The potency of portal/repeated number days for Starseed Empaths

The potency of portal/repeated number days for Starseed Empaths - Meditation - Relaxation

Days such as January 1st and especially August 8 (8/8) throughout (12/12) are very potent portals of energy that can really take us into higher levels. These repeated numbers are important and I add them to my phone calendar so they sound the alarm if I forget (and I feel there is always something trying to pull my attention on these days).

From August to December they are so incredibly strong that we need to meditate more, be aware we can become more emotional, angry, depressed or explode.
Everyone is different but some of us might need to 'hibernate', decrease human contact and tasks. As we tend to go unconscious, cope in hypnotic and destructive ways when in pain or anxiety, going back to our center in relaxation or silence it's important. We need to remember that the parasites take advantage of everything, even astrological events or numerology and that they are specifically targeting Lightworkers now. It's not personal, they just send the junk directly at Starseeds and Empaths as these are the people embodying the Light and trying to be the Divine Will on Earth. The compassionate people who try to be ethical and evolve.
Since the Autumn Equinox, the purging was incredibly difficult for me. When I think I am emotionally healed (because a previous process has ended and I settle in my higher frequency level) I remember that there is no comfort zone in Ascension and soon a deeper layer of the same life pattern and emotional wounds may come up to be witnessed, felt, healed and released.
Healing doesn't happen at once, it can be compared to waves that come and go. We will only deal with what we can handle at the time, even though at the moment of purging and cleansing the pain might feel excruciating and eternal.
When the old energy is gone and done with, we then have energetic, mental and emotional space to fill our Being with better things and more Light can then be embodied. We can become our true Soul, more of our Higher Self here in incarnated form.
I usually do meditation or relaxation once or twice a day but I figured more is required now, during especial potent days at the end of 2018.
I have been doing the 12D Shield for a while and it is really strengthening me, but more is being asked in this potent year. It's a whole new level and we can get frustrated or disappointed with ourselves when we don't know what to do at first or get off track. That's why self-compassion and love are very important for those on the spiritual awakening and Ascension paths.
I had been shielding myself but felt a strong urge to do the same for my family, house, land, city, country and then felt called to do planetary clearings and also, visualizing Mother Earth being bathed in pastel rainbow light, for many months now.
I have been casting out the darkness and parasites in my own way and words as well.
It has not been easy. I've been sleeping and waking up at odd hours and the clock is always showing repeating numbers, which makes me smile. Sometimes I sleep for 2 hours and spend another 2 awake in the middle of the night. At other days I literally pass out for 10 hours straight.
The Sun must be increasing in vibration and Light because daytime is much more difficult for me, making me tired and with not much will to do anything. Nights are a blessing though.
I've received messages and upgrades through sun rays before so I don't underestimate or hide from It. As Denise LeFay said, the Sun used to be yellow a few decades ago, - and I remember that - now it's very bright and whiter. Something is happening although I don't resonate with the event thing going with the New Age movement but things are definitely accelerating and there is truly a frequency split where we are all aligning to the timelines and worlds we resonate with from our hearts.
That's how I remember Ascension happening from where I come from. It was gradual, giving All Life a chance to get used to. I don't have a clear 'knowing' but more like a feeling that it happened between 500 years to 1000 years, although time was not the same as it is here. As I can't see it clearly it might not be relevant for this time or how it will happen on Earth, probably because this is a Universal Ascension, not the normal planetary shift when a race of Beings learn from their past and move on into higher levels of love, wisdom and embodiment like it was the case.
Starseeds will always remember what is important for our missions and for this time. When we don't bring the information to this life, it will be activated or downloaded at some point. When I saw my Star Family's ship hovering above my house when I was 11, I only understood their message years and years later. My brain had to develop, I had to heal from trauma, get more in touch with my heart, be more confident and open to trust, so a lot needed to happen.
Having focus is very important right now because we can go a little bit unconscious at times of pain, anxiety or pressure. I have been needing to lay down more and need to meditate for a longer time to get into alternate states, which I do easily on normal days.
Once the little anxiety I am having from time to time goes away, I remember one thing is always the same: the storm of energy come and go and I ascend into a much higher level, the understanding will be much better and the picture clearer. We can't understand our life or its phases looking forward, but when we look back it makes perfect sense. That's why experiences are to be lived fully while lessons are supposed to be studied when they are done with. When we move into the past, future or we worry about what it's happening then that can create fear and anxiety.
It is good to check back on previous years through journals to realize things are so much better if we don't freak out when these hurricanes happen starting in August with the Lion's Gate until the end of the year.
I post this for my own benefit so I will deal with it much better by 11/11, as I tend to forget when going through the process myself. Hopefully, this is a helpful reminder to someone else who needs it.

Sending you Love and Healing!

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