Two Travelers - Galactic and Extraterrestrial Stories

As I meditated for almost 2 hours, I felt this amazing Love energy and knew I was connected to Source. I've done some healing and clearing* and then I started seeing a red nebula with many sparkles in between. 

Two Beings were traveling very distant places in the universe, crossing my view. This happened in ancient times. It didn't feel like watching a screen but like I was floating there and could see all the Universe around me.
They left their people because they were obsessed with exploring other places. They were fascinated by the idea. Many mourned their departure but they were too excited about their travels and discoveries to mind. Their arms were different from humans, and they had rounded heads. Their torsos and legs were of an upstanding snake. They had no humanoid legs.
They went on their journey and visited beautiful places, discovering what many others would never find.
After a long, long time they missed their people and decided to return. They had been away for so long it was difficult to find their way back. Finally, they were sure they came upon their planet but their people were gone.
There were no signs of an exodus or demise.
The two travelers were fascinated with the Universe and to know all. But they lost their home and people in the process.
Sometimes, we blindly pursue our dreams but cannot forget our roots and where we came from.

*I meditate and heal on intuition and they change over time. I saw myself within Source until all my burdens were removed, transmuted and the energy was then returned to me, the Rightful Owner. Then I bathe in the shimmering Light color that I feel I need on that day (pastel violet, pastel yellow and so on).

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