I am a 6D Arcturian Guide incarnated to support others in spiritual and emotional self-healing during Ascension. I am also an Animal healer and rescue them in my home.
My soul was originally a storyteller. The ability to see into other worlds and communicate directly with these Beings without channeling has been coming back online for me since 1999, after a dark awakening.
There are a few children born with this gift as well. These stories will inspire others to look at the infinite possibilities of what Earth could be, as well as a glimpse into how utopic worlds look like.
Many authors and movie writers 'caught' the armageddon mind-control, losing their sacred imagination and coming up with stories of Earth destruction, sad endings and killing the good guys to shift our subconscious to one of hopelessness. Light always prevail in the end, don't be deceived. Love and spiritual values are stronger, not fear. Goodness has been advertised as a weakness but it's the contrary.
Starseeds are giving the first pushes but it is the Earth People who will make this a better world or not. We need to stop looking at the past to create the new.

The Animals called and a new ray of Lightwarriors are here: the Vegans

We were never meant to harm Living, Sentient, Emotional and Intelligent Beings, no matter what species they incarnate into. As the majority do not consciously agree with hangings, oppression and what was it about all along; Human sacrifice, the controller parasites of this planet increased the slaughter of the Beings no one cares about: the innocent Animals. While one single Human or Animal soul suffers we all do too. Vegans are multiplying as a peaceful lifestyle is required in a 5D New Earth dimension.
It is anti-Christ and anti-Life to harm Living Beings. It is against Universal Laws. Some 'spiritual' people excuse murder as not being a big deal but many of us will go on fixing the world, preaching and 'healing' others before we do our inner work to occupy our hearts, to deal with our flaws and ego. These people are not connected to their hearts, attained higher consciousness or know Universal Laws.
Yes, it is against the Universal Laws of One and Compassion to harm Beings who have a nervous system and can feel in all levels. Murder is not okay, no matter the excuses. The dark twists words thinking it can change the Truth. Always look for the bottom line of what someone is really saying. Veganism is part of Ascension, as well as becoming more Humanitarian and  Environmentally-friendly. To love is to love All. Those who can only love their families, species or have 'selective' conditional love, don't love at all.

I had a very traumatizing life, battling the dark head on since I was little so I could figure out what is really happening on this planet. It was part of my mission to understand this world and take this information home to better support Earth.
I was born from a narcissistic and almost fully possessed ex-mom who wished she had aborted me. I had a psychopathic brother and went through entity and unaware people attacks. I come from a very dark bloodline of hateful, abusive and revengeful family, while another Lightworker and myself were their biggest target. Both sides of my family are tied to dark entities and an Empath have been incarnating alone at every generation. They've all been used, shunned, attacked, drained and died young. I was almost taking their path of sacrifice when I woke up and finally broke the Lightworker cycle that has been going on for at least three generations through my Enlightened Grandfather and then my Angelic Aunt. He boycotted war, choosing his family first and was called a coward all his life. He had pneumonia and his narcissistic wife wouldn't cook or care for him, but abuse him in front of others. My aunt -his daughter - was abused, overworked and envied. She had cancer and died alone while her egocentric husband had one of his many affairs and would not care for her.
I went to hell and back to be able to read lower vibrations and see through any system, religious cults, teachings and people, no matter how charismatic or accepted they are. I used to call it out, unable to stand injustice and made quite a few enemies until I learned self-care and started picking my battles. Now, I can be more neutral about things that happen in this world but witness them to cast them out.
Lightworkers are not here to save anyone. I will still speak up and finally found the right way to do it. I can call out deception and what's happening on an energy level but won't be taking any drama bait. That's how toxic people steal our energy.
We cannot heal the world when we descend into their levels. It's not my job to point these people and systems out. Anyone who occupies their hearts and cleans their temple can read energy by themselves and be protected. Those that we are here to help already take responsibility for themselves and they have to ask. What we didn't come here for was to sacrifice or be the punching bag of the unaware.

We already ascended from where I come from and there was no one single event. It took quite a while and each did it within ourselves in silent integration and at our own time. No Ets or saviors came in to do it for us, that won't happen here either. Benevolent Beings sees us as equals. We don't need to be saved, we need to get off our knees.
It is understandable how we ended up like this.
I myself crawled all my life, giving spiritual services for free, having no true friends but a distorted healer and client-type of relationship but without payment. I volunteered for the elderly, kids and now settled in rescuing animals in my home. Volunteering is not draining (it's a quick self-healing method), but helping those who do not take responsibility for their evolution is a disservice to all involved.
It took me a lifetime to learn this and I know it's not what we commonly see, but we actually shouldn't be in any relationship that we are not treated with the uttermost kindness and respect.
 I understand how people settle for less. It's not selfish to raise your bar very high, what's happening in this world is not ok. We get fooled by what is 'normal' because we see all levels of abuse around us but Old Souls need to embody what's holy and good. We always hear people saying they have a difficult family member or people in their lives. I cut the sources draining or causing me pain and know no such people in my life.
Wounded people and energy vampires need to look at themselves in the mirror and many times being left alone is the only thing that will wake them up. Enabling toxic behavior help abusive people maintain the illusion that they are right. We can't change those in darkness but shouldn't encourage them.
By leaving abusive, rude or disrespectful people behind I've found at least three who regretted their behavior. Two out of three of them were the type I thought had no compassion at all.
I learned how to stop being a doormat after going through my Dark night of the soul, ending up with no food, friends, almost homeless while my own parents scammed me out of all the money I made when they forced me to work illegally since I was 14 years old. Then I remembered how to self-heal. Every time I harvested some inner energy I used to meet a lot of people all of the sudden only to find some drama and be gaslighted in the end. These people were 'nice' or helpful in the beginning until I dropped my boundaries.
Knowing 'thyself' ensures we realize the traps in this matrix. Ignorance is not bliss, we want to be as awake as possible at these End Times or we will descend with the dark parasites into a hell worse than this.
'Salvation' comes in the form of an empathic way of living. Each must do it for themselves, no other Being can come in and take other people's responsibility to evolve. Some will wait for a savior forever until they realize religious cults were meant to disempower us.

My biggest shift came at the end of my Dark night when I was still vegetarian and found I was misled and it wasn't cruelty-free at all, making me evolve to Vegan over-minute. That helped me purge trauma as I wasn't consuming it anymore and raised my vibration. Since then, demonic and low-frequency entities can't reach me directly anymore. They changed tactics using zombified or parasitic people to attack me until I had to isolate myself. Life is much better now when it was pure hell for the first 3 decades. Before Veganism I also suffered from insecurities, insomnia, nightmares, panic and long periods of depression. I was on their mind-control and fear vibrational level, never knowing what the biggest source of fear is in this world. My Star Family also mentioned Veganism by name and said that without it, I wouldn't be able to raise my frequency high enough to talk to them. I know of other Starseeds who also evolved to Vegan quickly or that Higher Beings told them it was a crucial step.
We have to clean our temple to understand energy and higher laws. Matters of the heart and spirit are subtle. Having a life of integrity and high spiritual values guarantee we are in contact with the Beings we think we are dealing with. Many people do not know what their guides really are and are being deceived.
To be part of the increased Animal black-magic global sacrifice is so harmful it lowers our vibration, it is the root causes of many diseases, it digresses our DNA, it passes down fear, trauma and mutations down the generations, we can feel all the Animal went through even if we are not conscious or empathic enough to realize it. It is unnatural to mix our DNA with some other species', we'll have a commitment or will be bound to all the souls we harmed and our deeds are returned as karma, (not punishment). It has been imposed by something that is not Human. As we enslave and torture 'lower species' (or so says our ego) this can, in turn, be done to us. Even if it was offered, Higher Beings would never consume us because feeding upon a creature of a lower consciousness than us is very harmful, even if we don't take the cruelty into consideration. I have some level of Animal communication and Animals Souls are very conscious, loving and innocent, even more than children. They are younger. When one is more evolved then they are supposed to guide, not cowardly take advantage. When incredibly traumatized Animal Souls incarnate in our society as humans we can understand why some people are so incredibly fragmented. I met such a victim of the dairy farm psychopathy and tried to help this person for many years. This person was completely overtaken by fear and nothing else, it was heartbreaking.
That's how in the wheel of justice, we are linked to our past deeds, it doesn't matter that most of humanity thinks Animals are products. Until we undo their pain, we'll be in their debt and not able to move beyond this level. That's why some higher civilizations cannot ascend when they have to balance the energies because of how they interfered with a more innocent world.
Have you ever heard of an alien race who enjoys blood and flesh?
There you go, it is anti-Christ and anti-Human.
It's practiced by dark parasitic entities that are digressing, like some reptilians who lost their chance for Ascension. If we act like them we'll be pulled into their black wholes of existence. We want to respect Universal Laws and live as Christ Human Beings were meant to. To have an idea of how that looks like, where I come from we automatically had the right to land or a place in the community. We exchange services or whatever we wanted, there was no money. We didn't have families but the whole planetary race was unified. There was no fear or judgment, but much mutual support, kindness and politeness. Our Leaders served. They were not worshipped but naturally sought out because they were the most compassionate, wisest, kindest and the Ones working the hardest. We 'knew' other Beings at a glance so our Leaders - who were more like Sages or Elders - could not have a hidden agenda. Actually, Beings who want to control or harm cannot incarnate in a 6D utopic realm. We were one with Nature and the Planet and would have done so with Animals if we had them. We didn't build tall buildings but would carve or settle alongside Nature. There were no cities. We see some dystopian artists who fell from grace creating 'art' of the future with a lot of electronics and cities, but the more evolved a civilization the more they'll actually go back to Nature.
Many Native Races of this planet still remembered how to live in harmony with the Planet and were a money-less society. Clearly, they were not the savage ones and we've been dumbed down in comparison. Who, in their right mind would destroy the Animals and the Environment they need to live with?
Natives were slaughtered as the parasites took control of the world so we would forget about a community-based way of living, carrying more about stuff than Life. They topped that genocide and sacrifice with a feast, such as the thanksgiving which is very typical of satanic rituals.
As long as we act as parasites, feeding off of each other and Animals' energies we'll always attract bigger bullies. We are also farm animals to them. Negative aliens, archons, demonic entities, and parasitic people feed off of our energy. They are the dark who doesn't want Ascension to happen, trying to hold as many souls as they can to take with them.
It is time to realize nothing out there is important. ALL we've been taught is smudged with disinformation. We need no guru, authority, to watch the news but what's in our heart. It is time to go within everyday in meditation or relaxation. To only give attention (energy) to things that have a New Earth feel to it, and they are Humanitarian, Vegan and Environmentally-friendly.
We don't need the A,B or C brand. The ones on top crushed others to get there. Psychopaths and those lacking in compassion say that 'It's just business' like they are under mind-control, repeating a generalized script while excusing inhumane behavior. Some 'spiritual' people also repeat that 'Money is just energy' when it is designed for us to participate in crimes against Humanity, Animals and Mother Earth, knowingly or not. No, it is Luciferian. We can't only live for this life but need to take into consideration the eternity of the Soul. That's why true spirituality is repressed on this planet. When one lives for materialistic goals they'll hurt anyone and compromise their Soul to acquire a fleeting conquest. That's what selling our souls to the devil means.
Competition doesn't work in the new energy and we are watching them 'fall from grace' and be exposed right in front of us.
If one has the eyes to see there are signs of the New Earth emerging at the same time the inverted matrix crumbles. Only those working for, focusing on and dreaming of a World Peace-type of New Earth can see it coming about and that's the magic of it. People who only criticize and do nothing can only see into their frequency level.
If you are a compassionate person then you have direct contact with Source and your Light is generated from within. You are recognizing others like you and that Love is increasing. You can recognize when organic Light is missing and how unethical corporations, religious cults, systems, gurus and 3D people are getting unstable. If you felt like an island of Light while darkness surrounded you, now you understand why. Some Old Souls came here as a beacon.
We can help by supporting the D to Z brands, the smaller ones who are ethical family business. Those who are not using Chinese as slaves and paying them almost nothing. Slavery never ended, it just changed shape. If we don't wish certain treatments upon our loved ones then we shouldn't be part of it when it's done to someone else, no matter how far removed from the people being exploited we think we are. Very soon we could be living that reality because we contributed to it, consciously or not. A great way to attract energy resolution or karma is to judge who is going through something or be part of their suffering.
That's why I study brands and withdraw my $upport (consent) when I find they acted unethically because I'm healing and clearing myself of any old Earth negative attachments. I do not live for this life only, but for all the others. We can boycott their awful media, music that triggers lower chakras and their sexual and violent entertainment. Science is now the new religion and we can't rely on that either. Many of these mainstream people with their certificates are as rigid as religious-mad people used to be when they were in power. Always question doctrines that don't allow questioning. Realize that the controller parasites just transform things when their tricks stop working.

We, the people, have ALL the power.

Consciousness is the most valuable thing in the universe, that's what those who don't generate their own Light wants from us. Their drama and fear campaigns are meant to steal our own energy to power what they want to manifest. Most of Humanity are allowing it to happen. We don't fight it from the opposition, we bring neutrality and compassion blasting these things into oblivion.
If a disaster occurs we can GO THERE, help these people, pray for them and more, but if we can't, the last thing we should do is to be sending emotional energy, being angry or fearful about it.
The best we can do is to heal ourselves and remain centered as a road sign, not to be going up and down, adding energy to the dismantling pyramid matrix where 'peasants' and animals feed a few entitled demons on the top. There is no such a thing as royalty or classes, it's a  barbaric structure. Stop worshipping anything, we are all equals.
We could end this overnight if people just took responsibility for their emotions, spiritual growth and we finally saw everyone like family. It doesn't matter the majority is not doing it, it falls to each one of us to carve our own path. We were not born to be 'normal' or follow the crowd. The system deceived us and it is designed to weaken and make us insecure and spiritually doomed. Being like someone else it's unnatural as each soul is unique.

The New Earth Pioneers

The energies of the 2012 new world are showing who were of the Light all along right beside the dark's mask falling off. These Divine Will in incarnated form have a better world as part of the reward for their work, they are not saving money for mansions. Do not be deceived by the image but always see the fruits a religion, corporation or person created to know their original intent. We need to stop judging or jumping into conclusions and start observing. Religious cults, for example, created separation, misogyny, blood sacrifice, hatred and fear. Many of them are judgemental and heartless, I lost count how many of them attacked me over the years. Religions haven't healed the planet yet. After thousands of years, it is time we realize why they were created for. Some entities behind religions and cults demanding worship are evil.
New Earth Pioneers have reasonable prices and are open with information or how else someone struggling in poverty would ever get help?
They are emBODYing a money-less and open source society. Watch their free content and you'll find it's very useful. If someone didn't truly help you with the content they gave away, their paid ones won't be based on the highest energy either.
Angels and Guides born in the flesh helped me when I was lost and unable to pay for help. They showed me the way and I don't even know them personally but I want an 'about me' page to be about them also. Genuinely good people are undervalued in this world. The New Age and Law of Attraction has been hijacked with misinformation, blaming spiritual people for all the attacks they go through. No, they are isolated, in poverty and suffer character assassination because they are extremely powerful Beings the system tries to shut up. Their own families turn against these people. Those who make no difference to the old paradigm are left alone. They are not appreciated because many of the materialistic and egocentric want this controlled hell to continue. It is very common in this world to blame the victim.

No, the child didn't attract the f... pedophile!

What a sick thing to say. The law of attraction and many other Universal Laws haven't been working properly on an enslaved planet. We are not creating a 100% of our reality and are suffering a lot of interference. It has become the new religion and people repeating these false teachings feel very empty and lack in compassion like they are dissociated.
Lightworker Empaths have been attacked throughout history. Most of them are anonymous and it's because they held the dream that is coming true that any change is remotely possible. Without these Christed Beings, this whole thing would have gone to hell a long time ago and we would have had a Maldek part 2 by now.
These Beings are attacked because they are making a damn difference in a world where most people see evil and do nothing, supporting the spread of it. We live in a time where satanism is finally normalized.
Instead of getting triggered by the Truth of a Spiritual Teacher, we need to make good use of that fiery energy to go within to see why WE got so worked up by it. There is a shadow to be acknowledged, the messenger did nothing wrong. People can't really trigger us, it's always an opportunity to look into our blind spots and find emotional balance. The TRUTH is extremely hurtful to the ego, we need to remember that before criticizing anyone having the guts to speak up in such a coward society.
For me, these Living Guides were Lisa Renée, Alex Collier, Denise Le Fay, the late Peter Gerlach, Angel Star Creations, Eve Lorgen and there was a genuine Starseed who went by the name of the Andromeda system who got attacked and went offline. I'm sure this person doesn't want their name out there anymore so I won't mention it, but I mourned their departure as if it was someone I've known personally. I've seen other genuine, wise and spiritual people give up and lose their hope. They are always in my non-religious prayers.
On the other hand, it's very important Empaths and Spiritual People remember that we are not here to sacrifice and work for free either. Not in an enslaved society. They make us pay for everything so if we haven't left our body and need to eat, we need their monopoly money. A roof, water and food cannot be manifested out of thin air. We should always keep an open heart for new ways of exchange when we can.
When people see you as a savior or they just dump their crap on you, you will end up with no energy left. Do not mind the energy vampires that try to shame spiritual people into working for free. These people don't even volunteer or help anyone. The dark has many tactics to mess with an Empath's conscience because they know compassionate people care. Don't give in to these parasitic people's shaming and blaming. Sometimes, these type of hive mentality people will feel powerful because they have a host of entities with them but think of bullies and abusers as just one, even if a dozen is surrounding you. Cowards will give up once they realize you have the guts to stand up. Follow your heart because if you are kind, humble and serves Divine Will, then you are always RIGHT!
It takes a lot of cruelty for someone to get out of their own way to shame, criticize and judge others. There is no such thing as constructive criticism. Feedback is important if one asks for it, no one has the right to come in and impose their opinions when it wasn't asked for. We can all discern our lives and actions by our selves and need to mind our own business.
Critical and judgemental people are the cancer of society. Do not listen to someone who is spiritually sick, they just want company.

My priority are Lightworker Empaths. I've been patient, forgiving and bend backward to make a lot of family members, false friends and people taking advantage of me happy. I've done a lot of volunteer work - which is great - but also gave away my energy, gifts, time and spiritual services for free only to have the same people come back to attack, create false rumors or steal from me. Never again. If you don't understand why I talk in a certain way, that's because the GOOD people are all that I care about now. After 36 years of sacrifice, I gave up on the descending people for good. And I am never sacrificing again. I had enough. Humanity is choosing their Ascending or descending paths right now and it's more clear than ever.
I know a lot of people like me are suffering now what I went through until 2015. I remember every step and talk about them so a word or the energy contained here can trigger guidance and healing. I am talking about the things I wished someone, anyone talked about when I was lost and in hell. But people generally are trying to show how happy they are and we are indoctrinated and shamed when we are vulnerable and share stuff that really matters. It takes a courageous and wise Human Being to share their pain, trying to make sure no one else has to go through it. The weak cannot be open. Or vulnerable.

Wishing you all the Love and Healing in the Universe, my fellow Lightworkers, Starseeds and Empaths. You are not alone.

Marta, a hermit Lightwarrior from Japan.

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