Spiritual and Energetic Root Causes of Depression Part 1

I am thankful for the spiritual support I always had throughout my life. When I was too unconscious and my soul in danger my Higher Self would scream at me and I never been dissociated enough to not listen.

I was gifted with a medical insurance many years ago when I still believed in the patriarchal system. There were no professionals I was interested in consulting even then but felt it would be ungrateful of me to let the gift go to waste.
I decided to go to another psychologist as the first one was awful. I don't like to walk away with a bad experience. I always want to try again so I don't walk away traumatized. When I almost drowned I spent a few years afraid even by the sound of beach waves and as soon as I found the sea again, I walked its shores to confront my fears. As I let my last experience with the psychologist or the beach rotten inside of me, they kept growing out of proportion. When I confronted them I found they were illusions.
There were no psychologists so I was left with going to the psychiatrist. I also tried a program to stop smoking they were giving but it wasn't very helpful.
In terms of human compassion, the psychiatrist was really good and she helped me because she empathized with the problem I had with my ex-mother. She validated my mother didn't treat me right and advised I should stay away from her as much as possible. There would be years of abuse, gaslighting and attacks after that but I think she was the first to give me the unthinkable idea of eventually cutting my mom out of my life.
As a mainstream professional she was indoctrinated into prescribing drugs though, but I'm sure she thought it was good for her patients. I went home with one sleeping medication and another for depression. When I was about to take them, my heart started pumping. I always pay attention to these reactions as our body talks to us. My inner whisper told me that I should just take the one for depression to understand what these drugs were about but never to try them again.
It put me to sleep for about 25 hours. I woke up groggy, out-of-body, completely lost, numb, I didn't dream or had anything that remotely felt natural, and then I was pissed. That didn't help me at all. I didn't feel even a little bit better. My brain was slow, my body weakened and my emotions were just stunned and frozen. They weren't healed but anesthetized.
I knew then that drugs were not the answer. That was the first and last time I took a strong medication. Years later I witnessed people who were taking anti-depressants for more than a decade being addicted to it. They were anxious, one of them had their limbs shaking almost all the time and other awful results - especially spiritually. And they continually sought for the answers outside of themselves as most of us think that the system is here for our benefit, not the parasites controlling it behind the scenes.
As it happened to many painful and heart-breaking experiences, I was there to witness it and understand.
Years later, I experienced a dismissive veterinarian after I rescued a pigeon who couldn't care less about Animals, even the one contorting in extreme agony right in front of her. It turned out she wasn't a 'bird vet' and the simple task of calling for the one who specialized in it was a lot of trouble to her.
I've been shamed and judged by a psychologist who told me I had no problem at all and should get my S together, never recognizing I had trauma and then this.
Source always showed me what's happening on this planet. It's like living in a twilight zone while no one around you can see these things. I can feel and 'see' the dark and low vibrational energies, entities, teachings, people, religious cults and systems because I battled them since I was little and got very depressed and angry until I understood it. These three experiences really opened my eyes to the human and animal 'care' system. It is anti-life and it goes against spirituality.
They have very expensive certifications but they don't teach what really matters - they are not holistic. They don't even test what it's really important which is empathy. An inhumane person should never become a healer. Veterinarians, psychologists and any doctors with no compassion shouldn't be near Souls who are suffering.
If you're looking for help and you found judgment, lack of understanding or criticism, leave or continue looking for a professional who has their hearts in what they are doing.
Choose yourself and your sanity.
Never believe in someone because of what they say they are but because they are BEing it. Make sure you don't feel like you are just a number and they are only in for the money. But don't put your power and hopes on another person/system completely either, always go back to center and other forces won't steer your ship. Others can support or guide you when you are unsure, but the goal is to become empowered from within.
We can heal ourselves. We were taught to be dependent and weak but by aligning ourselves with Source the energy flows and blocks disappear.
If we don't feel well or perceive a problem it is because an energy blockage materialized. As most of us live unconsciously most of our lives we let lower energies in our heart, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies take hold of us. That's why we are constantly triggered to pay attention out there.
Humanity has been indoctrinated by the anti-Christ behavior of caring about wealth and materialism above eternal riches.
Natives everywhere were slaughtered because they knew how to live closer to Nature, to live more in harmony with each other instead of valuing material and temporary possessions.
It takes a very strong spirit to come out of this life with compassion and integrity still intact in the end with a system like this. But they do exist and they are out there, they are just the minority. If you need them, pray, align yourself to their vibration by being Love yourself and you will find their help.
For those who benefit in believing that they have a disease such as depression and that they are doomed for the rest of their lives then we are all free to do what we think is best.
This thought form brought me comfort for maybe 2 years and then I rebelled. I used to get caught up in mind control, the collective unconscious and spiritual diseases like everyone else because I didn't know better but in the end, I always refused to let others dictate my reality. I don't care if they are professionals, have certifications or if every single person in this world said what I had was depression.
No one knows what is best for me but me. If I had the disease (not at ease) I couldn't possibly be healed today as I surely am. I didn't take their drugs, didn't go to therapy but chose a holistic self-treatment that changes as my intuition suggests. It evolved over the years as we do. Intuition is the language Source uses to talk to us, there is no one else I should listen to really.
Deep inside I always knew the truth because my Soul comes from a world where leaders served others, we were intuitive, telepathic and loving All the Living was the norm. No one could lie to another.
It is so difficult to cut society out of our energy field and mind to find out who we are. We need to know ourselves so we can read anyone or any system out there. Intuition is a gift we are born with but schools, drugs, social engineering and the system tries to destroy that.
For those who went through the system and came out disappointed I would like to shorten your path and share some of the root causes of depression I've found.
Maybe there are more but these are things I experienced myself. By digging deeply, knowing and then accepting myself I found the origins of these blockages one by one.

Not listening to the heart

The soul wants to express and manifest what it came here to do. Spirit is always talking to us but our Higher Voice is soothing and quiet, we need to really listen.
She knows we shouldn't turn that street because there is a thief waiting for us there. She knows when a relationship is a dark trap but sometimes we fall for it for being lonely. Our Soul knows when a friend is betraying us, and show us by that bad gut feeling we have when we are in their presence.
When we don't listen to our oracle - our core - the soul becomes sad. It knows we've been deceived and are distracted with something else. As the soul tries to get our attention or get back on track we feel hurt or unsatisfied. Every time we shut down the heart there is a new spiritual stab. When we ignore our compass we take one step away from home. In a few years, it will grow into emotional pain, grief and despair.
The solution is to go back in time, to know ourselves and ask quality questions. Source and our spiritual support are always ready to help us when we decide to walk the ethical and loving path.
Follow compassion and high spiritual values to find your true north again. It means to generally go against what billions of zombies are doing. It means to make choices that don't bring instant gratification and to become Divine Will incarnate.
Your path, likes, dislikes and ways are different from other women or people your age. We shouldn't be like others because of any superficial resemblance such as age, sex, race or cult. Instead of asking for advice or floating like a leaf with the wind and no direction, we can instead meditate more (with the 12D Shield) and write a few things in the morning (as we are relaxed and open) about what do we really want. The whole answer might take months to be seen crystal clear because you are digging it up. It all depends on how long you neglected your heart.
The point is to always pay attention to our inner world and keep asking questions so we can have a very good idea about our path or when to move out of it.
Most people have a blurred image of the
person they were meant to become, the road they were supposed to take or let others dictate their direction. I've done all that and that's how I learned the hard way to be focused on my true path nowadays, and deaf to everyone else.
I've listened to many I loved and thought had my best interest at heart, trying to make them happy but never achieving it.
We shouldn't obsess over goals but we need to have our priorities straight. Everything we think, intend, move into or act upon need to be aligned with what we think it's right.

Feel to Heal

At one point in life, we began to run away from our heart because of pain. It might have started in childhood or in another life. Don't dissociate with food, drugs such as marijuana or any substances, television, being busy or reading but try to stay with the painful feelings at least for a while. You don't need to change overnight, just try for 2 minutes. In time you can witness and stay with your emotions for longer.
Children heal emotionally because they feel everything. To be vulnerable is to be strong and have energy flowing. Only the weak are cold and arrogant. Arrogance is born from a coward who decided to shut their hearts to run from pain. This coldness will eventually take over their lives completely.
It takes incredible courage to feel. Do not be deceived by what's considered cool, normal or what they show in movies or the mainstream.
Reflect if there are lower feelings that are being triggered in the heart and do a house cleaning. If we are housing jealousy we need to be mindful of it and strive to have a more benevolent and higher feeling while forgiving ourselves. Jealousy can be cured by nurturing feeling happy for others and volunteer work, where we can feel grateful and recognize how much we are and have while helping the less fortunate.
We also need to understand what is bothering us in that person. Usually, we want to be more like them or they are showing what is within us that we don't want to see in our selves so we judge, dislike or imagine it to be in others.
Remember that change happens slowly and we will only go far if we have self-love and compassion.

Living someone else's life

It doesn't matter what you've been told. That you are too slow, not ambitious, smart or whatever people liked to 'pick' on you for. Don't let your abusers dictate who you are. It doesn't matter what the mainstream accepts: unrequired criticism is a lower level of abuse.
My pace is as slow as a turtle, I was born this way and as an empath, highly sensitive and intuitive person I perceive things from so many levels at the same time that I didn't come across as very sharp.
My ex-mom always called me retarded because she thought I was slow. I have a cousin with down syndrome and she used to say I was worse than her. My aunts used to laugh at me too. I was the doormat, laughing stock and in my family, you are considered stupid if you don't know how to take advantage of others and always reach 1st place in life. As I always refused to compete they thought there was something wrong with me. Most of them live in a fearful frequency of competition, jealousy and hatred.
My psychopathic ex-brother is very good with the 3D world, he has no feelings while I am emotional and all things that irritate low vibrational people like them, so my mom and brother used to torture me and make my childhood hell.
I've seen many people laugh, judge or abuse others to escape the void they feel inside.
I subconsciously slowly developed a strong toxic shame for a lot of things that I am.
In my teens, I tried to be sharper and shut down my emotions a little bit. I never stunned empathy because I've somehow always known about Ascension. I didn't know the word exactly or what it was about, I just knew to never compromise the goodness in my heart and to never slack on my morals.
Find your rhythm, who you really are, surrender and love yourself. If people are being rude, do not value, judge or try to change you, they have to go.
I tried many times but people who don't love themselves can't possibly accept others. No matter what their ego try to show as their image, in the intimacy of their hearts, when hidden from everyone they have awful thoughts about themselves. These type of people lash on to others when they can't take the pain anymore because we all have limits. It looks like they are treating you badly but they treat themselves even worse.
These people can only be helped if they want to and ask for it. Being an enabler or doormat to them is not helping anyone.
When you are not authentic you will not only feel depression but also have periods of anxiety. Our physical body is connected to our soul and it shows when we are not on the right path through panic, depression and other 'symptoms'.

Expressing ourselves

We don't need to come out with all that we think especially in a world as intolerant as this (at the moment), but it is important to find ways to express ourselves that feel good and aligned with our values.
If we hide our unique selves we become very unhappy.

Unfinished grief

Grieving is the true meaning of depression and the parasitic system took this out of proportion so they could profit from our natural emotional processing with drugs, mainstream experts and to stop people from Awakening.
Grieving is normal and it can take a while. It cannot be rushed or it's time measured.
They say if depression persists for months we should look for professional help. We should all do as we feel it's the right thing for us, but there is no right amount of time for us to process something, it will take as long as it takes and we are all different. It can last a day or two years.
How could someone who blocked their childhood traumas heal all that in a few months? It's more realistic to understand that the pain will come in waves and every phase is a deeper layer that has been buried in the past. It might feel that the pain is getting worse or that it will never end. The truth is we always reach next steps of emotional healing if we have the courage to feel, even if the same theme keeps repeating. If we felt them deeply then it's just a new round from deeper layers and it will come to an end eventually.
Write down about how you feel and what you processed so you can check after 6 months, a year and then two years later and you will see you improved as long as you are not repressing it. The signs are not immediately evident so by journaling your progress you will see you actually became more authentic, your self-esteem grew, you have more courage and more 'free space' within you. A few descriptive words will immediately show where you were and this will encourage you to go on, have patience and hope.
You will return to what you naturally would have been without the energetic blocks. In time, you will notice yourself reaching higher levels of peace and healing, becoming someone you dreamed of being all along every few months. Once the blockages are gone, evolution happens faster which was supposed to be the norm without so much parasitic interference.
Remember that we are at a war for consciousness and everything will make sense. And grief is not only about someone else dying.
There is the death of innocence, the grief we feel when an illusion is shattered, betrayal, not having been able to truly be a child, traumas and so much more in this world. To just take drugs without talking, processing, venting out loud about it alone or with a trustable empath to hold space will make us carry blocks to future lives and descendants.
I dealt with my emotions and phases one at a time and I only become lighter and lighter as I process unfelt feelings and energy.
Crying, venting, writing or talking about it to myself or with someone I really trust is not making it worse but having energy flowing more easily as the years go by.
Pain and all sorts of emotions can also be expressed through many forms of art. Anything that doesn't harm ourselves and other Souls is great.
Sometimes I even talk to myself when I am alone. When I had a lot of resentment but didn't want to say terrible things to certain people cause I was sure it would hurt them a lot I would go at it at a wall. I would 'tell' them exactly how I felt, cursing and all and it was a relief. We can also write it down and shred the 'letter' we could never send because we had some horrible things to say to certain people. You are not evil for wanting to say those things, people don't have the right to cause us harm but when we are loving we don't want to descend to their levels and say certain things, even if we think about them. If we felt them then they do exist and need to be expressed in safe ways that are in the highest good of everyone involved.
As an Empath, I could always read people when they open up by attacking or wishing me harm and I would 'read' them by accident. It feels like being inside of them or knowing exactly what is happening there. I could always feel where their pain is coming from, why they are acting in that way and what they try to hide.
As a highly sensitive I could cause real damage and even trauma if I opened my mouth in anger with what I knew about the person who opened themselves in malice. I knew their most hidden secret and pain and I'm not a coward, so I've always been good at repressing resentment and not returning attacks the same way it was sent. I got into shouting arguments but never got exactly to the point because I felt I had a gift they hadn't so it wasn't fair. That repressed anger turned into resentment because when others wish us harm, that energy needs to be cleared and when we don't know what to do with it they are just stuck inside of us.
I didn't know what to do with it and one day it just came to me to vent it by myself and it really helped. All that bitterness is gone now because I've done a LOT
of venting. I held stuff inside of me for decades, not wanting to harm anyone but abusing myself in the process. Using my wall as a surrogate or writing letters I never sent, telling a lot of people who truly hurt me exactly how I felt was liberating.
Energy blocks and emotional wounds are bombs that will explode no matter what so we have to find ways to release them without, you know, poop hitting the fan or anybody getting hurt.
When I was an enraged teenager I did say like it was a few times and hurt people in the process. It doesn't matter they betrayed or hurt me first, I regretted. Three out of four of them forgave me for that. It is because of the crazy and out of control teen that I was that I spent my life repressing it until I found how to express and release emotions in safer ways.
I am not even the same person I was five or ten years ago. Nowadays my emotions flow like when I was a child.
I wish everyone knew that feelings are nothing to be ashamed of or repressed.
When some ignorant adult tells us to stop crying or shame our feelings we block our expression. That feeling could be triggering the bad experiences or awful people we are attracting over and over until we deal with these emotions.
Being emotionally traumatized or in pain is to be taken out of our bodies and be stuck in another dimension where this hell continues on. That's why traumatized people feel like the event is happening again and have flashbacks. As long as the scene or feeling keeps repeating themselves we are not healed yet.
Only a compassionate and healed person can listen and give the space for us to express ourselves. You could open up to an empathic professional, trustable friend and your own self but make sure that person is compassionate and heart-based. We have people in the world who are money-based, ego-based and with all types of values.
Even if you're crying and don't know the reason let it come, it's just a feeling. I know it feels like the dam broke but it only feels catastrophic, it's not truly uncontrollable.
Crying for no reason is darkness coming up to the surface to be released. It is a wound being healed. When it rains the soil becomes fertile for beautiful plants to grow. When tears fall, we open more space within our energy field for wonderful things to be born in place of old wounds.
The wound will heal even if you don't remember the cause. When you do know the origin then the witnessing of it is necessary for integration. Being suppressed by your own mom or dad was very painful but when the Inner Child tries to scream or cry again and you yourself deny them then the betrayal is even more damaging.
It is ok to be discarded and ignored by others, but when we do it to ourselves our soul is devastated. Our subconscious might decide to hide the trauma for good.
I had horrific things I had no memory it happened to me until I was ready. When you have a flashback, it means you can deal with it. It's hard, painful and all but you are actually ready.
Remember to come down to your body when the flashes come back by holding a Teddy Bear you have (I have a huge pillow-like bunny in my bed), do something that grounds you like anything that you can do physically like holding things, covering yourself with a blanket, laying down while putting your hands over your heart, petting/caressing or shutting yourself in a tight space. Do what gives you comfort.
I was never held or touched so putting my hands over my heart or hold the bunny when I cry, no matter if I am an adult. The things I've missed as a baby and child left a void in me and now I am my own parent and give myself what I need. I am my own mom and dad I never had.
Healing occurs when you are in the body. Obviously, some cut themselves in a distorted way to feel their bodies again but that's not healthy. They are just transferring the emotional pain to the physical but blocking healing.
If we feel they will go away. No one can feel for us, they'll have to move or emotions get stuck.

Listening to intuition

When we don't listen to our gut feeling we will feel uncomfortable at first. In time we become unsatisfied and later on, sad. As we continue to ignore the inner whisper, sadness will settle in and become depression. The low energy starts materializing into the physical and it will first be noticeable in the emotional body. As we are usually focused on the outer world we let that spiritual distortion remain long enough until it becomes a physical disease.
As we continue to let blockages overtake our lives we will have things starting to manifest in the outer world. People that make us feel even more depressed, feeling unworthy and unsure start to spread all around us. Life challenges might become so bad we may think that we are cursed. Years later, we can only see the horrible life and have no idea where it went downhill.
You can see now how looking out there it's one of the most dangerous spiritual traps in a world where interdimensional and alien parasites want our Consciousness energy.
It all starts when we ignore or suppress our Soul. When we don't occupy our hearts and bodies, other forces will.
The portal of Spirit to the physical plane is The Heart, so keep it clean, holy, sacred, empathic, loving, flowing, forgiving...
Forgive for yourself not to excuse some people's rude or abusive behaviors but to set YOURSELF free, it's not about them. People don't have the right to come at us venting their pain instead of dealing with it in the first place, but many do. Usually, people don't deal with their own feelings but throw pain out there in hopes to get rid of it.
The person suffering from inferiority complex likes to humiliate and see others fail so they can feel momentarily better. The coward likes to scare others so they can feel powerful and so on.
We are not doomed to live with the inferiority complex, to be a coward, live in fear, jealousy or whatever human flaw we all have at some point. Our ancestors might have carried the 'virus' and passed onto us but we become it every time we give in and practice these lower deeds. We are our habits and these spiritual voids or flaws will take roots in our core.
We might have learned it from society or fear made us do it, but no one can make us continuously act in fear, lie or act cowardly but ourselves. We all have at least 2 or 3 big spiritual flaws we need to work on, it is up to us to be self-aware and evolve.
When we focus on our inner world we start to notice things, energy stops being dispersed and we finally conserve our most precious rich: our consciousness.
The more inwardly focused we are, what others expect or think of us start losing power over us.
When we put our values in receiving outside validation, other people's criticism or rejection can be devastating. There are people who kill themselves because of rejection. They believed someone's conditional love for them was the most important thing in the world.
Women, in particular, are brainwashed into expecting outside love and validation that's why gossip, betrayal and competition are so common amongst them. We need to ask ourselves why women are attacked so much.
To change things on Earth for us, women need to unite more, not in feminism, thinking we are better than men, but nurturing and supporting each other without jealousy and competition. When we are scattered, we are easily conquered. If we are unified nothing can bring a solid wall down.
There is a spiritual misconception in the new age misinformation that says that very challenging relationships are meant for growth. That is not always the case although some do help us grow and prepare us for our mission. There is no benefit or evolution in abuse though. If someone needs to learn to stop self-sacrificing they can try to change everytime the opportunity arrives, not to stay married for decades to a psychopath.
When I had a bad gut feeling about someone and chose to ignore it because I thought a good person was not picky and everyone deserved a chance, I regretted.
Out of the hurtful 'friendships' and relationships I've been in, only very few of them were meant for my growth, karma and energy resolution. These real 'puzzle piece' people didn't ring alarm bells. My intuition was working but my soul didn't warn me to stay away from them. Even though it was very painful I felt the energy balancing and a cycle ending when they exited my life.
People who were not meant to teach me anything 'felt' wrong as I met or got close to them, the friendship was mostly draining, it was traumatizing in some level and there was a feeling of a waste of time, of regret.
When I started to discern and choose people without feeling guilty, always putting myself first, I found that very, very few are able to remain in my space. I live in a very different frequency and don't accept any parasitic behavior that is less than kind and respectful because that's exactly how I treat other people and animals.
There was a point where no matter how brainwashed and abused I was I finally saw clearly how I deserve what I gave others.
When we live with high spiritual values, there are no prison bars that can hold us. All is revealed to those who have the eyes to see and are heart-centered.
Souls in extremely different energetic levels live crowded and forced into each other spaces on this planet, we need to discern who we allow in our lives and be ok with having time alone or cutting people out when we have to, even family.
I've learned that if I had listened to my intuition many unfortunate, abusive and traumatic things would never have happened. The more dissociated we are or unworthy we feel the more we open up to all type of people to enter and cause chaos in our lives. Self-respect and preservation should be taught in schools.
We are brainwashed into a happily ever after type of mentality and we think
that happiness is just around the corner. That's a lie. It is not out there, it's not in the future, we will never GET there, no one and nothing outside of ourselves can bring it to us.
Harmony is the foundation where happiness is built and it can only be achieved in the now. Every moment is a new chance to be born again. Peace of mind is the basis for happiness that transcends the material.
It comes from a clear conscience that we are not harming any Living Being and from doing the good we can in the world without self-sacrificing. We all have a passion that shows the signs of what type of mission with People, Animals or Mother Earth we have while none is better than the other. Bliss is achieved by living in compassion, high spiritual values and by always evolving. The total sum of these enlightened deeds is what happiness is made of. It needs to come from inner stillness and Love, not from money, relationships, career, image or fame. And being happy doesn't mean to be laughing most of the time. 

True happiness is calm, it doesn't show off. A happy person still cries because it is also linked with an unblocked and genuine heart that feels all emotions as they come, that's why children are happy. We blocked our hearts along the way and complicated happiness.
Our intuition is our compass guiding us towards people, circumstances and even places that can help our spiritual growth. When we encounter someone that we feel funny about it doesn't mean we know this person from a past life and now should obsess over them, clear karma or that they are our soul family. It can mean this is a predator, a toxic energy vampire and our Soul is warning us.
I was in a 'spiritual' gathering gone wrong in 2008 where I've seen people tell others that they had other lives together and after gaining their confidence, they insinuated that the person did them wrong or owed them something.
There are gurus that do that to disempowered followers.
Our teacher seemed to think that everyone in the class had a link to him in another life and the stories were outrageous and dramatic - that's how dark, low vibration, manipulative people and interdimensional entities hook others who cannot see behind the veil.
He didn't tell me any stories though, he saw I wasn't fooled by any of it and it was the last spiritual class I ever took. I was there because I wanted to learn the subject he was teaching, realizing later that I could have achieved alternate states of being by myself if I just had done the inner work and trusted my intuition. He did insist I needed to work with him and be his right arm but couldn't convince me.
These gurus try to flatter you by saying that you are special, unique, that you have gifts that no one has. They usually want a follower and if they recognize the person cannot be one then they want to gain control over you by employing you or giving you a 'prestigious' position. The problem was that interdimensional entities already used all those tricks on me when I was 17 and fell for a spiritual trap.
It doesn't matter if someone says they are psychic or had paranormal experiences, their integrity is what counts. Anyone can be opened to perceive the spiritual realms, very few do it with ethics, honesty and without the ego but through an open Heart.
Every follower is lost because when we find ourselves we do not worship anyone.

Energy vampires and toxic people

The environment and the people around us can influence our lives. Instead of accepting what they overtly show you, take some time and look deeper to see if their covert intentions are what they seem if the relationship is not fulfilling and loving. Taking care of yourself first doesn't make you disloyal or selfish. It takes courage to evaluate our relationships.
It doesn't matter if friends, family, relatives or co-workers are always smiling, if their voice is smooth or how nice they act, if you don't feel good and energized when interacting with them through physical encounters, phone calls or emails then you are not in the same frequency.
I've seen so many charismatic and popular people being so malicious inside and couldn't believe how so many trusted them.
The one being drained is on a higher vibrational level. It doesn't mean the one in a lower vibration is doing it on purpose. Most of us were deceived into living in parasitic ways, such as harvesting energy from other people and animals. They do it through drama, demands, expectations imposed on 'easy' people they can control or obviously by consuming Animals and their energy (the good, the bad, the death, their trauma, suffering, fear, karma and etc).
It is up to you to create boundaries, discuss, confront, let go or just distance yourself from the people who are dragging you down. There are people that might be open to conversation and resolution, who loves you enough to care for your needs and reach a compromise to keep you in their lives. No one should live to please us but if you tell them they are being rude, that there are things they are doing that makes you feel bad or whatever and they just ignore you, that person doesn't care about you or are too arrogant to realize the world doesn't revolve around them. Be sure they will do it again.
My second best-friend used to laugh at me, put me down, compete, betrayed me and was insanely jealous of me. I loved her very much and never wanted to let her go. I would turn a blind eye to what she did all the time. She was also my cousin and I told her over and over that I didn't like the way she talked to me. She had major insecurity issues she couldn't handle and vented on me all the time, trying to make me feel bad about myself or inferior, which never worked and triggered her even more. She had a better mom, support, she was loved, a decent childhood, material stuff, toys, school that I never had and never resented her from having 'everything'.
Having it all was the difference for what we became as adults though, and that's when I realized I actually had it better because I had the courage, strength, compassion and wisdom she lacked because she never suffered. I waited for a few years and she never changed, even though she lied, promising she would many times. She couldn't. She was the one person who taught me to walk away.
Never again I sacrificed and endured so much from a person as I did with her and my ex-mom. I needed the four narcissists I had in my life to finally understand what people devoid of all Light felt and acted like. What we have with narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths can never be called relationships. It's a one-way street with them.
We don't need to repeat ourselves. When people don't care about us we need to choose ourselves. They don't value us because of something going on with their rotten hearts, it has nothing to do with our worth.
I grew up with a family, relatives and 'friends' who were not willing to value me and consider their behavior. When we sacrifice ourselves to make everyone happy, no one values us. And many people are not willing to change.
My psychopathic and possessed ex-brother who I helped by letting him live in my house for free when he was a big 29-year-old as he wanted a break, yelled at me on Christmas because I didn't put endangered Tuna in a traditional family dish when this is a fricking Vegan house, threatened to beat me in my own living room and dismissed simple requests I made him if he truly wished we went back to talking again.
I didn't ask for anything too hard to do cause I know him. The most important thing was that he was not to abuse me verbally or threaten me physically anymore. He said screw it, that I made too many demands. So basically, he wanted to continue to abuse me and his reply confirmed what I suspected all along. Because of him, I don't try too much with people anymore, neither I ever doubt my intuition. We are all responsible for being at least kind to others and no one can save someone else as evolving takes personal effort.
Trust your intuition when it tells you to stay away from a person, even if you feel attracted or intrigued by them even if rationally it doesn't make much sense.

Life purpose

Trust that you are doing and being exactly who you need to be for your mission on Earth. If you are spiritual and feel bad for being in a corporate environment where it feels cold and dark, it could mean you are gathering experience and information to understand how this pyramid matrix system works.
If you are an introvert but the only job you could get is filled with people or customers it could mean you are learning to communicate better, even though it goes against your nature and it doesn't feel right.
There are experiences that make us feel we are swimming against the current for our growth, but you shouldn't stay there forever as well. Journaling and meditating can help you dig the reasons why you are working in certain places or dealing with certain type of people, as well as receive a nudge when it is time to let go.
Lightworkers and Starseeds are incarnated Souls living in a very different frequency that usually don't find many people or environments that are suitable for them. Sometimes it's difficult to see that most people around us have friends, supportive family or that they are not as attacked by the system as we are. Focusing on the outer world might make us feel very alienated but remember that we are innerly sustained, that Light and energy comes from within. The more you focus on the outside world the more these injustices will feel magnified.
Know when to stay where you are and when it's time to move on. Don't quit a job that is paying for your roof and water and then put pressure while trying your heart center business, writing career or the many different paths Lightworkers and Starseeds take. You can do it on the side, just reserved an hour for 3 times a week

and weekends to refine your talents, direction and overcome fears that will arise everytime you are about to break your glass ceiling.
Know that fear will come knocking every step of the way, that resistance and your mission walk hand in hand. If you don't know what you're supposed to do then just move in that general direction.
Starting a blog, writing a few things or making videos are next steps you could take. Only when you step upon the road you can see the path.

Heart Opening

There are many reasons and timelines that explains why Earth is the way it is. The main reason is the control we were under by parasites: negative aliens, demonic and interdimensional entities and parasitic people who refuse to evolve and do steal energy from others. Right now, Earth is like a bad neighborhood in the galaxy but It's being transmuted and healed in this New Age after 2012.
In other worlds and realms, Souls that are on different vibrational levels are not forced to live together like it is happening here. It is very painful for everyone. The evolved ones end up triggering the lower ones by serving as mirrors, catalysts and the ones below try to steal their energy, envying or attacking them because subconsciously they know the Light people are here to dismantle the system. Some love the darkness while others are so used to it after thousands of years that they don't know something better exists.
When some Beings refuse to evolve they are free to do so but they will usually continue their evolution in lower worlds and a separation occurs.
A long time ago some Souls were cast out to Earth to continue their evolution. The same splitting is happening again but as a completely new experience of embodying Spirit and Light while still incarnated, that's why we need to evolve into high spiritual values, love all Life and cleanse our hearts. These are the End Times.
Those with compassion and ethics are ascending to higher levels. Those who are above a minimal love band frequency will stay where they naturally belong to. Others who are self-serving and harm other Beings are descending into lower worlds. There is no preference or punishment, our hearts, actions and intentions dictate where we live.
For the first two groups, there is a heart opening and cleansing that is happening. Many are mistaking this for depression. As the heart is open nothing can be hidden anymore. If we closed our hearts - which almost all of us do throughout our lives - then the re-opening is excruciating. This is part of the so-called Spiritual Awakening and Dark Night of the Soul.
This is necessary for us to evolve beyond parasitic behavior such as harming other people and animals to steal energy which is against Universal Laws and harms our soul.
We are seeing people going crazy and one of the root causes is because they cannot open their hearts. They are not Divine Will incarnate, they live from their egos - a personality created from fears. They are in extreme pain and we should have detached compassion towards them but cannot be dragged down with them into their hell realms.
Lightworkers have always been attacked but I've seen and received some gratuitous attacks in 2018, especially when speaking on behalf of Animals which is one of my missions. There are good things happening at the same time though, like the parasites losing more ground. That's when they get pissed the most or when higher energies are about to enter the planet. These energies are also helping the Heart-opening and those who house the void cannot stand it.

The Era of The Empaths

First Humanity mastered the physical, then the mental body was worshipped and now we are moving into the emotional body mastery.
The third Era of humanity is about empathy and the emotional body. To become an empath is the minimum requirement for the New Earth. That's how Earth will not be destroyed and World Peace is going to be possible. It's already happening. Empaths are harmless because they can feel what others go through. Those not interested in harmony are slowly incarnating someplace else while more and more advanced souls are coming to Earth.


We are all connected.
If we feed off of Animal or any Sentient Being's fear, our love, courage and peace are compromised.
Consuming Animal carcass 'meat', pus 'dairy', fetus 'eggs', participating in Animal testing or any black magic sacrifice, causing them suffering and creating karma puts us out of alignment with Source. It lowers our vibration.
In a loving universe, real food would never be created with a nervous system and emotions such as suffering for what is happening to their young. There are videos showing how Cows and Pigs care for their babies and suffer excruciating pain when seeing what is happening to their children.
Plants are, therefore, for consumption, not Souls incarnated in different emotional species.
Humans are not supposed to enslave and exploit Animals, but to guide them. Animals were meant to be left alone, to evolve on their own. Humanity is creating a great debt and binding themselves to the Animal Souls they are causing harm. These insanely traumatized Souls then evolve to live with us. I've seen what Animal trauma in the way they are exploited here on Earth did to Souls who then incarnated as Human. These people I've seen live in complete fear and are split. Some completely insane and violent people we see today could be the result of a lot of trauma and very little spiritual understanding imposed upon a Young Soul. We did this to them, now they are amongst us. That's how by Universal Law a cycle occurs and we are always dealing with our deeds and our past catch up to us, so to speak.

These are some of the reasons for depression to show that if we dig deep we can find, deal with them and heal.

Sending you love,

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