Lightworker Popularity, Fame and Spiritual Traps in the Parasitic Pyramid Matrix

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One of the gifts I've found after a lifetime of self-study is the ability to 'read' lower energies, to find their original intent in people and systems. I've been through many spiritual traps throughout my life and they are so subtle, sneaky and their patterns are rarely witnessed because most only try to show the good things that are happening to us, without sharing our difficulties.

It takes an empathic ability to be able to read what people are trying to hide but are projecting anyway. I've been very observant of others beyond what meets the eye and when I see them experiencing something I went through, I have a chance to compare and in time learn what exactly is happening on this planet.
As Lightworkers and Starseeds, we come to Earth from utopic worlds, we are gaslighted, hated by almost everyone, attacked and harassed because we carry a signature since birth that shows that we have the courage to try to make a difference. Most people try to go along with the status quo, usually complaining or just turning a blind eye to cruelty and what is wrong in the world. Many will even imitate anti-life behavior as most people are doing it anyway. It is hard to think for ourselves, following the herd is easier and we can blame the 'leader', claim that someone else made us do it or one that I heard a lot when people criticized my ideal ways: 'That's how things are in this world, deal with it'. I fell into depression many times but always went back to speaking up do all the good I could. For that Source put me in the most toxic environments, so I could learn fast.
Lightworkers are older souls who already went through the conscience battle, made mistakes and learned a lot. They volunteered to help and the energy signature is clear in their aura so they are monitored and attacked throughout their lives by people in their own families, relatives, the unaware, the wounded and interdimensional entities. Their elders and councils agreed they had the strength to do it, and now Starseeds and *Christ Beings are here in a greater number than the previous generations to help with the shift, although some of us are going home after this lifetime. We are still a very small number and amongst us, many are wounded, asleep or following some consciousness trap.
I went through the popularity trap and observed it in many others who were Lightworkers or not. Some of us will get caught in these nets for this lifetime while intuitive people have a better chance to get out of its tangles more easily because they feel the many layers that make up this reality.
For those who are asleep, fame, money, two cars in the garage, an easy life, vacations and such can be enough to make them complacent with their moral evolution. That is not enough for Lightworkers and Starseeds who will strive to make themselves and this world better as they care about All Life as much as they care about themselves. They live in Unity consciousness, making the greater good a priority.
I've witnessed this trap happening to a Lightworker and could put the final puzzle pieces together after trying to figure it out for 20 years.
In this trap, the matrix, the parasites or unaware people will give us what our ego wants. Ego is made of fear and pain so these types of wishes are false and not of the eternal Soul. Wishing fame, money and love are some examples of wanting to heal the pain with the wrong remedy. The parasitic system creates pain and then offer a Luciferian solution to create loosh, a new follower going down their knees or a new consumer.
This trap serves to take a Lightworker Empath's power, steal their energy, remove them from their path, hurt their confidence and bind them to the matrix.
It all starts with what the Lightworker believes they want. As most of us are pretty lonely and different, we want our community. We want people, to love, to be loved and accepted.
Entities who can read emotions don't have amazing power. They are on the other side and anyone who is not embodying this DNA deactivated flesh can read minds and energy easily. Unethical entities or people helped by them will spy on others without permission because most of us are not brought up to visualize a shield around us and our houses, so they discover the Empath's greatest wounds and manipulate that to their advantage. We have very little information about true spirituality on this planet and much disinformation in truths, not to mention that when they come out they are ridiculed, unpopular or debunked. The people who are suffering from slavery are the ones fighting us, addicted to thousands of years of trauma, conditioning, and infiltration by the dark. As true knowledge is hard to come by, Starseeds are not careful and discerning of what they consume or what kind of energies and entities they are supporting, binding themselves to and in consent with.
If a Lightworker's greatest wish is to find people, love, friends, and relationships, popularity is used to seduce, hypnotize and then bind them to the pursuit of it. Their biggest vulnerability is then used against them so they lose many years in this scam. Like many consciousness stealing scams, there is an emotional high in the beginning. It feels like their wishes finally came true, that they 'attracted' or 'manifested' their innermost desires.
The bliss that is based in falsities can lead to dissociation and carelessness. That's why we are brainwashed with the happily ever after paradigm, wishing challenges cease to exist like magic if we follow some law or method when in truth, they will always appear to strengthen or test us. When we feel discouraged or depressed as life goes on it might mean that subconsciously we are looking for the end or comfort zone, a place where we will finally rest with no effort, evolution or discomfort. This zone in itself is a great trap most of us fall into. We are so attacked and hurt in life that when we find this mirage, we want to stay there to breathe a little.
Not only we have no access to spiritual truths on this planet since birth (unless one have an awakened parent), but the alternative is pain. The controllers create problems but also the 'solution' that benefit them like taking their addictive and expensive pills that do not solve the original cause, to bind ourselves to their violent cults or narcissistic gurus that promise methods to gain control over their follower herd and grab their money.
That's why we need to go within to create our own alternative. We cannot create anything new with ideas and energy contained in the matrix but that is coming from the outside. As we are ONE WITH SOURCE we can get any information, ideas, and truths from our core as long as we live a life of empathy and integrity. Beings who do not love All Life are not aligned with Source, no matter what rituals they practice or crystals they buy.
When a blissful scam such as the false part in the law of attraction promises us the world, when we receive our greatest wish or any other illusions such as money or a love that we fantasize would solve our problems comes along we cling to them. When we identify with the ego's wish, it becomes a belief, it merges with our being creating a false personality from pain. We will then pursue this trap, along with the many illusions of this world. If we were not indoctrinated to live outside our hearts and give our power away we wouldn't fall for these things. We would feel the warnings in our souls, bodies and our very core. Once we fall for one trap, we will easily fall into others.
Having unrealistic expectations in love, that we'll only help others when we are rich, or sacrificing who we are to fit in are some of the illusionary traps of this world. Beliefs taint everything we do in life. When we live in the moment, we become very powerful, discerning, can get out of time, belief, society's expectations and make a higher vibrational choice. We are conditioned in schools and other systems of control to look at the past that the parasites created to find solutions to the present and future, locking us in a loop of trauma and separation.
Beliefs need to be meditated upon constantly because its very nature is auto-pilot, they are programs running in the background. The longer we act upon our beliefs, the stronger their hold on us. To do something different is to create new neural pathways, to open energy vortexes so the new can enter this reality, and to have a higher possibility instead of recycling the same end results.
One of my most painful experiences with beliefs happened when I could no longer accept years of abuse and war among family and had to stand up to certain relatives. They are so hateful that I knew if I said anything it would mean the end of the relationships. It was all or nothing to them. As I believed I needed to help them and that family stick together no matter what, I could see no alternative and endured their out of line behavior for many years. Because of my belief and love for them, I abused myself and endured the unforgivable.
We might want to strive for harmony amongst our family but if they live below the minimal love band frequency and all they know is fear, no matter how much we love them we need to go back to center where no belief is ruling us. Our core is neutral, just like Source is and neutrality heals. We need to know when to break society's rules.
Sticking by my relatives was never necessary. While my heart suffered for the injustice while, my programs accused me of being a bad person when I wished to cut them out. Since I was little I worried a lot about them. My Soul knew they were not going to make it. All I needed to do was try, not to sacrifice myself and that is not required of Lightworkers.
Sometimes we need to recognize that yes, we were victims so we can shake ourselves of the hypnosis
 and stand up. But we need to recognize we've been wronged first. In a society where most want to show they are winning, we are not allowed to feel pity or sorry for ourselves but always encouraged to be tougher and keep pushing like good slaves. Most people treat themselves in that way so they are cruel towards other people and animals too. When we have no self-compassion at all it means we are very sick. We need to start low, from pitty to self-love. Without self-compassion and respect, we can only dissociate to endure horrible treatments. If we are too far gone and numb, feeling radical sorry for us like we would for others can vibrate the cords of our heart back to life. To love All is not just to love others, we need to equally love and care for ourselves.
The parasitic pyramid matrix says we are born sinners, that we are wrong, unworthy, and sometimes our own brainwashed parents help them to maintain this control when they neglect or shame us. People are enslaving each other when a woman judges another for whatever 'values' she believes in, for example, instead of leaving her to live as she wishes, without projecting the hurtful frequency of judgment. Instead of pondering on each belief, many people just follow the rules and that can cause dissociation as well. Everything in the parasitic system is trying to get us to stop thinking and feeling so we follow it like robots.
Invading someone else's country (home) to kill their children and women for a lying elite is not defending their liberty; crushing small family stores to create a great chain is not just 'business'; stepping upon everyone and betraying others to get to the top is not ambition but psychopathy. These are just some of the behaviors that are commonly accepted, admired and it came about as humanity let these parasites shut down our hearts, our empathy for each other and all life.
We need to be aware at every moment and for that, we might need to feel a lot of stuck emotion and energy that has been rotting in our hearts. When we only pay attention to the outside world, things will get stuck and dark forces can take over through these black empty spaces.
There is more of a war for our hearts than for our consciousness, although that is also ongoing. If we maintain compassion we can ascend, when we lose our hearts then descension happens.
It is very hard to navigate this planet without falling for these traps, it doesn't mean we were stupid. They are everywhere and very easy to fall into. This is the ultimate test for the spiritual person. The Souls that can live in a world like this and still get out with a compassionate heart will find the doors of utopic worlds open to them. Everything in the matrix rewards psychopathy and heartlessness. The right thing to do is usually the opposite of what most people think it is.
When we are self-aware and strive to evolve, we will recognize and overcome any trap.
Hopefully, as Humanity awakes, more and more people will have the guts to share their unflattering stories, warning others. We don't need success stories or people getting rich, we need the TRUTH! We are all on the same boat and need to help each other, not continuing to pretend that we figured it all out. We need to stop putting filters in our lives and create unity, there is nothing coming to save Humanity.
All of our fellow Humans and Animals are suffering. We can stop pretending now. When we have murder, war, pedophilia, rape and animal sacrifice a world doesn't get any lower than this. This is not a creation from Source, what has been happening here for thousands of years  - mostly due to the negative alien interference is what happens in a closed system. There was no energy coming in, no recycling and so, on a broad perspective, Earthlings started to eat each other and animals to consume someone else's energy, thriving in drama, abusing others until we have psychopaths in most positions of power and anti-Christ behavior is finally normalized. That's how most of us started to act like parasites, it is a rewarded behavior.
The trap for the spiritual isolated and wounded person puts them in a comfortable zone for a while so they drop their self-preservation and discernment. In the beginning phases of any spiritual trap effort, there is a feeling of 'being high'. The person will feel incredible, in a false bliss that is addictive and may make them lose common sense. Most of us are scammed when we were teenagers or naive. It is a phase where we have so many ideals and the strength to do so much good but are completely naive to how controlled this planet is and how the parasites are everywhere. This high phase is meant to disarm so they take over the individual's mind, emotional body and add implants to the energetic body. The major attacks are targeted towards the spiritual body. As most do not believe in the existence of the Spirit they do not take care of it when it should be a priority. We can overcome losing all material possessions, all of our relationships, 'looks', place in society and even reputation but we absolutely cannot compromise our Soul. It will mean bondage in the afterlife or being absorbed back to Source, ceasing to exist eventually.
Being 'high' or in pure bliss for long periods of time could be a manipulation of our senses.
A kundalini explosion might bring a high as well, but it will feel real as it's organic and coming from Source. During the kundalini awakening, we remember what we have always 'known'. It is so real that thousands of people could deny our experience but we wouldn't doubt ourselves because we felt it with all of our being.
The energy manipulation comes from outside sources such as when we enter a spiritual community, find a group of people, popularity, fame, money, love, admiration and other things.
Happiness and true bliss come from within, from a loving heart free of guilt, from one who lives a harmonious and harmless life towards All Beings. If the bliss has an outside origin such as a new 'love', friends, popularity, comfort zones and such then it could be a trap. Without the false high that is very easily created through energy manipulation by the parasitic aliens, interdimensionals, demons and non-evolved people of this world we would hardly get addicted to their material 'gifts'. Without 'knowing thyself' we cannot understand that we get addicted to emotions, not the means that brought those feelings. And when we find the emotion, we are closer to the original cause of the problems and pain in our lives. To find the source ask: 'Is it coming from fearful ego or my Soul?'
If the Lightworker ego's wish is money due to their childhood of poverty, they'll stagnate once it is achieved. If they were lonely, their 'dreams will come true' in the form of an unnatural popularity and acceptance where unaware people that can be easily mind-controlled compliments the Lightworker, look at them in awe and respect, making them have a false sense of being accepted. If they were out of control, abused, rejected and ignored their ego may wish to have control over others and strive to become a leader or guru. Even if their higher heart intention is to guide people towards healing they might become controlling themselves due to their unhealed and overlooked wounds.
For whatever trap, there will be a period where everything is effortlessly perfect and smooth. If the Starseed accept this and their ego believes they figured it all out, then the downfall is near. The dark parasites already achieved what they want and they'll take their 'gifts' away, leaving only trauma and void and will mislead the Empath from their Divine Mission and path.
You might have noticed famous people with a smooth rise to 'glory', then the acquirement of ego and arrogance and then a fall from grace where the same people who put them up there are the ones who shred them into pieces. These people then spend the next decades trying plastic surgery mutilation, buying more stuff or wanting attention with shocking behaviors to get high again to relieve a dream long gone. Famous people are targeted for different reasons, so we watch that and think that's how life is and become dejected or strive for their 'glory' ourselves.
Gaslighted and lost, the Lightworker might think they've done something wrong and blame themselves in shame. From then on, other entities who are experts in this takeover will exploit what addiction the spiritual person might fall more easily into. It could be food, drugs, medication, alcohol, being too social and ceasing to have time for themselves.
When the parasitic system and its controllers try to break a Lightworker, the goal is always to hit their self-love, confidence and energy levels so they cannot accomplish what they came here to do. A true Divine volunteer cannot be corrupted with money, fame or any 3D fantasies. They might fall for some of them but their conscience does not allow them to keep that life for long and one day their hearts overcome their ego. Most people on the planet live from the ego - we are infected with the possibility from birth - so if we fell for any spiritual scams, we shouldn't blame ourselves or consider the Divine Purpose a failure because going into the underworld to see the ugliest things on this planet is part of the mission for most of us. WayShowers had to walk and experience the darkness to understand their mission from all perspectives, to see the light and the dark.
Courage and humility are necessary on the Lightworker's path because if we think we know it all, we begin to fall. If we realize our mistakes but are ashamed others will see us fixing it or feel humiliated we're not perfect, we need the courage to go against what others thought we were and become what we came here to be.
That path readjustment is lonely so we conserve energy and focus on that. That's why we lose relationships
 and 3d work for we might not have heard the warning signs we were on the wrong path. Many times our Higher Selves will take distractions from our lives so we spiritualize again.
There is a reason why so many Empaths have insecurities and self-esteem issues, it is done on purpose. They are beaten down since they were little so they do not get off their knees, but an Enlightened and Evolved Soul will always know the way back to their hearts, no matter how broken or abused it has been. Due to their dharma, if they are too far gone or split to do on their own then outside help will actually intervene.
There is a point on a Lightworker's road when they have to turn their backs to the ways of the world. That means losing a few people and even family sometimes. It means to put themselves first even if they are very giving people. Sacrifice was never required for one to be a good person. Constant sacrifice means to have no self-respect, becoming food to parasites. When we live like that, the world will eat us alive and raw.
After the trap is set and a Lightworker fall in the grasp of fame, popularity or an easy life, they are weakened and vulnerable, getting attached to the glamour, their followers, their many 'friends', compliments or whatever cord that hooked to them and is draining their energy. Once they gave away their energy, consent and turned their backs to their path then the controllers remove the gifts. The people who adored the Lightworker starts to reject and even turn against them for no reason. It feels like a fall from grace. Those who they thought were their friends no longer admire or resonate with the Lightworker until they realize they are all alone again. Things will feel worse than before the gift because now they are confused, traumatized and drained as well.
The misinformation part in the Law of Attraction is another way they created to steal many Lightworker and Starseeds from their road. Everything that promises an outcome and gifts is usually a scam. It takes us from our time and most potent moment of Now and our consciousness is then stolen. It promises 'abundance', peace and love in the future. Always tomorrow.
In the 80's there was a New Age scam promising Lightworkers that extraterrestrials would land their ships and save us. These victims are now drained and their energy was stolen due to them investing time, thoughts and emotions on it. They can reclaim it by calling their energy and parts back, as it is their *Divine Right to be whole. They also have a saying in what the entities responsible for this attack will receive for such a deed, and command that they are returned to Source.
I've been hearing about an Event since 2011 that has all the hallmarks of another consciousness trap. If the sun is going to make a big change on the planet overnight that is great, but the thing is WE the people are each responsible for our consciousness. There are no Savior, no Sun or even an entire Race of benevolent Ets that could come in here and force us into compassion. We need to develop it, that's the only thing that will save our Souls and consequently change the planet. It is making people wait for yet another outside happening instead of taking their consciousness into our own hands.
The many consciousness, energy, and heart traps in the parasitic matrix try to bind the viruses (Lightworkers, Starseeds, Volunteers from other realms and evolved Earth Souls) to the system so they get drained, stuck and controlled. Once the Lightworker – usually lonely and with no support – surrenders to materialism (Luciferianism), the helplessness of needing outside help, compromises to cruelty and parasitic behavior here and there, gives up who they truly are to fit in, then the attacks might lessen because they are no longer a threat.
When we are going through an easy or blissful phase in life, we need to be mindful they are being generated from within us as we are our own energy source. It takes a compassionate heart to be able to generate energy, those who refuse to evolve into an Empath ends up descending into stealing energy from others. At dangerous times like this we need to be very mindful we are not slacking in our Ascension and evolution work, that the heart is not being compromised.
Do not feel you are doing something wrong if you are alone, not accepted or supported. What you came here to do goes against the whole world, it's not going to be easy. But you can slowly move into it, there is no need to go head first into anything.
As I kept healing and ascending, less and less people were able to handle my energy. It felt like the better I felt the more some people seemed to resent or tried to pull me down.
The more we focus on our evolution, do not blame others and know ourselves, the more energy we have. We also need to take our consent and support from everything that is not loving and evolved, as that is using our energy to continue existing, such as brands who are not kind to their employees, to animals or the environment. Any reading that is not uplifting us, any teachers who make us feel inadequate or inferior, any information that brings anxiety instead of empowerment or any latest 'techniques' that promises the world are probably a new consciousness trap and those spreading it are working to maintain parasitic ways of living on purpose or unconsciously. Always check to see how you feel after 'consuming' something and you will know everything you need about it.
The New Earth Pioneers went to hell and back to live in integrity, compassion and courage for their mission. They are hard to find as there are forces purposefully trying to bury their light, love, teachings, creations, and beauty but if we cleanse ourselves and live a compassionate and holy life we can remove the membranes of the matrix holding us back and find them. They work in open-source and giving ways. That doesn't mean they can create a roof to live under, water and food out of thin air, so they do need an income. No one should sacrifice for free because when we are homeless, who is there for us?  But they work on donations or their services are very affordable. They are interested in people finding them, that they heal because they trust their methods or what they brought to Earth. It's not about money to them, but service. We can feel love and consistency coming from them. Some 'Lightworkers' will start humbly but then their prices start going up and only the privileged on first world countries could ever afford for their help. By seeing the fruits you will recognize the truly spiritual, those who are bringing universal truths and not withholding Soul saving information for expensive fees. With all the opposition and so many asleep helping maintain the old system, True Lightworkers will not put obstacles for those suffering unbearable pain to find their way back home. They share some crucial information or tools for free as well. They are the first ones creating a money-less society by example, which is the norm in all free worlds out there.
That doesn't mean certain promoters of the misinformation in the Law of Attraction, those who hopped into the abundance bandwagon and it's all about profit won't go back to the heart-based path once they wake up.
The traps on this planet always contain more than 60% of truth so they hook people, but then there will be crucial lies mixed in that can really hold us back.
We fall for these traps because we want to go out there and do good in the world without healing ourselves a lot first. We shouldn't recycle information from others but always be inner sourced, it must come to us – maybe repeatedly – and tested before we ever spread it out there. We need to be sure of what we teach, share and declare as truths because there is karma in misleading people and our world needs waking up, not more disinformation. Many Lightworkers are used to spread lies. We cannot continue to just repeat and copy paste what others are saying.
When I was 16, I fell for the popularity trap. Lonely, traumatized and misunderstood I wanted to belong more than anything as I didn't know my weakness, let along how to heal it. I can clearly see all the interdimensional steps the parasites took to bring my first downfall.
I started to suspect about this trap but I would not share with anyone because I wasn't sure yet. I continued to find the same patterns I went through in others, even with some celebrities. Recently, I found the last pieces of this puzzle.
Consciousness tunnel traps can come in the form of obsessions. For the popular trap that could mean that one is only able to think about friends, boyfriends and a social life. For the money trap, it could look like their lives are all about expanding their business so they make more money. When it stops being about service. Or when the person reaches fame and cares too much about their physical appearance or their image.
Being aware and studying ourselves is very important. When we do that we don't have time to point the finger and criticize others as we are too occupied with tending to our own gardens. When we neglect it, weeds will grow.
We can protect ourselves from these scams by staying aware and in our power.

Wishing you the best, always!

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