What Are These Galactic Stories?

When physical ascension started in 1998 I received a major Lightworker attack by black magic from an ex-boyfriend.
From a lower perspective, it was just one more attack in many but the biggest one to date. On a higher perspective that helped me to dive deep and begin to awaken my gift.

For more than a year I had to completely occupy my heart, body and mind as 12 entities tried to possess me. I didn't know that at the time, but that's how my understanding of the forces in control of this planet started, and how threatening Lightworkers are to them. With that level of focus, one by one, they ended up giving up and couldn't 'enter' my energy field. If I acted upon their suggestions, images and feelings of revenge of said boyfriend being tortured, I would have fallen. By the end of the attack, however, I ended up completely drained, depressed and sick.
After the battle lessened I came upon Star Wars for the first time at 19 and had a small awakening. It felt like the story wasn't completely fictional. I've known there was life out there, however, the story broadened my perspective and made me wonder, which was the doorway this gift needed to be seeded.
I started seeing the world where I come from, it's legends and people and thought I was supposed to be a fiction writer. I never imagined these visions could be based on truth. Then I wanted people to enjoy the amazing possibilities I saw and considered becoming a writer and director in Hollywood. When I 'looked' into it the whole business emanated a sick vibration, even before I knew they were full of pedophilia and satanism. I also knew I couldn't survive in such a fake, narcissistic and cold environment where most people get corrupted.
The scenes became more vivid in my mind and heart, so I kept hundreds of pages of notes. Looking back, I can see the gift developing as I healed and my Higher Self descended into my body.
In 2009 I tried to put it into a linear book form and it only lasted for about two books of 120 pages until I couldn't force it anymore. It felt like I had put my interpretation into true historical records to fill the gaps and transform it into a common storytelling format that we see on Earth, which is full of filling the gaps with unnecessary extras so more profit can be made by stretching books and movies. The manipulation already bothered me in the Bible, which feels distorted for better control of the people of different times.
I told Source there was no way to bring these visions to this world.
At the end of that year I found the horrors and went Vegan over-minute (not overnight), and as such, my consciousness exploded and I started healing like never before for I stopped adding Animal trauma on top of my lifetime of pain.
In 2013 I accepted contact with my Star Family and they intervened so I could be prepared. They taught or better yet, reminded me of this multidimensional healing method anyone can do on their own to heal trauma, and another quickening in consciousness begun.
In 2016 I had one of many kundalini fires and was taken out of this reality for 3 days and nights. I became one with Source and understood my traumas, why I had to be so isolated in life and that my Soul was a StoryTeller before I came here. I traveled the worlds collecting or sharing stories and that's how they heal in higher realms. I have memories of staying in Lemuria and Andromeda. I've been welcomed in many worlds and communities and this separation, judgment, and fear on Earth have been very hard to deal with as I have lived in Unity and Love. We heal by inspiration and examples. When we are self-conscious, we don't need to give our power away and have someone else or a guru do it for us.
The Natives used to tell Universal Truths in story form down the generations and that's one in many reasons why they have been slaughtered on Earth and the parasites created a holiday for it, calling it 'thanksgiving'.
I also saw that four other children and toddlers had the same gift, but Source told me to start telling stories to open a vortex for this new ability to enter the planet. I had a feeling we will be receiving upgrades and evolving the old channeling, shamanism and external common spiritual methods as the energies shift. We will be more able to get information directly from Source, without priesthoods, entities and third parties as we upgrade as Divine Human beings in this Ascension.
I channeled sporadically until 2003 then completely cut ties with these types of entities. In 2013 I started talking to Higher Beings directly, through an energy exchange, a 'knowing' that goes beyond telepathy.
It's been two years and I am still afraid of being a pioneer in anything. I've been a hermit for a long time and was very content in just being an antenna emanating light. By the time I finally found my Divine Mission I wanted nothing more than just live like an old lady, although I was 36.  I didn't really want to do any of this, neither what is coming into my life. But I told these stories to a very few selected people over the years, bringing a twinkle to their eyes and their vibration rose. It felt wrong to keep these visions to myself recently. Source also told me when people read them they'll punch holes in the anti-Christ Consciousness grid, bringing new energies and ideas. The problem with the negative alien control on Earth is that people have been indoctrinated to look into a barbaric and traumatizing past to create the future, locking them in a loop of destruction. With these stories, those who are awakened and have opened their hearts can be taken out of the matrix and bring new possibilities. Only read one of them at a time and ride the feelings, energies or inspiration you get from them. Our movies – that I rarely watch – shows a dire future or horrible aliens out there, when in truth there are all types of worlds, some more loving than Earth. This is done on purpose so wherever we look we are triggered to subconsciously continue to create violence and suffering. I cannot stand their sexual, aggressive and lower chakra triggering forms of 'art'.
These otherworldly stories don't have a beginning and at many times, an end. They are not linear and may lack in details. Just like real life, even in higher realms, sometimes we are just passengers watching the scenery go by. I've noticed I bring back mostly what is important in these stories. Just like in my astral travels or when I visit my deceased children (rescued Animals), it is hard to bring higher memories back into the physical body sometimes.
In some of these scenes, my consciousness is right there in real time, like when I found myself in a classroom and the teacher turned to me - worried about our children - and wanted to tell Earthlings some things that could help. I looked alien compared to them but the kids seemed used to having other consciousness visiting them because they just watched me at their doorway like it happened all the time.
Other times these new Guides take me by the hand to watch a scene long gone. In the last long meditation, I felt I am not traveling the realms all by myself. I knew they were not showing themselves because my ego and current understanding cannot fathom how enormous they are. If we were to see them they would cover whole skies. As I ascend in consciousness I will be able to understand what they are.
And yet at other times, I am asleep, usually taking a nap under the Sun with all those codes coming in.
Sometimes they feel so real like when I witness this ascended universe imploding and the booming sound was so loud I jumped a meter from my bed.

Wishing you all the blessings and higher possibilities.

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