to create a disempowered paradigm, we become unsure, weak and hopeless. Those are open doors for us to become followers, addicted and consumers instead of creators of our own life.
Buying lots of things and especially what we don't need, scatter our energy and occupies unnecessary space in our lives, draining us.
When we incarnate in physical bodies we are responsible for everything we create, intend, do and have.
Having possessions that came from Chinese labor or products created by inhuman treatment or unhappy workers is to be part of that whole system, being karmically responsible for that misery. We need to be aware of where we are giving our consent and $upport to more than ever in this End Times of Ascension.
Having lots of material stuff doesn't make us happy, it has the opposite effect over time but most don't notice that because they live unconsciously, doing what everyone else is. They live from the ego which is built from fears.
To be conscious is to feel everything, to live and occupy our hearts completely or lower forces take over our lives.
Everything starts small and we have to be aware of that when progressing with a spiritual value or a quality we want to have.
The most important thing to master in this world is to know ourselves, and that should be taught in schools. When we know ourselves, what others think or whatever latest fear is being spread out there has no true grip on us.
When we know ourselves we have a strong core and foundation.
People can criticize, gossip, attack and even succeed in destroying our reputation but we would still remain whole. While the storms in life pass we won't abandon ourselves in the process, joining our enemies. It will only feel it was yet another attack and the natural order will restore our lives and everything that is true back in place. If we consciously or subconsciously agree or mistreat ourselves like our critics or abusers did, they won.
There are going to be many phases in life where we need to go through dark tunnels alone, especially for the spiritual and highly evolved person. If we don't prepare for those Dark Night of the Soul or crisis in life, these lonely, excruciating and cleansing faces can be devastating.
A Spiritual Awakening doesn't have to be difficult, it only is when we get attached, addicted and deceived by the many illusions and traps in this world.
The second most important thing that should be taught to every child in the world is self-love. It doesn't matter what's trending, what billions of zombies are doing or even what our ancestors took up as tradition. We are supposed to be ourselves and evolve at every generation. Every person is completely unique. We can pick up inspiring and wise examples of how certain things were done, but there are infinite ways of how something can be accomplished. We need to be open to the new. There are no map or set of instructions for anyone. We were supposed to come in here and carve our path. What we have instead are people and the system attacking those who have the guts to be themselves.
When we love ourselves we have the patience necessary to grow, and if the whole world disagreed with us we could still fight for what we came here to do because we know in our heart what is right. We need to be ourselves, we cannot continue to be brainwashed into acting like each other.
It takes great courage for one to become what they came here to be.
It's not easy but if we don't put authenticity as a priority and be aware of courage throughout our lives, we might compromise or lose it.
Spiritual Morals and Qualities are seeds we need to take care of for it to grow. Flaws can fester easily, on the other hand, without any participation on our part.
When we decide to follow everyone else there might be a relief for a while. Soon, we will feel we compromised ourselves and there is no honor in that. The first thing to be destroyed when we compromise our spirit and path is the self-esteem. Confidence comes right after and in time we are depressed because our Soul is no longer expressing what she came here to do. When we don't have integrity, we can't build self-esteem.
Our level of happiness can be measured by how much we are true to ourselves. Not by venting or saying the first thing that comes to our heads, but by bringing beautiful things that no one else in the planet can be and do, making this world more harmonious and loving... Making a difference.
There are no saviors coming, this is a religious cult misconception so we sit and wait, carrying trauma to other generations without taking responsibility or clearing the blocks, multiplying them for the future children to deal with them. Each one of us needs to be sovereign, empathic and fair no matter if the person beside us is not doing their part. In time their lives will be blocked because a Being that is not planting seeds will soon have nothing of their own, their energy will shrivel. Every person who does not bring good into the world regrets it bitterly.
Confronting our inner fears is important to become a courageous person. The most important fears are internal, not fears like jumping off an airplane and things like that. Challenges that we overcome for others to see or are externalized are just masking the true root causes within. Witnessing and looking into our pain, for example, is one of the greatest fear most have, it certainly was my major life block.
When we carry a subconscious fear we keep blaming people, seeing it another's and our perception is distorted by it. Feeling fear doesn't mean one is not courageous. Cowardice is to deny, run from our truths indefinitely or project it onto others. We need
to look into ourselves, not to judge people out there. They are probably trying the best they can.
When we don't look at our wounds and subconscious mind we let a lot of stagnant energy to rotten. They then take hold and manifest in the physical as fears, phobias, depression, diseases and then spread even further, taking over areas in our life.
When we are frustrated, we cannot vent on others. If we choose to gossip, attack, talk about others cowardly behind their back or mistreat someone even if we don't know them, we lose courage.
We need to plant and make the seed of courage grow through enlightened deeds. Using this energy to defend those who cannot help themselves, bringing relief to those who suffer, volunteering for the less fortunate (there is always something we can do) or any peaceful activism are some examples of what feeds courage. Do not use aggression with courage as it will drain and distort it into darkness.
If we are frustrated with our boss, for example, we can hold that in and process it in a healthy way such as journaling, sharing solutions to help others, exercising, taking a break, to leave the environment, to quit the job or talk to someone who is empathic, but we cannot go to a child, an animal or someone who we perceive as weaker and vent that anger on them. When we do that we can lose years and years of harvested courage energy and create voids inside of us that open us up to control and possession.
Many people have one impeccable image out there, with their clients, friends and those who 'matter' for their egos but are tyrants and cowards inside their houses. That type of behavior creates a black void inside of them that can be overtaken by interdimensional and demonic entities and their soul is split because they are being two people at once.
I practiced authenticity and courage thanks to some in my family and relatives who would switch to entire different personalities according to who was around. Inside their house, they were the most abusive and hateful people while they were cowards in the world out there. It took me decades to heal from the trauma. I loved them but had to cut them out for my own survival.
Our Spirit will always choose truth and authenticity. No matter how unsatisfied we are with ourselves at any given moment, we better not force or pretend to be something else. Instead, we can use what little energy we might have and put into acting in as much high spiritual values as we can. We don't need to be perfect but pick the most necessary Christ Consciousness attribute. If we follow compassion, integrity and high morals, we build energy while any lower deeds and emotions do the opposite.
When we don't have the courage to do or say what we have to, we can wait without beating ourselves down for it. We can have self-compassion and gather the courage until we can confront what we have to. And whatever negative emotion we have can be alchemized into higher energy by harvesting it and transforming it into what we want. As long as we don't act on lower feelings in a destructive, violent or coward way, that energy hasn't done or created anything yet. It's not evil to feel 'bad' things, they're even crossing the air as we speak, it could have come from someone else or the collective unconscious. We cannot act upon them or house them in our Soul though.
Frustration, fear, and dissatisfaction can all be transformed into the courage we can one day use towards the real root of the problem.
Wait for divine timing and trust in the rhythm of nature, acting and waiting according to what the intuition is saying. Soon you will have courage enough to face your boss or whoever in a good way. If you need to talk to them you will be calm, if you lacked on the courage to say whatever you needed, it will be there for you because you didn't misuse the energy given to you by the Universe. Source and our Guides do not give us money, security or shelter, instead, we receive the courage, the intuition, the energy and attributes, meet the right people or are there at the right time. They are backing us up but we go through the experience and are the ones who take action. We get out of alignment when we rush, act in fear or live in low vibration and feelings.
We are usually not as protective of our energy as we are with our material stuff and relationships. In truth, the only thing that really belongs to us is our consciousness. There's nothing else that we take with us to the grave.
Try to take inventory periodically of what is really important to you. If you dig deeper, you will notice your treasures are invisible such as self-love, peace, happiness and so on. What really matters to you is what is part of your Soul and you can carry with you forever.
We should be mindful to only care about our own evolution, our heart and soul. Everything out there is out of our control.
There is a lot of misconception in the new age law of attraction trap which says we have complete control and we are responsible for everything in our lives.
There are more than 7 billion people here with different frequencies all getting into each other spaces and many interfere with other's free will. We are all influencing each other and are not as free to completely create our reality as we wish on this planet.
I've been attacked by strangers for no reason at all, I had family and relatives that hated me only because I defended myself and didn't accept their exploitation and abuse anymore. Parasites, narcissists, bullies and abusive people/entities seem to think Empaths are a punching bag and if we rise to defend ourselves, we then become the bad guy. Even their horrified reaction that we have the guts to stand up and will no longer tolerate their abuse it's their last resort to control us. It's the last attempt for us to feel sorry for them and let them cross the line again. I've done this dance back and forth with my family, relatives, some 'best-friends' and co-workers for a few decades and now feel no pity at all since I learned to 'smell' drama and manipulation from afar.
People of the Light recognize sooner or later how we are a threat to this system and people get triggered around us. Unaware or dark people and entities want this parasitism to continue.
All I had in my heart was Love for All Life and a wish for World Peace since I was born but instead, I received harassment, beatings, bullying, violence, entity attacks, I've been used, robbed, taken advantage of and more since I was very little. I didn't attract or vibrated on that level.
This is a free will planet, all the forces are allowed to do whatever they want to us as long as we don't declare Sacred Space or let them in into our energy field. If we don't cut the rude, critical and judgemental friend that is putting us down out of our lives they'll obviously continue to occupy space, dragging us down, always hurting our feelings and testing our patience. That's an interference.
A lot of the pseudo new age false teachings are meant to turn humans against each other. I've seen the most dissociated, unkind and arrogant people amongst the 'spiritual'. Like talking heads, they continuously repeat the same words what their favorite guru said, with no empathy for their fellow suffering human being. They come in and lecture the wounded when all they needed is some compassion and a listening ear. They spew their pseudo-false-teaching and leave.
If a child suffers pedophilia then it's their karma, they say, that they were abusers in another life or if a mother becomes single and has 3 children to feed by herself she attracted it through her poverty consciousness.
That's really a load of crap and the teaching that has no love and compassion behind it is ALWAYS from the controllers, the dark, the parasites of this world, it doesn't come from the real Source, no matter how enlightened the guru spewing these hurtful things pretends to be. These falsehoods kick those who are already down. This Universe is truly loving, don't be deceived.
As we heal our hearts to feel everything we also open up to read lies like it was written right in front of us. Just read what these people are writing, look into their eyes, hear their voices and their vibration will tell you everything you need to know about them. These gurus are wealthy and well sustained by the parasitic pyramid system because this is becoming the new religion. It's the new consciousness trap. The old shaming, judging and preaching of old religions are no longer working. The burning healers at the stake before that ceased to work at one point as well.
Blame your fellow human being and don't help them, that's the bottom line of what many in the law of attraction/washing their hands of compassion people are really saying, and like everything in this planet, there is a true Law of Attraction and Universal Laws that are nothing but loving. The parasites can't create anything so they take real truths and manipulate a part of it to lure and then trap Souls in it.
Don't mind the teaching, the image the guru is projecting out there or the system but see the end result, check what they are really saying, how they act and if you find a void, a black hole or lack of compassion and love, then know that they have been compromised. They sold out.
Many spiritual truths and teachers are not supported by this parasitic matrix. Quite on the contrary, they are attacked. Truths are not popular or easily accessible. There are true Lightworkers who are in poverty, traumatized or suicidal. True Light Bearers are not interested in anything the ego wants, they want to help and would think twice before spreading such cruel things to those who are already suffering so much.
New Earth Pioneers are going for open source while the greedy prefers to put trademarks to block access to truths and healing information and their prices are high.
Our world needs healing more than ever, not more ego, individualism or rich people.
Be careful with any saying that makes you feel ashamed or blame yourself. Anything that zaps you of energy and hope had this intention behind the beautiful words. It was the vibration behind the phrase, the guru, the spiritual website, book, course, method, talk or group. Be mindful of anyone who also leaves you fearful after you check what they were doing as they are projecting this. There is a trick going on of gurus making people scared so they take financial advantage of them, sometimes they want fame or to control others. Some people who have been used, abused and haven't healed from it sometimes grow up wishing to control others. Anyone masquerading as spiritual but acts from the ego and not their hearts are not ready to help or guide others. They are afraid to look within and don't do the necessary and painful alchemical work.
Behind the veil, there are also parasitic entities hungry for energy and it comes from people's consciousness. That's why we cannot give it away and we need to focus more on our inner world.
By protecting and respecting ourselves from a lot of baits being thrown right now with so much drama, arguments and ego clashes we can conserve the energy of courage and many other high attributes of an evolved spirit.
We Empaths have been enablers, wanting to help everyone we know to Ascend and evolve but since 2016 I've been feeling strongly that it's time for us to let these people go. That's when I finally cut my narcissistic mom out of my life, my greatest 'enemy'. People can be rude, unsupportive, mocking, disrespectful, do not value us or be downright abusive but they need to recognize it themselves and want to change, we cannot truly help people like that. Forgiving these behaviors indefinitely is like spoiling a child thinking that is love. No one wins and it's actually harmful to the unaware to be enabling such behaviors. It tells these type of people that they can continue to mistreat others indefinitely. We cannot come in and stop others from being what they are when they are not hurting people or animals, but we shouldn't reward bad behaviors either. Many don't have the courage to stand up for what is right so evil has been rampant on Earth.
The world is splitting. It has nothing to do with punishment but we are descending and ascending to the worlds we truly belong to and obviously, some have lived from the heart while others were completely overtaken by their ego, so, we are all harvesting what we planted.
By nurturing courage and conserving what we have we can navigate these End Times as brave and honorable as possible, trusting that our intuition will be as accurate as long as our hearts, minds and bodies are clean in compassionate, ethical and discerning ways of living. When we live respectful of all life, we truly receive spiritual help, raise our vibration and raise to higher dimensions.
Only a compassionate heart is open to the heavens.

Regressing our DNA by consuming death

Sentient beings were never meant to feed upon other equally emotional and intelligent beings. We would never eat Souls that are more advanced than us such as Angels or Beings from a more evolved world, but to feed upon those Souls who are less evolved/younger is spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically dangerous.
That's one of the reasons why Humanity has been digressing, becoming more animalistic, fearful, irrational and aggressive as the eras go by. Plants, living foods that feed off of Light and Water without a nervous system or the ability to suffer are what we were truly meant to consume. The terrible act of consuming parts, blood or fluids from Living Beings is not a Human behavior, it is reptilian. It has been indoctrinated and forced upon us.
When a very intuitive, awakened and good person moves into a plant-based diet they can see themselves changing for the better.
Our Higher Selves cannot be housed in bodies filled with pain, trauma and fear.
Animals go through terrible suffering and angst that it's not released from the body at the time of their murder.
Organic or 'free-range' doesn't take the fact that there is a parasitic behavior (satanic or demonic black magic) behind the harvesting of their pus 'dairy' or fetus 'eggs', neither it eliminates the slaughtering of a Cow or how else do 'compassionate slaughter' transform a precious Life Form into pieces of carcass 'meat'?
Animals are intuitive and they know what's coming for them, to consume any parts or fluids from their bodies means to have all that built up energy into our Soul, bodies, DNA, energy and mind.
As we passed this energy, blockages, fear and trauma onto our descendants Humanity became what it is now.
If we needed nutrients from Sentient Beings plants wouldn't contain all that we need for our nourishing. This practice doesn't come from the true Loving Source which would never create Living Creatures to be condemned to pain. Killing Animals is something from lower and barbaric creators.
The fear, the suffering and sometimes anger the Animals went through doesn't go away with any ritual, blessings or excuses as it's being spread by new age gurus that have no compassion or respect for life.
That's why genuine advanced Starseeds Souls are here, they lived a peaceful life where they came from and are here as the living embodiment that it can be done.
World peace is not possible while we still have any violent or coward behavior left in our everyday lives, be them in the way we eat, create our products, think, intend, dream, allow it to happen, teach innocent children to do it and more.
Spiritual gurus who excuse murder and enslavement haven't done their inner work yet, their lips preach Love and Light while their deeds and excuses show who they really are. We are not what we say we are but how we act towards the weaker, innocent and defenseless.
The animals lower emotions and energies harm our courage which could have sprung into confidence, strength, self-love and energy.
If you pay close attention, Vegans are usually fearless and confident even though they are a minority, attacked and different. Obviously, there are wounded or traumatized Vegan people like everyone else, but it's a matter of time until they cleanse and naturally heal this source of fear and trauma. I purge deeper layers of emotional pain but they come from life experiences, it's been years since I dealt with outside origins such as by eating Animals, consuming mainstream media, reading their false news, accepting any outside harmful belief and system at face value or 'expert' opinions and etc.
I've met some special New Ray of Souls that are coming to this planet to undo the harm we've done, they are called Indigo and Crystal, or New Children.
A nine-year-old decided to cook by themselves because their families refused to make one simple cruelty-free dish for them. Another 14 years-old speaks up on behalf of animals instead of trying to be cool and popular with her peers. Soon, only vegan Souls will incarnate here because the environment can't wait anymore.
Factory farming is polluting the waters, the air, planetary consciousness, the billions of screaming Soul's energies cannot be transmuted as fast and our bodies also pay for it.
I evolved to Vegan as soon as I learned about the horrors but I did it for them because I love Animals but I didn't know about Veganism. I never expected the long-term benefits, I thought it was only about the Animals. I even believed in the mass disinformation campaign that says we lack on nutrients on a Vegan diet, which is not true. Nutrient deficiency is happening to everyone who doesn't do their research and there are compassionate alternatives for all of them.
Vegetarians claim they are cruelty-free and I believed them and that's how I was one for a while but found it's far from a compassionate way of living.
Nothing could cure my anger, which was my biggest flaw, my black hole, no matter how many things I tried. I noticed in 2 months how calmer I was. I waited and waited, thinking I might have misunderstood but after 6 months I was sure I was becoming more peaceful, less aggressive, resentful, had less terrorizing nightmares, entity and psychic attacks and more. In two years, my self-love and courage reached levels I never could before. My consciousness expanded more than years of meditation did, my vibration rose high and in almost 10 years of Veganism, I can promise you it is the game changer for Ascension and Healing.
My Star Family told me Veganism was responsible for me to be able to release trauma and raise my energy up so they could come down half-way. I personally know of other Arcturian Starseeds whose Guides suggested Veganism by name.
Everything about Ascension is a do-it-yourself type of practice. Basically, we need to be good/compassionate. To observe how we act, think or heal our wounds and better ourselves, removing any cruel or parasitic behavior out of our lives.
Every balanced planet has a certain number of each species. When it is overpopulated such as by how Cows and Pigs are being bred here, using lands that were meant for forests, a great energetic unbalance occurs and we all feel it deeply, even if most cannot understand where the source of grief and despair is coming from. We are extremely connected to All Life.
One of the ways to dismantle the system right now is to boycott everything that you consider unfair. To act like a brave person would, instead of a coward, selfish, parasitic or descending Soul.
It doesn't matter that most people are not doing it. One by one there'll be no one participating in Human atrocities, Animal murder or Environment destruction to power these systems. If each one of us demands a new way of being it will be created out of thin air.
Everything that exists in the Universe came after it was wished. 
Change starts with one person who has the guts to be different. As you embody Unity and act courageously by not harming those who cannot defend themselves you open a vortex for this to manifest on Earth. That's why it looked like spiritual people were all alone with very little support throughout history. They were courageous and evolved Light Beings with high spiritual morals and were here opening portals, holding energetic space or planting the seeds for change to come.
It doesn't matter if it takes fifty years or a thousand, it will take as long as it takes because behind the scenes the lower energies are being transmuted, higher energies are coming in and then there is our collective unconscious who still believes therefore unconsciously creates and power barbaric systems and for that to change it will take time as they are free to be as they are.
That is the reason why so many Lightworkers are teachers. Change comes when the Elder shows new ways, not from fighting or trying to fix the dark or corrupted system.
It's a waste of time to look for inspiration or proofs of what's happening in the physical world. What is going on out there is just a result.
The earthquakes, the wind storms, the volcano eruptions, tsunamis and fires are all about how we've been treating Earth. She's ascending too and is shaking off things that no longer serve her just like we do with our wounds, trauma and pain. There are many reasons for planetary change but another one would be that certain people who are affected sometimes come out of such disasters with an open heart and have a more spiritual perspective on things.
Our Higher Selves sometimes bring us crisis to wake us up. I had many near-death experiences, excruciating losses and life crisis that slammed me into a higher path until I didn't need waking up and being pushed anymore.
My problem was to try to carry others with me, enduring a lot of abuse and bad behavior. Other people would have an array of other weaknesses, we are all different. As I cut them out of my life I feel incredibly lighter and more of myself. I was powering a lot of parasites who are starving for Energy, Light and Love for most of my life. I was under mind-control and loved All Life but not myself.
When we know ourselves we can understand life challenges and crisis better. They are never punishments but we have consequences to all of our deeds.


Sexual Energy is creative. The misuse and constant draining of the power behind creation is making Humanity depressed, tired, irritable, easily controllable, passive, close hearted and minded; lacking on, criticizing and despising creativity.
Society has been brainwashed into acting sexually in everything they do. We have been robbed and ignorant of our own power which is done on purpose by the controller parasites.
A period of celibacy is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves. It cleanses us, fill us with energy, it empowers and helps us have a clearer perspective.
When you're about to confront fears or have an event you are insecure about, plan it beforehand and enter into a period of celibacy for a few months or weeks before the date.
If there is the feeling of arousal than start an upward massage from your root chakra through your central vertical column bringing that energy up to your crown chakra and then massage that point again - the top of your head (and don't let anyone you don't trust touch your chakras).
Reclaim all of your energy that has been released through sexual acts back to you and consecrate it to yourself and Soul so that any future releases are yours and no one else or thing can misuse it.
Aside from celibacy, we can also be more mindful of who we have intercourse with. It has nothing to do with being a prude or religious, we need to be extremely careful with who we share our bodies with because we end up linked to them. Both people need to have the same intention, they need to love each other in friendship as love has been distorted on this planet, it has nothing to do with the lower energy of lust. When we love then we will have the feelings of friendship, sisterhood and all of those attributes and the type of feelings that makes it last this lifetime or eternally. We also need to trust our partner completely, so it would be better if the final joining of bodies came after we've been their friends or have been in the relationship for a long time, know and trust them completely or basically, that we take our time. The partners also have to be on the same spiritual level or one of them gets drained and an unfair energy exchange occurs.
It's also important to not overdo ourselves, having a long time between intercourses or releases and they need to be treated as a sacred ritual. Having constant orgasms can drain all of our bodies. Energy conservation is important in absolutely all areas of our lives and activities.
I would advise that young girls take a long time before they become active, that they work their self-worth, self-love and confidence first as there is a parasitic and predatory brainwash boys are attacked with and when we make them wait we are surer of how they feel about us. Being insecure and naive are very dangerous things that most of us females go through when we are teenagers and that attract predators more often because of how the world is.
I've witnessed uncountable females damaged by their first boyfriends and experiences for the rest of their lives and not even recognizing it as traumas. Women don't receive much sympathy or support for anything we go through so we need to really guard and protect ourselves and each other in all ways. I don't agree with feminism, neither I think we are any better than men, but I know how the world works and I would never share what didn't work for me.
Casual sex scatters the energy and is responsible for energetic cords, energy siphoning, entity attachments because the act in itself is to enter someone else's body. If one of the partners have entity attachments and possessions the parasites are entering too. Many relationships are traps for the spiritual empaths and meant to unite two very different people to stop the evolved one from achieving balance and healing.
Making love is sacred and the consequences of carelessness in this area are easy to see. We all might have witnessed people who got addicted to it and how they are weakened, insecure, angry or changes for the worst that they had over time. In a sense, they have been breached and compromised. Drug and alcohol addiction are talked about a lot in this world but the addictions of the flesh of any kind are equally if not more harmful.

Wishing you courage, love and peace.


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